Nancy Drew S2E1 “The Search for the Midnight Wraith” Breakdown!

Another crazy season of Nancy Drew is underway. I must admit that I really enjoyed the first season. Yes, it does have some teenage plots, but it is not as bad a Riverdale in that sense and it adds in the paranormal elements that helps fill the Supernatural void.

When we last left off, we learned about Nancy’s real parents, Ryan Hudson and Lucy Sable. She is now estranged from her adopted father Carson as she feels deceived, and really trying to figure out who she is now. The Hudson’s themselves, except for Ryan, do not know that Nancy is a Hudson. For now, that is a good thing. If you remember Everett Hudson, Ryan’s father, is responsible for several deaths, attempted murders, and threats. Basically, his isn’t a good dude.

On the paranormal side of things Nancy and her friends are trying to navigate this curse they are all facing. Last season when Nancy was looking for the lost bones of Lucy Sable, they called upon the Aglaeca, but the toll that they were supposed to pay was Owen Marvin’s blood. This was a price that Nancy was not willing to pay, remember they had a thing going, so now the Aglaeca is after them all. In the finale each one of them saw their own death play out. For Nancy, she threw herself off the same cliff that her mother, Lucy, jumped from. Nick and George drowned in Nick’s truck, while Bess was set on fire. As for Ace, he will find himself hanging from the meat hock in the freezer.

The Gorham Woods

The Drew Crew end up back at the claw together after experiencing their visions trying to figure out what to do next. They all agree to work on getting rid of someone else death device. This mostly means that Bess is going to get rid of Nick’s truck. However, they end up not getting to far before the Detective in town Abe Tamura stops by to see Nancy. These two do not have a good working relationship which only seems to be getting worse. Apparently, there was a girl found outside of the Gorham woods that had been attacked. She lived and is in the hospital, but the last thing she said was, “Nancy Drew”.

Nancy attempts to write this off as being well known, but the Detective Tamura isn’t buying it. He instead takes Nancy to the hospital along with George. George ends up waiting in the hall to distract Carson who is there for a client. In the room with the girl, Nancy swears that she has never seen her, but she does find an interesting set of numbers on her hand. Nancy offers up the town folklore about the Wraith in the Gorham woods that hunts its victims on the full moon, but Tamura isn’t buying that either. With nothing further to go one the Detective allows Nancy to leave. She sends the code over to Ace so he can work on it while she is on her way back to the Claw.

Meanwhile, at the Claw, Nick attempts to remove the hook from the freezer for Ace only for a leak of salt water to stop that. Ace gets the code and uses it to find an encrypted email about a mirror and a meeting with Nancy Drew. They mention a mirror that they have for $750 and are expecting to meet Nancy for an exchange. The issue is that Nancy had no idea about the meeting. After reaching out to everyone in the Drew Crew they find out that Bess had posted on social media about needing something to stop an Aglaeca. Nancy does believe that this mirror has significance to the curse because she remembers seeing it in the painting they found.

Together the Drew Crew head to the meeting spot, an old barn on the outside of the Gorham woods. There they find a lighter, a phone and a syringe. On the phone they find a series of video exchange messages between the girl in the hospital, Amanda, and her twin brother Gil. In Amanda’s video message it shows her being attacked by the wraith, she must have made a run for it which explains why she was found just outside of the woods. They are concerned about Gil because the messages also made clear that the syringe is his insulin which is needed soon, however, it doesn’t seem like he shows up to the meeting spot like he was supposed to. Ace and George are both familiar with the area and think that the closet location he could be coming from is the Pinecrest lodge which happens to be owned by the Hudson family.

The Hudson Lodge

When arriving at the lodge the crew split up with George and Nick looking for any sign of where Gil headed from here outside. Nancy, Bess, and Ace head into the lodge only to run right into a late-night business meeting with Everett Hudson and his partners. Everett takes them to a part of the lodge that is super shady, and they all assume they are about to die. Nancy does notice the spot where the mirror was and knows that Gil must have been here. Everett comes back to question them a short time later wondering what they are after, but it is Ryan that steps in and saves them. He tells his father that he had Nancy meet him here to thank her for all her help, and to pay her.

Meanwhile, Outside Nick and George find Gil’s trail and are ready to head into the woods by the time that Nancy, Bess, and Ace make it out of the lodge. They follow the trail through the woods until they hit a scarecrow patch. The story is that the locals put them here to scare off the wraith, but George says it is to scare away people to keep them from the wraith. Either way, the wraith is there posing as one of the scarecrows. The crew then take off finding refuge in a bus where Gil is also hiding.

It Smells Fear

On the bus they all attempt to settle down and forget how scared they are since the wraith can locate them by sniffing out their fear. Somethings they do discover from Gil is that one of the original women that called the Aglaeca was also a Hudson, his father worked for the Hudson’s as a groundskeeper which is how he knew about the mirror, and Gil not willing to part with the mirror until she come up with $750. She does have the money because Ryan just gave her some as show for his father.

Let’s not forget that they are in freaky situation trying to hide from the wraith. It does end up finding them because they are all bursting with fear no matter how hard they try. Nancy says that they should head out and run through the woods like Amanda did, but instead stays behind herself to draw the wraith to her while the others get away. This is in part because Ace made a comment to her about them being in danger because of her and comparing her to the other Hudson’s. Nancy then draws up everything she fears bring the wraith closer. Once it is in the bus with her, she kicks at a bench creating sparks which she discovers the wraith is afraid. She then uses the lighter they found to set the wraith on fire killing it and escaping.


With the wraith now dead they head out of the wood. Nancy knows a trick with a mirror to get some hidden message written inside. It says, “From sailors lips sweet songs were sung, but for the Aglaeca only lies were spun. Dark secrets you seek keeper of the deep. Her truth hidden in their sea shanty”. It seems that not only is this Aglaeca looking for dark secrets, but is an answer may be in some sea shanty?

Unfortunately, we don’t get any time to speculate because a moment later Detective Tamura pulls up and arrests both Nancy for being in possession of the mirror, and Gil for stealing it.  Gil does talk his way into getting to see his sister, so they make a quick stop by the hospital which is also where Nancy herself is released after Ryan comes to bat and returns the mirror to her.

This exchange is witnessed by Carson who asks Ryan if Nancy is okay. Ryan instead threatens Carson to stop pushing or he may reveal Nancy’s identity and that Carson kidnapped her as an infant. Interesting move.

When arriving back to the claw, Nick, George and Bess find that Nick’s truck is back even though Bess attempted to get rid of it. The man that dropped it off said that the lot mysteriously flooded, and they are unable to do anything with it. Now the truck also has extensive water damage and will probably not sell either.

Inside Nancy and Ace work to mend their friendship with Ace admitting that he was just scared and didn’t like that she sacrificed herself for them in order to prove she was not like the other Hudson’s. He doesn’t want to lose her just because he was upset with her. Once Ace leaves Nancy then watches the rag that Ace tied on the meat hook become soaked with water and fall.

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