WandaVision Episode One and Two Breakdowns!

Finally, MCU TV has kicked off on Disney Plus with the release of episode one and two of WandaVision. WandaVision was the accidental kick off to this new chapter in Marvel thanks to the pandemic. At this point we should have already seen Black Widow, The Eternals, and Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings in theater, as well as Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney Plus. However, I think that starting with a show like WandaVision can set a good tone for Phase Four. These are two characters that we already know and feel connected to which is the same feeling we would have had from Black Widow. As for the ‘In-Universe’ timeline, I think the moving around of things only goes to show that most of this is all happening within the same time frame, this making their release order inconsequential.


Please be aware! Anything beyond this point contains SPOLIERS for episode one and two of WandaVision.

The Newly Weds

The show opens to Wanda Maximoff and Vision. They are happily married and moving into the town of Westview, where “Home is Where You Make It”. The vibe here is inspired by the Dick Van Dyke show and the calendar in the kitchen confirms that this would be in August of 1961. There have been other comparisons to ‘I Love Lucy’ as well. It has the 50’s and 60’s innocently naughty humor giving it such charm. I love the comment that Wanda makes about Vision having an indestructible head which is a call back to how Vision died in End Game. A subtly reminder right off the bat that Vision in reality is dead.

The main plot of this episode begins with this heart on the calendar that both Wanda and Vision pretend to know what it means, however, they are both clueless. Vision then heads off to work disguised as a human while Wanda tries to figure out what today could be.


The next scene has the neighbor to the right popping in to introduce herself to Wanda and helping her to remember that today must be her and Vision’s anniversary. Agnus is a character to watch which becomes more apparent in episode two. Here however, she helps Wanda prepare for a particularly special anniversary night.

Vision at Work

Vision’s job is some an office job making computation forms, basically is has no purpose and is there just to get the ‘man out of the house’ and to work like you would expect in a 60’s sitcom. The most important part of this scene is discovering the purpose of the heart on the calendar, Vision’s dinner with his boss Mr. Hart. Vision and Wanda are expected to razzle dazzle Mr. and Mrs. Hart in order to keep and excel at his job.

In a panic Vision calls home to Wanda to warn her but their wires are still crossed which makes for a hilarious start to the dinner party.

It’s a Toaster

In the middle of the episode, we have one of these flash back commercials. It not only contains MCU easter eggs but is the first real indication that something is amiss. The toaster in and of itself is just a toaster. However, it is made by Stark Technologies. This could be a call back to Age of Ultron and her anger toward Tony Stark. Remember, her and Quicksilver told the story about being trapped next to a Stark Industries bomb for several hours as children. This led to their anger at Tony for being the manufacture of the bomb that destroyed their home. The alarm sound could be that of a bomb, but I think it also doubles as a count down to something for Wanda, because this does come up again.

This is also the first time we see color in the series which I am sure makes this an important detail. Another reason I think this is a link to memory for Wanda is that the commercial’s slogan is “Forget the past, this is your future.” Maybe some outside force is making her confront her past. Who knows at this point?

Dinner Party

Like I mentioned the beginning of the dinner party was set up to be hilarious, with Wanda coming out in her nightgown thinking this was to be an anniversary dinner only to surprise Mr. Hart instead of Vision. They write this off as her being Sokovian, another reminder of the world outside of the sitcom. After that awkward moment Wanda gets to work on her Dinner Party meal with the help of her overly eager neighbor Agnus. I love the part where Mrs. Hart comes to check on Wanda and Vision distracters her with a rendition of ‘Yikety Yak’ while Wanda is just behind her with everything floating in air.

Eventually Wanda comes up with Breakfast for Dinner just as Mr. Hart is over the shenanigans. The dinner takes a rather weird turn though when Wanda almost comes back to reality when being asked about their past. You can hear the ticking in the background which reminded me of the alarm sound from the toaster. Then Mr. Hart begins to choke while Mrs. Hart seems to be stuck saying, ‘stop it’ over and over. It isn’t until Mr. Hart hits the floor that Vision uses his powers to save him. The dinner then has an abrupt end. Luckily though, it seems to have only helped Vision with his sitcom job.

The end of the episode for Wanda and Vision is basically them wrapping up the day by declaring their song is officially Yikety Yak, getting rings, and deciding to live happily ever after.


The very last moment of the episode is zooming out of the screen just enough to see that this episode was being watched by someone at S.W.O.R.D. We know this because the logo is right there next to the screen. This is the first clue they have dropped in the first episode, before littering the second episode with several easter eggs.

If you are unfamiliar with S.W.O.R.D., they are an intelligence agency created by Nick Fury after the fall of S.H.E.I.L.D in the MCU. In the comics they severe as a counterpart to S.H.I.E.L.D. that worked more on exterritorial threats while S.H.E.I.L.D. kept their feet on the ground. They were also mentioned in Spiderman: Far from Home with Nick on the S.W.O.R.D. ship, Peak, in the post credit scene.

