Rookie S3E4 ‘Sabotage’ Breakdown! Can we get rid of Doug yet?

Can we fire Doug yet? Listen, I love Brandon Routh, but I am 3 episodes in with Doug and I am ready for him to go. The confrontation really picks up this episode along with Nolan attempting to sort out things with his mother.

Ugh Doug!

Over the last two episodes we have seen some shady behavior from Doug, but Doug is not a dumb man and works to see just where Jackson and the other stand. At the end of the last episode Jackson officially reported Doug to Sergeant West with Tim’s backing. This led to Grey self-analyzing his own career and his possibly retirement deciding that he is going to stay on the force a little longer to sort some things out and make things better for not only young Black officers, but for the Black community as a whole. Granted, getting Doug out isn’t a fix all, but it is steps in the right direction. In the beginning of the episode, he Grey meets with Jackson to discuss of course of action. The plan is that Jackson to document everything. Doug is careful on how he operates, only stepping out of line in a way he can shift and make explainable, but with enough of these little things documented it may be enough to boot him. As protection for Jackson, Tim and Lucy, as well as Harper and Nolan are aware of what is happening and have been instructed to provide back up as much as possible.

Stanton and Jackson’s first call are that is seemingly minding his own business but is stopped by Doug because he is a minority. He follows Doug’s directions and things go okay, only for Doug to follow it up with things like, ‘He knows his place’, and I wish more of them were like that’. The second call doesn’t work out as well. A Black woman is stopped and questioned by Doug and Jackson and everything is going fine, but Doug wants to search the vehicle, something that feels unnecessary. The women then confesses that she has firearms in the trunk that belong to her Ex-husband. He has been threatening her and she has a restraining order, but she broke in and took the guns. Her plans were to take them to the police department. Doug though isn’t buying this and arrests her without even taking her story into consideration.

This is all weighing heavy on Jackson and Lucy is getting concerned. Even Tim is looking for a solution and reaches out to Doug’s former trainee for insight after an encounter he has with Doug about Jackson not being a good rookie. Tim and Lucy meet with Ben Owens and while Tim wants to play this easy, Lucy straight asks him if Doug is racist. He won’t confirm or deny the allegation but says that he has too much on the line looking at a promotion to get involved but thinks Tim thinks he will come around.

Later Doug gets a call tipping him off to a deal going down. He and Jackson head over with Tim and Lucy far out but coming to help when they hear the call over the radio. Jackson and Doug chase down the dealer who stashes the bag down a drain and then bad mouths Doug, who coincidentally lost his body cam. Doug instructs Jackson to stay with the bag while he takes this guy back to the truck leaving Jackson to decide whether to follow orders of see if Doug is doing something he shouldn’t. Jackson ends up heading back to check on Doug only for Doug to have found his body cam and put the bad guy in the truck. It becomes clear at this point this was all a set up by Doug and his former trainee Ben to catch Jackson looking into him. It doesn’t help that Tim and Lucy show up a moment later even though back up was not called for. Doug makes it known to them that he knows about his conversation with Ben.

Even though Jackson contacted Grey prior to leaving the drugs, Grey was busy and didn’t answer. So, when Doug files a blue sheet against Jackson, Grey is left with his hands tied and is going to be forced to file it against Jackson. Tim and Jackson together confront Ben who says that they should have Doug’s back since they are all blue and it is Doug that is helping him get his own promotion. Figures.

Mommy Dearest

Meanwhile, Nolan is dealing with his mother staying in town. She was once again supposed to be leaving but instead cancelled her flight and decided to noy only stay but make some investments with the money from the engagement ring. She purchased a large quantity of CGD oil and plans to resell it.

This becomes a bigger problem for Nolan when he gives Sergeant Grey’s wife to find her eureka moment, because Luna then turns around and buys all the CBD from Evelyn. Now Grey is not at all happy with Nolan. However, Luna forces Grey to apologize to Nolan because this was her decision, and she plans to sell the items. The real kicker is that Nolan noticed that all the officers that tried the CBD are now breaking out in rashes and he tells Luna and Grey that. This leads them to the supplier where Evelyn purchased the product because she refuses to refund Luna.

Together Grey, Luna, and Nolan head to this supplier for a refund only to end up taking down a criminal operation that is also selling guns. Based on Luna’s involvement it makes me wonder if she may decide she wants to wear the shield as well.

By the end of the episode John is just done with his mother and her behavior. With some advice from Luna, he sets some limited for himself and decides that his mother needs to go, apparently, she has done similar things to him before. He books her a room and gets her a ticket and basically tells her he doesn’t want to see her again. She does get upset and says some really messed up things, but Nolan holds his ground.


As for Angela this episode she is still pregnant and is at the point where she is mixing pickles and marshmallow fluff. Wesley seems persistent in getting her to change doctors, but it isn’t revealed until later when she isn’t taking him seriously that he has a DNA defect that could be passed to the baby and would like her to see a top doctor. From there Angela heads into scared mommy mode. To top it off she is then passed for on a case and thinks that her boss knows that she is pregnant and not treating her fairly.

After a talk with Nyla, she decides to not only talk with Wesley, but confront her boss who only passed her because the other detective has two Cis linked to that case. However, he does congratulate her on the pregnancy, and I think he respects her more for confronting him.

Music Academy

Nyla this episode is working to get her daughter into a music academy to make amends with her daughter for the years that she was not in her life. She attempts to call to get her in but thanks to rocket man misses the deadline. She then heads over there in person but doesn’t have much luck in getting Lyla in. She does meet another parent, a single dad, that is attempting the same thing as her. There is obvious attraction there and he promises to let her know If he finds and in road. At the end of the episode, he seeks her out of the precinct to tell her he got both of their daughters into the academy BUT they are going to have some volunteer work to do. He then asks her on a date, but Nyla is unavailable. Hopefully, we see him again soon!

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