Prodigal Son S2E2 “Speaking of the Devil” Breakdown!

This week on ‘Prodigal Son’ we have a fantastically creepy episode that explores the line between religion and science. I really enjoy these darker episodes which may say something about me…Maybe I should talk to someone about that… Anyway, not only does this bring in Martin as a consult, but also forces Malcolm to confront the own darkness inside himself.


The opening of this episode confronts some issues that almost everyone on the show is dealing with, the need for therapy. For Martin, he has group therapy at the hospital he is in. Malcolm has stopped going to therapy, mostly because he doesn’t want to talk with anyone about cutting up Nicholas Endicott’s body. Jessica is reeling from the fact that she was dating yet another serial killer, but also that she may be cured to the point that she can no longer be with Gil after overhearing a conversation Gil and Dani.

Ainsley, well, she is crazy. Early in the episode she light heartedly talks about forgetting that night, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she may remember and is hiding it to hide her newly found joy for killing. She is planning to move out of the family home this episode but decided in the end to stay because she admits to Jessica that she feels broken.

Gil was stabbed and while he is back to work, he is struggling with the way things are going with Jessica. He spends the entire episode checking his phone waiting for Jessica to return his numerous calls but ends up meeting with her instead. Jessica essentially ends things because she admits that she is cursed and broken.

With everything that happened last episode with JT, he is constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for something else to happen, which is also affecting Dani as another Black officer. TJ chooses not to file a complaint because he is worried about retaliation and thinks that is what is best for his family. However, at one point in this episode he calls for back up and is toyed with by another officer and no back up arrives. Gil is furious and makes a complaint, but this storyline is just beginning.

Basically, they all need to talk and none of them are doing it.

Father Reyes

The case this episode is solving the unusual murder of Father Reyes who has been strung up in the church. His murder was very ritualistic and Malcolm suspects that it has something to do with Exorcism. Father Reyes does perform exorcisms within the church and with the exorcism book, holy water, restraints and the Aramaic symbol for Abaddon in blood, we can say that Malcolm is on the right track.

The Archbishop arrives at the church shortly after the NYPD to help with the investigation and the church. Sister Agnes was the person that found the body and claims that only her and a man named Jonah were supposed to be in the church but were in another area working to restore a painting for the church. She did not see or hear anything. Jonah says the same thing but also confirms to Malcolm that Father Reyes does perform exorcisms and has heard weird things around the church.

Malcolm’s first stop is to visit his father. With Father Reyes being the victim of bloodletting, he wants to talk with Martin who also used this method to kill several victims. Malcolm thinks he can get perspective on the killer. What he did not expect to get was an expert on matters of the church and exorcism as well, Friar Pete. The Friar was released from the church for have extreme views and then went on a killing spree. He does help Malcolm to see the merriment between science and the church especially when it comes to exorcisms and mental health. While in modern times these tend to be viewed as separate entities for 100s of years they went hand in hand. Now the biggest connection is that a priest must consult with a physician in order to perform an exorcism.

After getting Father Reyes records, the next place Malcolm looks is at the home of a seriously disturbed boy named Norman that Father Reyes has been preforming exorcism on for over a year. Now Norman…He’s a special guy. However, Malcom does not believe that he is responsible for Father Reyes death because he doesn’t even leave the intricate salt circles of his bedroom. Of course, Malcolm tests this theory by stepping into the circle to see Norman transform into his frenzied demonic self. While this does prove to Malcolm that Norman is not the killer because he is too frenzied, some of the things that Norman says, like that he can smell the evil on him, really sticks with Malcolm. Heading back to the precinct, Malcolm thinks his next plan of action should be to revisit Sister Agnes.

We think for a moment Malcolm is visiting Sister Agnes, but it turns out to be a dream where Sister Agnes morphs into Ainsley. Malcolm then wakes from the nightmare to find Dani in full gear. I died laughing when he asked her why she was in gear and her answer was because he fell asleep.

Dani then takes Malcolm home to make sure he arrives okay. There Dani asks him how he is doing since he seems to be a little off, more than normal. He says that he is fine and then asks her how she is handling everything. She also says that she is fine and then moves to ask him about his religious views since he does have paintings that are considered religious. Malcolm explains that the painter himself ended up going mad, much like our new friend Norman, however it was caused by the lead in the paint that was used at the time. That sparks something in Malcolm reminding him that Sister Agnes and Jonah are restoring old paintings.

Malcolm and Dani, along with Gil and TJ arrive at the church. The Archbishop and Jonah are in the sanctuary and inform them that they were just about to call after more strange things have happened. They ask about Sister Agnes, but she isn’t there. However, they do hear weird noises coming from the crypt. Gil, Dani, and TJ head down to investigate while Malcolm stays with the Archbishop and Jonah.

Malcolm spends his time talking to the Archbishop while Gil instructs TJ to call in back up, this is when the officer harasses TJ and refuses to send in back up. Luckily, all they find is Sister Agnes ties up, turns out that Jonah is the one with the lead poisoning as Malcolm quickly finds out upstairs. Jonah is now in a full psychotic episode. Malcolm has the Archbishop leave and then locks himself in the room with Jonah. He calls over to his father, who happens to be in a chess match with the Friar. Together they talk Malcolm through a performance exorcism to take down Jonah. I loved the moment where he popped back up only for Malcolm to bash him in the head with the massive candle holder.

Break Free

After the conclusion of the case, Malcolm goes to see Martin and admits that he is starting to accept that inside of him is some of Martin. While this makes Martin happy at first, that quickly fades when Malcolm says that he feels he can not cut off his father and be fine. Panicked, Martin discusses this with the Friar. Friar Pete tells Martin about a ‘Bible study’ that is planning an exodus from this hospital. So, we may see Martin out and about soon!

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