A Bump in the Night

Episode two begins with more of a Bewitched vibe from the late 60’s and we see that time period represented more in Wanda’s fashion as well. The first scene is one we have seen used to promote the episode. It starts with a thud just outside the window and Wanda waking Vision to investigate. It turns out to be just a tree branch (or so they thought) and ends with their separate beds becoming a king size bed.

We then have a cartoon TV intro of Wanda and Vision. There are a few easter eggs here, all of which I will be discussing over on my You Tube Channel.  I think it is meant more to highlight that we are going to be learning more about the town that Wanda is in and expanding beyond just this sitcom in her living room.

Wanda and Vision then prepare for their skit at the local talent show that is being held ‘for the children’. I love that his ‘magician’ name is Illusion and Wanda is Glamour, a real play not only on their real powers but as the overall plot of the show. After practicing Vision and Wanda are both heading out. Wanda is going to the planning committee and Vision going to the neighborhood watch meeting.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

When leaving Wanda notices something strange in the bush. It ends up being a toy helicopter in full color with the S.W.O.R.D. logo appearing on the side. This does another one of those ‘facing reality’ things with Wanda as she remembers the thud from the night before. However, she is snapped back to the moment when Agnus pops up out of no where to head to the planning committee.

The exchange with the mailman was certainly weird. He looked at Agnus and told her ‘Not to shoot the messenger’ and then she does the shooting hand gesture. My though on this is that he is in on the rouse with Agnus and was the one that informed her about Wanda’s moment of consciousness.

Planning Committee

Moving onto the planning committee, we are warned about the leader of the group Dottie who reminds me of Hilly from ‘The Help’. She is the head of basically the whole social pool in this little town of Westview and runs the other mom’s like subordinates. They talk about the plans for the Talent Show that day and we start to hear the motto ‘For the Children’ become a theme for the episode. It seems like an odd charity for a town with no children…

In the meeting we are also introduced to Geraldine, who is Monica Rambeau. You may remember Monica as the little girl from Captain Marvel. She has been confirmed as an Agent for S.W.O.R.D. The conversation in the meeting I find the most interesting comes from Agnus herself. She says, ‘The devil is in the details’ which is a big hint for who she is working for or with. The working theory is that she is partnered with Mephisto a character that is Devil-like in the comics. I won’t get too much into him here but, again will talk about it more on my You Tube Channel.

After the meeting concluded, Wanda is volunteered to clean up which leads to yet another of those ‘back to reality’ moments. Dottie and Wanda are speaking when the radio becomes staticky and someone on the other side is saying Wanda’s name. Dottie’s reaction is a little different from Mrs. Hart. Mrs. Hart almost seemed stuck or computer like, while Dottie wants to know immediately who Wanda is and why the radio is talking to her. This only last for a moment before the drink in Dottie’s hand explodes. The glass leaves a bright red gash in her hand, a clue that this was another interference in what ever delusion is happening.

Neighborhood Watch

Meanwhile, Vision is having a good time with the boys at the library. I think initially they weren’t sure what to make of him, but he is so socially awkward it is hilarious. I loved during ‘gossip time’ that Vision straight up calls Norm a communist. They all laugh it off because it is such a taboo topic for a sitcom like this.  The biggest part of the meeting that carries over into the rest of the episode is Vision accidentally swallowing the gum which then leads to his gears getting sticky, because he is made like that.

A Man Need Two Things

The commercial for episode two is another call back to Wanda’s MCU origin. A man only needs to things, a woman and a Strucker watch. Strucker obviously being the Hydra scientist that experimented on her and her brother giving them their powers. The comic story is obviously different, but for this Wanda, Strucker and Hydra are a big part of her origin story. Once again, we also have the ticking that is associated with these cracks in the illusion.

The Talent Show

This then leads right into the talent show which Vision is late for because he is gum drunk. He has no chill in the magic show openly using his abilities leaving Wanda scrambling with her own powers to make it seem a realistically human illusion. Wanda makes a comment about Vision being strange which probably meant nothing, but also made me instantly think about Dr. Strange. For the final part of their act, Vision was supposed to make Wanda disappear but instead forgot to put her in the box. Wanda quickly fixes this by magically putting Geraldine in the box, much to Geraldine’s surprise.

Afterward, Wanda and Vision talk backstage where she learns about the gum mishap and can fix Vision. However, she is sure they are now doomed in town. They attempt to sneak off but are spotted by Dottie who give them an award for being the most comedic act. They all then repeat the motto for the episode, “For the Children.”

Speaking of Children

Wanda and Vision return home finally to talk about their day. When Wanda mentions that today was ‘For the Children’ she instantly becomes noticeably pregnant followed by another loud thud outside. This time they head outside to find a man in a suit surrounded by bees coming from a manhole. He seems dark and scary, but also has the S.W.O.R.D. logo on his back. Wanda takes one look at him and simply, but almost angerly says, “no”. The show then does the film rewind back to when they discovered her pregnancy. This time when they kiss there isn’t a loud thud, but Vision himself is now in full color followed by the entire set changing to color.

We then zoom out to the sound of S.W.O.R.D.’s Jimmy Woo attempting to reach Wanda over the radio.

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