The Rookie S3E3 ‘La Fiera’ Breakdown!

Another fantastic episode for ‘The Rookie’. This episode we not only see Angela still kicking ass as a new detective, we met Nolan’s mother, and we saw the show depict to real struggles facing the Black Community. I had expected to see The Rookie, like other police procedural dramas, have racism and bias in policing at the forefront of the plot, but I was not expecting to see the very real issues Black Women face with medical care. This is such an important topic in our society and one of the best ways to appeal to people is in entertainment, and while I know sometimes, we want to kick back and just have something fun to watch, the reality is…this IS reality for many Americans today. That being said, lets break down the episode.


For the most part I felt that John was a back seat character compared to the others this episode. While I love a full episode of Nathan Fillion, I also enjoy the development of other characters. Nolan did however have an unexpected visitor in town, his mother. She shows up almost unannounced after leaving her fiancé that she just got engaged to two days prior. While this is an interesting turn of events, John must get to work.

Later in his shift he gets two calls from his mother. The first is to get directions to which John refers her to her GPS. The second call is more urgent like she is being attacked. John rushes out of the hospital where he was with Nyla on a call. When he arrives home it is to find that his mother’s former fiancé has come to talk sense into her. He claims that he did not cheat but was just meeting with his ex to tell her he was getting remarried. Of course, she doesn’t believe this, and so former fiancé wants the ring back. Unfortunately, mom does not know where the ring is and John assumes that she pawned it, which is why she wanted directions earlier. This forces John to take a police report that the former fiancé request deeming John a betrayer in his mother’s eyes.

By the end of the episode, John returns home after a long shift. His mother is packed and ready to go, John calls her out that she is yet again putting on another performance and askes her if she is getting tired of this. To his surprise she says yes, she is tired of this. John agrees to help her out figuring out who the ‘real’ her.


Meanwhile, Lucy has a problem of her own. In the last episode she took on what Bradford calls a ‘pet’. A young girl she has taken under her wing after she stole Lucy’s car. By the end of last episode Lucy gifted her the car so she could have a safe way to school from a shelter. At the beginning of this episode Tamara seeks out Lucy to get the car signed over which Lucy is happy to do.

Later while on patrol, Lucy and Tim see a man trying to get into Lucy’s former car and they assume he is attempting to steal it. However, when they question him it turns out he bought the car from Tamara. Upset Lucy hunts down Tamara for an explanation and finds her with new clothes. Tamara says that she sold the car to buy things that she needed because she was tired of being the poor kid, but that the rest of the money went in her college fund. Lucy is still pretty upset because she feels deceived.

At the end of the shift Tamara comes back to apologize to Lucy and to make amends. She admits that she has problems trusting people that are trying to help her and together they agree to work on that starting over dinner and college scholarship discussions.


This was probably one of the funniest parts of the episode. The beginning of the episode was the department heading to the range to requalify with their firearm. Tim is hoping that he can win finally now that Angela has moved up, but Harper reminds him that he has her to contend with. Turns out both were dusted by Lucy who wins the competition. Unfortunately for Nolan, he was distracted by a guy in scuba gear practicing that he failed.

Fitting the Description

Now to West and Stanton. In the last episode we were introduced to Jackson’s new T.O. Doug Stanton. At first Stanton seemed like a nice enough guy but once on the street he seemed a little aggressive toward people they questioned even victims. This also seemed to only happen with Black men. West brought it up to Tim, but Tim instructed him to attempt to ride it out.

In this episode things reach a breaking point pretty quickly. Stanton make comments about gang members lives having little to no value, but really becomes a problem when stopping a man that ‘matches a description’. First off, he did not match the description as Jackson pointed out prior to the engagement, other than he was a black man. He goes in with full force and tackles the man in his own yard. Of course, the family comes out upset and Stanton then holds them all at gun point.

Jackson spends the entire time trying to deescalate the situation and makes a call for a supervisor on the scene. This makes Stanton even more upset that he doesn’t feel that Jackson has his back, something he will reprimand him for later. Eventually Tim and Lucy arrive on scene and settle everything down allowing for the man and his family to go since the real suspect was apprehended already.

Like I mentioned, Jackson is reprimanded for his actions by Stanton, but doesn’t feel that any of this is right. By the end of his shift, he takes the issue to Sgt. Grey. Grey at first basically pushes aside Jackson’s complaint, he is a rookie talking about an 11-year vet, but when Tim sees them and steps in to back West, Grey takes it seriously. For now, they are putting Stanton on desk until an investigation is complete. Jackson doesn’t feel that this is still enough and calls out Grey for not doing enough to remedy these types of situation in his department.

Grey does kick West out of his office, but the idea weighs heavily on him. Grey has been thinking for some time about retiring, most as a request from his wife, but now seems to be second guessing.

Need a New Doctor

Harper and Nolan spend their time this episode with a Black mother giving birth to her baby. At first, they are called in when hearing a cry for help from the homeowner, only to find out she is more upset about the sheets then the tenant that is giving birth. The woman giving birth has a doula in the room but does not want to go to a hospital from a bad prior experience, however, when she passes out, she isn’t left with a choice.

At the hospital Nyla comes in with her and notices that the doctor is dismissive to her. Nyla and the woman request a new doctor and pull some strings to make it happen. Luckily, everything works out okay after finding a new doctor, but Harper shares a personal experience that she had when having her daughter that made her take this case seriously. I love that at the end of the episode Nyla just comes back.

La Fiera

Then the last bit of business is Angela’s case this episode. She has a dead gang member killed with armor piercing bullets. This gang member is supposedly connected to a Guatemalan cartel ran by La Fiera. La Fiera is a legend with the other cartels for being ruthless and even has her own fable.

The break in this case comes from an unexpected location. Nolan heads back to the shooting range for practice and again sees the man in scuba gear. When he approached and says that he is with the LAPD, the man opens fire and takes off. What connects this to Angela’s case is the same ammo that was shot at Nolan, killed the gang member. Upon further investigating the identify the shooter as Guillermo Sandoval.

After finding the motel that Sandoval is staying at, they go in after him. They are surprised to find out that he is Guatemalan police. After further investigating, Angela finds out that Sandoval is here looking for La Fiera, apparently, she ordered a hit that left his entire town, including his family, dead. Now he is here looking for revenge. Before he was arrested, he managed to shoot off a text enacting Plan B. Now to figure out what that could be.

After asking around they learn that La Fiera is in town with her son touring a college campus. The team heads overlooking to avoid a blood bath. Angela gets the family to safety while taking on fire while the rest of the team go after the shooter. Angela and La Fiera take the time to talk, and while Angela is professional, when the crisis is over, she makes it clear that if La Fiera had a warrant, she wouldn’t do her any favors. Meanwhile, Harper, Chen, and Nolan chase the shooter on a roof top until he makes the plunge to the ground level leaving him a dead and bloody mess. Yikes.

At the end of the episode Angela returns home to find a gift from La Fiera, a doll and a red tie for the babies arm that is meant to warn off evil spirits.

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