The Mandalorian S2E3 ‘The Heiress’ Breakdown!

What another fantastic episode as we see the Star Wars animation crossover into live action. So far this season we have been to Tatooine and fought a kratye dragon, made a new friend in Frog Lady, and fought a giant ass spider-like creature with the help of the Republic all in a quest to find more Mandalorians that can help Mando reunite Baby Yoda with his kind, the jedi.

A Bumpy Ride

We last left Mando, Frog Lady, and Baby Yoda headed to Trask. Trask is not only where Frog Lady’s husband is located, but where he says that he has seen several Mandalorians. With the crash landing on the ice planet, Razorcrest has seen better days and is barely making it. The damage becomes more evident as they arrive to Trask and attempt entry in the atmosphere and landing. With the help of Frog Lady, they make a landing that they can live through, but do end up in the water and require a water tow.

Once in the port of Trask, Frog Lady is reunited with Frog Man so they can make all the frog babies. Before they ride off though, Frog Man takes Manda to a local in where he can get information on the location of the Mandalorian on this planet. He talks to the Mon Calamari server at the Inn who then points him in the direction of a man who can take him to the Mandalorians.

Manda and Baby Yoda head out by ship, but this doesn’t go as planned. Instead of getting passage to find the Mandalorians, they are betrayed by the crew of the ship. They actually feed Baby Yoda to a seas monster!! Manda jumps in after him but is then locked in with the creature. They make it clear that they are in this for the Baskar armor which we know is extremely valuable. Luckily, three Mandalorians show to lend a hand to Mando. Not only do they free him, kill the crew, but they also save Baby Yoda.

The Nite Owls

The minute I saw the owl on the helmet my little nerd heart was super excited.  The leader of these three you should know well if you are familiar Star Wars Clone Wars. Bo-Katan Kryze is the leader of the Nite Owls as she explains to Mando after she removes her helmet. For Mando this shows to him that she is NOT a true Mandalorian, his reaction tells her that he is a Child of Death Watch. This pushes us into the history of Mandalore, the home of the Mandalorian. During Clone Wars Bo-Katan’s sister, Satine ruled as Duchess of Mandalore making Bo-Katan then next in line to rule the Mandalorian. The Death Watch she mentions are a fringe group of Mandalorians that we exiled from Mandalore for being a terrorist group. So, while they are all true Mandalorians, the Death Watch that raised Mando (Din Djarin) are super strict religious zealots.

Mando is just annoyed by this conversation and jetpacks out of there with Baby Yoda in hand. However, getting back to the port proves to bot be such a good place for him either. The brother of the ship’s captain that just tried to kill him comes after Mando for his brother’s death. To make things even he says he is going to kill Baby Yoda. Again, the Nite Owls ride in and save Mando, which is enough for them to at least to sit at the same table in the Inn.

At the Inn, Bo-Katan tells Mando about this planet being a black-market outpost that specializes in moving weapons. She promises to tell him the location of a Jedi in exchange for his help in pirating an Imperial ship on this planet. Mando reluctantly agrees.

The Heist

Getting on this Imperial Ship is going to put them against a squadron of Strom Troopers. Getting on the ship was fairly easy but does lead to a beacon going on to the reminisce of the empire including Moff Gideon. Once the group has hit the Cargo area Moff Gideon deems the ship a total loss and instructs the Captain to end it. The Captain then kills the pilots and attempts to put the ship in the water. Desperate to get the dark saber, Bo-Katan wants to stop that from happening. To get her to the cock pit, Mando puts in himself in the life of fire to clear the way. Once in the cock pit the captain basically confirms to her that Moff Gideon already has the dark saber as we saw in the finale last season.  He then kills himself with some type of electrical kill switch.

Knowing that the Imperial ship sent out the beacon, the Mandalorians head off the ship but before going Bo-Katan tells Mando about the Jedi, Ahsoka, yet another character from the Clone Wars! He is told that she will be on the planet Corvus.

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