Prodigal Son S2E1 “It’s All in the Execution” Breakdown!

We are finally back with for another season of Prodigal Son! After that explosive finale it feels good to see everyone back, well, except for Nicholas. This episode takes place several months after the finale and we only get snap shots of what happened after Ainsley unceremoniously slit Nicholas’s throat, but I think that this is going to plague the characters in the beginning part of this season. As for COVID-19, they mention it several times and that some of them have been in quarantine, but other than that it doesn’t seem like the pandemic is going to have much of an effect on the show, however, racial tensions clashing with law enforcement are going to be a plot line this season.

On the Ledge

The beginning of this episode starts on a building ledge high up in Ney York City as Malcolm confronts a serial killer. This is not only a fun way to start a season, but also sets the tone for Malcolm this episode. He is dealing with covering up the murder of Nicholas and protecting Ainsley. This cover up clashed with Malcolm’s sense of right and wrong and has him on an emotional ledge as well.

One thing I loved about the opening of the episode was just that even when Malcolm is out on the ledge, the rest of the team is scrambling to back him up with a hilarious moment for JT, Dani, and Edrisa. With Gil still recovering from a stab wound and several surgeries, JT is now the temporary head of Major Crimes. While he does a great job running the unit, his media skills could use some work.

Daddy Dearest

As for Martin, he was sent to general population thanks to Endicott last season, but because he was able to effectively help with the COVID-19 outbreak in the prison, he was able to earn back his place a Clairmont, with a catch. His belongings are gone, and he has a new roommate Jerry. More on this later.

The New Case

The case this episode is an interesting one with a woman found in pristine condition except for her head being detached from her body. After realizing that the head was removed with a Guillotine, Malcolm seeks out help from his father, a fellow connoisseur of rare weapons of death. Malcolm remembers that the last sale of a Guillotine was in 1996, but since he was still a child, he doesn’t know who that purchaser was, however, Martin remembers and reluctantly gives him a name after attempting to talk to Malcom about Nicholas. There is a brief flashback here with Malcolm getting instructions from Martin the night of Nicholas’s death on how to clean up, it seems Dad’s history for murder came in handy. Malcolm is reluctant to continue to talk about this especially after being pelted in the head by Jerry. There is obviously more to the Nicholas cover up because the last we know is Malcolm cleaned up the scene, but Endicott was found in Belarus. Somehow, he was transported, but that was never explained.

Digging further into the case, the victim, Millicent Lee’s lawyer brings in a possible motive behind the murder. Mille’s husband, a rich oil tycoon was killed in a Texas and even though a young caterer was executed for the crime, the rumor is that Millie and her lover Boyd were behind the murder. Now that they are both in New York it seems like someone has come to pay a little justice.

After learning the name of the guillotine purchaser from Martin, Malcolm heads to the home of Izzy Collins who seems to be a burnt-out Rockstar. He shows Malcolm the 1600 lb. guillotine which Malcolm confirms to be the murder weapon with luminal. That is all, they also hear a loud banging from below, and while Izzy does admit to having a sex dungeon he has been out of town. He is even more shocked to find that his sex dungeon has been turned into an entombed death trap. Malcolm breaks in to save Boyd, Millie’s lover while Dani gets back up. While alone with Boyd, Malcolm turns on some music and uses some tools to get Boyd to admit to killing Millie’s husband. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell them who killed Millie. However, they do believe that it is likely someone involved with the case of Millie’s dead husband.

The case takes another turn when Malcolm and the team discovers that Millie’s lawyer is the caterer’s brother that was wrongfully executed for killing Millie’s husband. While she has motive, Malcolm does not believe she is the killer, however, it must be someone close to the case in some way. Dani begins looking into the lawyers in judges when Malcolm has an epiphany, what if the killer was the executioner?

The plan is to lure the killer out by releasing to the press that it was the lawyer who committed the crime, they think this will anger the executioner and get him out of hiding. Not only does Dani confirm that Tom Henry Glanton is in Ney York, but Malcolm finds that he is in his own apartment. Glanton wants Natalie, the lawyer, released. Not only that but he has been following Malcolm and thinks that maybe Malcolm is like his father in some way. He thinks that maybe Malcolm deserves and execution too. This leads to a show down with rare collectible fatal weapons which is all recorded on Malcolm’s phone since he never hung up with Dani. Dani shows in time to stop Malcolm from killing Glanton, but the scene down on the street changes the mood of this arrest.

He’s a Cop

Down in the street JT waits for back up with Dani is inside with Malcolm and Glanton. However, when the uniform officers arrive, they think that JT is a suspect leading to an altercation and guns drawn on JT. It isn’t until Malcolm and Dani come down that the officers believe JT.

JT is worried that because he fought with one of the officers that was attacking him that his job may be in jeopardy, but the team and Gil vow to have his back.

Fixing Jerry

Meanwhile at Claremont, Martin is upset with jerry not only for pushing Malcolm to leave but because he is generally driving Martin crazy. To take care of Jerry, Martin rigs up a wire to electrocute him. It is unclear if Marin knew that this would end up helping Jerry, but Jerry survives and begins to not only speak better but is moved from the room.

They are Cursed

The over in the tale of Gil and Jessica. Last season we skirted the relationship with Gil and Jessica. It is obvious they both care about each other deeply but the time and such never worked out. Then you know, Gil was stabbed, and it seemed like they were going to be together. However, Dani is concerned that Jessica is bad for Gil and questions this very idea to Gil. While Gil seems sure of his feelings although his ex-wife was sure the Whitley’s were cursed, Jessica overhears the conversation and gets upset and leaves.

Over with Malcolm, he visits his father again and Martin sense what is disturbing Malcolm. Malcolm’s whole personality is beginning a good person and the opposite of his father. He thrives in situations where he is seeking out murderers to bring them to justice. However, he is feeling guilty about helping Ainsley. But is it guilt? Or as Martin questions, is he actually feeling the thrill of cleaning up a murder and getting away with it?

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