Batwoman S2E1 ‘What Happened to Kate Kane?” Breakdown! The NEW Batwoman!

A new season and an entirely new Batwoman. When the news broke that Ruby Rose was planning to leave the show it was a little shocking. Then the showrunner announced that they would not be recasting Kate Kane at all, so how exactly was this going to work? Well, they made a new Batwoman! I had no idea what to expect from this and purposely avoided learning to much because I didn’t want to cloud my own judgement before seeing the first episode.

Honestly, I loved this episode and the direction the show is going. In Season 1 there were a lot of things I enjoyed, mostly Alice, but then there were things that I didn’t. The hope is that with this new direction the show can hopefully re-spark my interest in the show.

What Happened to Kate?

Well, killing off Kate had to be the first thing the writer discussed when deciding not to recast Kate Kane. They also had to do it without having a body since Ruby Rose was not returning. A place crash was a good choice in my opinion, it is messy and not something people typically survive. Of course, if she were wearing the Batsuit it would have protected her, which was Luke’s hop, but who is going to be flying a commercial flight in their full suit? Not Kate.

Obviously, none of the characters take this news well. Luke and Mary go from denial hoping that she was wearing the suit to Luke blaming himself for the reason Kate was on the flight to begin with. I should probably mention that Kate was from returning to Gotham from National City after meeting with Kara about destroying the kryptonite that could be used to pierce the Batsuit. This was Luke’s idea and the reason he blames himself. Mary and Luke do realize that after finding Ryan Wilder in Batwoman’s suit that Kate is most likely dead.

Jacob is of course not handling this well after going through something similar which lead to the creation of Alice. This time he vows not to give up on Kate and spends the whole episode obsessed with looking for her. Not much time has passed so the obsession is still warranted, but after an extensive search they still do not find Kate. As for Alice, she is in mourning, not so much because Kate is dead, but because she didn’t die the way she wanted her to and now feels purposeless.

Ryan Wilder

With the Plane explosion just over Gotham city, airplane parts coming raining down over the city and with it, the indestructible Batsuit. Ryan is eventually the girl that finds the suit, but before I get into her wearing the suit, I want to talk about her back story. It comes in fragments throughout the episode, but she has had it rough as you could only expect in Gotham. Her mother died during childbirth and she flited around in foster homes until she was adopted. They made it sound like she was older when she was adopted, so I imagine that her early years were a mess jumping from home to home.

After getting adopted her life does a complete 180*. She gets good grades and is honestly happy. She does do an 18-month stint in jail on a drug charge that she didn’t commit. From there, her mother works to give her a happy life until that all ends when her and her mother come home one night to find squatters in their home. The squatters beat her mother and the apartment owner to death leaving Ryan on her own.

Ryan mentioned in a conversation with her parole officer that she was framed by dirty Crows on the drug charge giving her a reason to distrust them and setting up future tension between them. However, Mary reveals when looking into Ryan, that the squatters that killed her mother were part of Alice’s game making Alice her number one target when she finds the suit. This is also going to reignite the fight with Batwoman and Alice without the sisterly drama.

Ryan now lives in her van with a few possessions that remind her of her mother. We know form her meeting with her parole officer that she also doesn’t have a job and struggles with finding one because of her record. She is sleeping in her van having a nightmare about her mother when the piece of the plane falls close by. She gets out to investigate and can save one man that made it through the crash. She then stumbles onto the suit and takes it with her.

That is for a Hero

Ryan’s test run of the suit was pretty funny. There are more bells and whistles than you would think. In the process she turns on the GPS making Luke and Mary think that Kate is alive. Together the track down the suit to find it on Ryan. Although Mary and Luke tell her that suit it for Kate, she tells them that she is not going to give up the suit until she brings her mother’s killer to justice.

Back at Wayne Industries Luke struggles with losing Kate while Mary investigates Ryan. Mary is the first person that comes around to Ryan as the new Batwoman and I think will be the person that eventually talks her into being a full-time hero. Ryan herself doubts that she is hero material after reading an article about Kate and finding out what a good person she is even outside the suit. Ryan decides then that she is going to give the suit back and turns on the GPS again.

The Return of Bruce Wayne?

So, for a minute I forgot about Alice’s plan to give Tommy Bruce’s face and was genuinely surprised. Then I remembered the plan, but we still have a look of what the Arrowverse Batman would look like. I’ll take it. Of course, this is Tommy, and he is here to honor his deal with Alice to get the Kryptonite that would Peirce Batwoman’s armor. Luke is shocked to see Bruce but is happy to have him back especially with Kate missing. Tommy tells Luke that is why he has returned, and Luke doesn’t think twice about letting him into the Batcave. Tommy does get his hands on the Kryptonite that Luke shows him, but he has another plan of his own. He wants to be Batman. This means he is going to need the suit that is currently in Ryan’s possession.

Alice doesn’t let Tommy too far off the hook. She hunts him down at Wayne Manor and threatens to expose him. He then heads to talk with his Uncle Jacob at the Crows telling Jacob he knows where to find Alice. This sends Jacob to Alice at Wayne Manor where she reveals to Jacob that Kate was Batwoman adding an extra layer of grief for Jacob.

Before Tommy left the Crows, he ran into Julie who quickly realized that this was not Bruce Wayne and tipped off Luke and the others. Back to Tommy, Ryan turning the GPS back on in the suit gives Tommy the location to come and get it. He then steals the hidden Batmobile and goes after it. I rather enjoyed Ryan getting chased by the Batmobile in her beater van, and Luke hacked the Batmobile before anything bad happened. With the Batmobile inoperable, Ryan puts on the suit and fights Tommy. When he breaks something from her van that was her mother’s she loses it literally punching his face off, but not before getting shot with the Kryptonite bullet.

After this encounter Ryan drops the suit off at Wayne Enterprise. Luke is stunned that she survived the Kryptonite bullet that should have killed her. They let her leave for now. Later we see that Ryan may not survive that wound after all as it seems it has poisoned her blood. I expect that this will send her back to Wayne Enterprises looking for help.


As for Julia and Sophia this episode they investigate the plane crash itself. Sophia thinks that this could be caused by the same person that Julia suspects was tailing them. We heard of Safiyah last season and it seems like she is going to be the ‘Big Bad’ this season. Safiyah has history with both Beth Kane/Alice and Julia. We don’t know the full story with Alice, but we know that Safiyah hates her and killed several members of the Wonderland gang last season. She later leaves Alice a note this season claiming to have killed Kate in the plane crash giving Alice a new purpose. No, I am not going to take about Alice keeping Mouse’s body and cuddling with him.

Julia also has history with this Safiya and previously worked for her. She was supposed to give Safiyah Lucius Fox’s journal but in the end terminated her deal. The lead us to think that Safiyah is the one following Julia and Sophie as well.

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