WandaVision Episode 3, “In Color” Breakdown!

Hey everyone, we have another week of WandaVision with the story seeming to progress more and more quickly. When we left off Wanda had just become miraculously pregnant seemingly just by saying the words, ‘For the Children’. This episode is dedicated to her pregnancy while we begin to see more and more cracks in this reality. This is just going to be talking more about the plot of the episode, if you are looking for Easter Eggs, I plan to have that video up tomorrow!

We’re Pregnant

This episode, like the others, is set in a new time period. Here we are immersed in the 70s drawing from shows like the Brady Bunch, Threes Company, and the Partridge Family. I find it funny that the opening shows them out shopping for baby supplies, but then they later are working to keep things a secret. Doctor Stan Nielsen makes a house call to check on Wanda and while he says everything is fine, Vision is having a hard time grasping that Wanda has become four months pregnant in the matter of 12 hours. The rate of her pregnancy accelerates quickly, and we can determine about where she is based on the fruit around her. Like Dr. Nielson says, a pear at 4 months, a papaya at 5, a grapefruit at 6, and a pineapple at 7.

A Glitch?

When walking the Doctor out, he tells Vision that he and his wife are planning a vacation to Bermuda. Yes, this is a reference to the Bermuda triangle where people seemingly get sucked in or disappear and some conspiracy theorist believes connects to an alternative reality. Vision also asks the Doc to keep the pregnant a secret.

When Vision turns her sees Herb next door cutting the hedges initially, but then begins cutting the wall. There could be all kinds of metaphors here for people attempting to get in and break the wall of reality, but whatever the metaphor, this is a glitch in the reality around Vision and Wanda and piques Visions curiosity at the world around them being off.

Prepping for the Baby

By the time Vison heads back inside Wanda’s pregnancy has already progressed a month, we know this from the Papaya she bumps into which Vison catches. The next scene Vision and Wanda are prepping the baby room and Wanda is now around six months. While Wanda likes the name Tommy, because this is an All-American name, Vision is leaning more towards Billy after William Shakespeare. Obviously, these are the names of their children in the comics that grow up to be Wiccan and Speed.

We see Wanda then bring the Butterflies to life just reminding us that Wanda has the power to make life here in this reality (and maybe beyond). She also paints the storks on the wall which will come back in a minute. Vision practices changing diapers, while Wanda cuts up a pineapple showing that she is now about seven months pregnant. This could also be the same pineapple that Agnes gave them in the first episode.  

Wanda then begins having Braxton-Hicks contractions leading to her powers causing major issues around them from the sinks overflowing to knocking out the power for the entire town. I love the scene with Phil and Dottie where she asks if her earrings make her look fat just as the lights go out. He lucked out there.

Something Strange in the Neighborhood

Wanda begins to question if the neighbors are starting to suspect that they are weird, and this reminds Vision of some of the weird things he has been seeing around them. He begins bringing up Mr. Hart choking along with Herb outside. Wanda’s face then becomes panicked. We have another frame cut with a rewind in time just like with the beekeeper last episode but done in a more 70s style. This time Vision doesn’t bring up the strange things that have been happening but instead talks about the uncharted waters they are in. Just then Wanda begins having real contractions until her water breaks which is mimicked in the ceiling leaking water everywhere.

Commercial Break

Just like episode one and two we have another commercial break which ties us into the MCU and Wanda’s past. This time we are in an ad for soap, specifically Hydra soap that makes you breakaway into your own escape and find the goddess within. This is obviously referencing Wanda herself breaking into this new reality and connecting with her own god-like powers.


With Wanda in full blown labor and the phones down Vision heads out to find Dr. Nielson before he leaves for his vacation leaving Wanda home alone briefly. Shortly after he leaves there is a knock on the door. Geraldine shows up looking for a bucket because she too has a leaking ceiling. Wanda hilariously tries to hide her very pregnant belly poking fun at how tv shows uses props to hide the pregnancy of their actresses.

Before leaving Geraldine stops to talk with Wanda and tell her a story about her promotion while Wanda attempts to hide her contractions and the newly alive stork roaming around her house. Eventually the stork comes after the fish on Geraldine’s pants, but Wanda distracts her.

When Geraldine goes looking for office supplies is when the cat comes leaping out of the bag. She walks right into a nursery and Wanda reveals she is pregnant and about to deliver any minute. By this time Vision has found the Doctor, who is having car issues, and is headed back to the house. Geraldine gets Wanda settled on the floor and ready for delivery hidden just so we cannot see anything through the couch, just how births were handled in the 70s. Geraldine helps Wanda deliver the baby and seemingly doesn’t know that everything is blowing up around them.

Shortly after the birth Vision and the Doctor arrive. Geraldine and the Doctor leave the room giving them privacy. Vision reveals his actual face for the first time that he meets his son Tommy. A moment later they realize that Tommy is not the only baby coming with Billy being delivered a second later.

Hard to Escape

After the delivery and the babies seem to be in good health, Vision once again walks out Dr. Neilson. Vision wishes him well on his vacation, but the Doctor admits that they mist likely are not going to make this trip because this small town is hard to escape, as in they are literally trapped.

After the doctor leaves and while still outside, Vision notices that Herb is still outside but this time with Agnes and they are whispering. Vision walks over to see what is happening and Herb seems to still be acting strange. Together they cast down on Geraldine who they noticed go inside. They claim that she is not only new here, but that she doesn’t have a home, which is weird because she herself mentioned her ceiling was leaking. Herb then almost spills that they are all trapped here, but Agnes steps in to tell him to stop it, much like Ms. Hart screamed at Mr. Hart during dinner. Suspicious, Vision heads inside with a ‘Catch you on the flip side from Herb’ referencing that maybe they will see each other on the outside?

In the house things were getting weird as well. Wanda and Geraldine were admiring the twins when Wanda mentions she herself is a twin and actually saying Pietro out loud. This seems to remind Geraldine of the outside world and she recalls that he was killed by Ultron. Mentioning Ultron triggers something in Wanda and she becomes suspicious of Geraldine. Then she spots the sword necklace that appeared on both the helicopter and the beekeeper and now she views Geraldine as a threat.

When Vision comes back inside, he asks about Geraldine, but Wanda simply says that she left with an eerily happy expression on her face.


We then see an adjustment of the screen to more of a modern display as Geraldine flies out of the bubble and into the real world. It is noticeable that she is still wearing the clothes from in Wanda’s reality letting us know that what happens in the bubble does not stay in the bubble. We are also able to confirm that Westview itself is an actual town and not something like a cemetery as many suspected.

Like I mentioned, I will have a video with all the Easter Eggs up tomorrow over on my You Tube channel Mayday Maggie as well as a Marvel Podcast on Monday. You can find that on Apple and Spotify as well as on my website.

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