Riverdale S5E1 “Climax” Breakdown! Who is Sending these Creepy Tapes?

Who else is ready for another season of off the wall plots and inappropriate teenage behavior? Yes, we keep promising ourselves we are going to stop watching, but here we are with a new season of Riverdale. I am expecting somethings to change this season with most of the main cast of characters planning to head off to college soon. I am not sure what the planned timing of the series is this season, typically a season is a school year, but we are beginning at prom, which is the end of the senior year. This may mean that unlike other season we are going to run from graduation through summer and then end the season with everyone heading to college. We’ll be able to tell once we have a few more episode under our belt.

The Tapes

Last season, these mysterious VHS tapes began to surface around Riverdale. At first, they didn’t seem to target anyone particularly, but as the season went on it seems that they are targeting Betty, Jughead, and Archie the most. The season four finale left us with the shocking video of what looked to be Mr. Honey’s murder by people wearing the masks of characters in Jughead’s story. This season picks up with the investigation into that tape. Mr. Honey himself is missing making the idea that the tape is plausible. At the scene of the cabin where the film was left, the FBI found several tickets with BV on it. Yes, we all thought Betty and Veronica, like Betty, but this actually stands for the Blue Velvet. Blue Velvet is the video store where they found the snuff films last season and where Bret would sell the sex tapes, he made at Stonewall Prep.

Jughead thinks that maybe David is involved because he is profiting off the production of these videos by hosting screenings, while Betty continues to question the secretary about what she knows. Principal Wetherbee reemerges after being the victim of Edgar Evernever to replace the now missing Mr. Honey.

Instead of meeting with David directly at first, Jughead does some research on how to pique his interest to get information. This is where Bret from Stonewall Prep comes in. We remember him from last season, and he informs Betty and Jug about special screenings that David shows for special clientele. The problem is you must give him something first. This has Betty and Jug seeking the help of Cheryl and Reggie to make a fake snuff film.  

Kevin assists Betty in meeting with David because David already knows Jug is linked with the FBI. He spots the video with Cheryl as a fake immediately, but Betty brought back up. She hands over one of the films of her father and his mother, because her father was the Black Hood this interests David enough to not only show it at his gatherings but allows Betty to come as well.

The Film viewing is this weird mix of a rave with private screening rooms. Betty comes in the front door and then lets Jughead in the back. Together they explore the area, not only do they find the room that Betty’s dad’s video is in, but also the room that plays all the videos this auditor is making. However, when Jughead tries to get information he ends up in a fight. Once in the hallway he and Betty see someone in an owl mask taping them. They head after them only to run right into Jellybean. Betty heads after the owl, but they get away. Jellybean confesses to Jughead later that this was her first time there. She says the invite came from her friend’s brother through an email.

The next video comes during prom while Cheryl and Toni are having their Prom Queen dance. This time the group of masked characters are killing David. Betty and Jughead together stop the filming, and then head over to the Blue Velvet to find that no one is there, just the camera set up from the film with the Owl mask sitting in the chair.

The last tape of the episode is in the last moments when Archie returns home, this one is interesting because it isn’t a murder or something that was caught on film previously like the killing of Jason Blossom. This time it is left at the Andrew’s house. Archie watches it alone and sees that it is a filmed reenactment of him at gunpoint with the Black Hood back from Season 2.

Box it Out

As for other things going on, Archie is attempting to get into the Naval Academy after failing to apply to college. The problem is he waited too long to be interested in the Academy and they are now eyeballing someone else. Turns out this someone else is KO Kelly, from over on Katy Keene. Veronica has the idea to have a boxing challenge in order to see who gets in. At first this seems like a brilliant idea, until they discover that KO is a beast.

The boxing match itself was a rough one and while Archie made it all the way through, he lost. He was a bit of a sore loser after and shuts down the idea of reapplying in the future. Veronica offers to skip prom with him to make him feel better, but since it is the last major thing with friends, he insists on going.

The Blossom Family Legacy

Over with Cheryl, she is set on being Prom Queen this year and we all know how she is when she has something on her mind. The issue comes when Toni isn’t sure she wants to invite her family to a dinner before prom. At first, they believe the issue would be that they are gay, but when Cheryl visits Nana Topaz behind Toni’s back we learn that the Blossoms have been an issue for the Topaz family in the past. This leads to Nana Topaz forbidding Toni from seeing Cheryl.

Toni does decide to still go to prom with Cheryl and it was a magical night for them, but at the end of the night Toni goes home to her Nana. She tells Cheryl that it is just going to take some time, but Cheryl is sure that it is over.

It was for Betty

Cheryl and Toni aren’t the only couple to call it quits this episode. In the beginning of the episode Veronica comes across the song that Archie wrote for Betty last season. Archie attempts to distract Veronica from it, but she ends up taking it and performing it at La Bonne Nuit for everyone.

After the failed boxing match Hiram offers Archie an opportunity to be Deputy Mayor and work for him, one that Archie considers. During prom Veronica mentions deferring college to stay with Archie and help him adjust. However, Archie already feels that he has been holding Veronica back, so he doesn’t want her to stay. To ensure that she doesn’t he confesses that the song she sang he wrote for Betty and that they kissed. By the end of the episode, they get to talk more about it and agree just to let things fizzle out with school ending. They also agree not to spill the beans to Jughead and destroy them as well, although I expect Jughead to find out in the next episode. As for that job as Deputy Mayor, when Hiram learns of Archie and Betty, he seems mad. Either he is going to rescind the job offer or allow Archie to take the job and make it hell. Which every way this goes I am not sure I am ready for more Hiram vs. Archie.

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