The Rookie Episode 1 & 2 Breakdowns!

Welcome back for another breakdown of The Rookie! It has been a while since we were left with the nail-biting finale with John being set up by a dirty Detective Armstrong. After the resolution of that story line, we head into episode two with some major changes for some of our favorite characters.

I Need a Warrant and a Lawyer.

The episode begins right where last season left off with Nolan in his house with tons of planted incriminating evidence surrounded by his fellow LAPD officers led by Sergeant Grey. While Grey typically gives Nolan a hard way to go he is aware that Nolan is a good man, and this seems off. He calls in to John hoping to have a peaceful outcome. John tells him that it is in all their best interest for Sergeant Grey to take the time to get a warrant and that he would like a lawyer. Grey agrees leading to both Angela and Wesley on the porch of a judge. Angela is there on behalf of the LAPD to get the warrant and Wesley is there as Nolan’s lawyer to stop it. In the end the warrant is granted but it gave John enough time to get rid of the evidence.

With the warrant secured Nolan hands himself over freely for his house to be searched while he is taken to the station. He is not technically under arrest, but it feels like it is only a matter of time. Harper is obviously brought into the mix as well since she was in on the investigation with John and knows just as much. Armstrong drops her name to West’s father and Head of Internal Affairs, Commander West.

Let’s Get the Real Target

Nolan is then interviewed by Commander West and while Wesley thinks that he should not say anything, that could lead to him no longer being an officer should he clear his name. Instead, he cooperates fully with the Commander. Once all the details are on the table, Nolan suggests that he go undercover to draw out Derian, the gang leader that Armstrong was in with.  After some convincing Sergeant Grey and Commander West agree, even though Harper is not happy about it.

Piecing it Together

While Nolan works to clear his name, Tim and Lucy work to on getting evidence to help with that. Of course, the first thing they need to do is find the planted evidence that Nolan hid. Lucy is smart enough to know that the bag of trash down the hill was probably a rouse set up by Nolan to yet again buy him more time. However, she also points out that is do not makes sense that Nolan would tear up his own house is he knew where this evidence against him was. Luckily in the interrogation Nolan tells Commander West that the evidence is in his water heater to gain back trust and admits that Rosalind was in his head. No one is happy to hear that Nolan talked with Rosalind, the serial killer that Armstrong planted evidence to put away.

Now Lucy and Tim must visit with Rosalind to confirm Nolan’s Story. This of course is not good for Lucy, since Rosalind was in on having her buried alive last season. She brings this up in the conversation, but like always Lucy handles this like a queen. While Rosalind does spend most of the time playing games, she does tell them that Armstrong probably has another contingency plan, probably a to-go bag.

It is Angela working on Armstrong’s timeline of events that finds the bag after tracking Armstrong’s GPS. He spent an hour at Nolan’s most likely planting evidence. He then went to the cemetery where his wife is buried. Grey thinks that he was saying goodbye, but Angela’s hunch is correct, and this is where he buried his to-go bag.

Meeting with Derian

Now that the pieces are coming together against Armstrong, Nolan preps to go in with Derian and his crew. He leaves the station and immediately calls Derian for a meet up. Of course, there is a wrench that is thrown in the plan. Rosalind has a secret phone hidden in her cell and tips off Armstrong that she has leaked all his secrets. This freaks Armstrong and he slips his detail at the hospital.

This means that when Nolan finally makes his face to face with Derian, they know that Nolan is trying to sell them out because Armstrong is there to tell them what a ‘boy scout’ he is. This leads to a shoot out with Armstrong dead and Derian in custody.

The Punishment

While Nolan ends up being found innocent of any crime, he did break some department rules. His punishment is that he will remain a boot for 30 days longer, meaning he will not graduate with West and Lucy. He also has a formal reprimand in his file. Getting one of these means that he will likely never be able to move up in the department and will stay on patrol for the entirety of his career.

Moving on Up

Not all end on a bad note though. In this episode we found out that Angela is pregnant! Not only that, but she made detective! For now, she is choosing to keep her pregnancy a secret as she makes a name for herself as a detective, but obviously there is a time limit on this secret.

Her first day has some ups and downs. Her new boss is a little bit of a hard ass, but its hard to tell if he is going to be a good guy in the story or not. He does seems pretty upset when Angela heads to the scene of a funeral home break in and leaves with an evidence-less homicide.

Fortunately,  Angela was born to be a detective and manages to not only solve the case, but it leads to taking down a major player with a local gang.

A New Partner

Into episode two, Angela’s promotion means that Jackson is going to have a new T.O. I was excited to see Brandon Routh, formally Dr. Ray Palmer and Atom over in the Arrowverse, but here he is playing a ‘friendly’ cop named Doug Stanton. However, it is never as it seems. While he seems to give Jackson some leeway that Angela did not allow, he goes rough on a burglary victim. Jackson’s suspicion is that this was racially motivated and seeks out Tim for guidance. Tim tells him to ride it out and learn what he can and to ignore the rest. However, I am not sure that is how it is going to play out.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

This was my first thought when Lucy walked outside after helping Nolan fix his house to find that her car had been stolen. It is no secret that her car is a beater, but now it has been stolen and she is upset to have her one constant missing. While most everyone does not seem interested in helping her find it, Tim does allow her to look at a local shop to see if it has been scrapped for cash. They do not find it there but do get a lead from a ride share driver on a call.

When Lucy finds the car there is someone inside. That someone is Tamara, a seventeen-year-old homeless girl. We find out throughout the episode that Tamara’s parents have both overdosed and she was sent to live with a family member. Unfortunately, that was a violent household, and she ran away. Lucy offers to take her to a children’s shelter, but Tamara says that it is too hard to get to school from there. By the end of the episode Lucy decided to give Tamara her car in order to help her through this rough patch but requires her to stay in the shelter until she finds a home and that she checks in daily.

Community Work

As for Nolan and Harper, their punishment continues as they are assigned to a community center in a troubled neighborhood. The neighborhood is not too thrilled with their arrival either. One man in particular, Ryan Caradine, has issues with their presence. This does not stem from he himself being a criminal, but an anger toward a system designed to disparage the minority communities. The story from all of this is that Nolan does not need to come here looking to be a savior but ask real questions about the issues in the community and help in a meaningful and impactful way. By the end of the episode Nolan and Ryan have this conversation while Ryan’s kids are tutored by Lucy and Jackson.

Another storyline stemmed from Nolan’s time at the center. He met a contractor looking for work. John and Hugo shared their information with Nolan promising to send him some work to help. However, it is Hugo that reached out to Nolan when he is roped into helping build a meth lab and then kept as a hostage. Harper and Nolan head to help with a full unit breaching the location. Of course, Meth labs lead to nasty fumes and this almost ended up being Nolan’s last call. Luckily, everyone made it through both episodes mostly unblemished.

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