The Mandalorian S2E2 ‘Chapter 10: The Passenger’ Breakdown!

We last left Mando and our favorite little guy on Tatooine after slaying a Krayte Dragon in exchange for the armor of Boba Fett. We did briefly see Boba, but so far there hasn’t been any interaction. This episode takes us in a completely different direction as Mando attempts to find other Mandalorians for help.

Nikto Cartel

Before ever returning to Peli and the Razorcrest, Mando has yet another obstacle put in his path. He is ambushed by a crew I believe to be part of the Nikto Cartel. The do the old line in the path that causes the speeder to flip. Mando expertly lands on his feet and then fights the crew as they attempt to head off with sweet little Baby Yoda. It’s pretty clear from the dialogue that the plan was to kidnap The Child, but Mando strikes a bargain with the last standing attacker. In exchange for an unharmed Baby Yoda, he trades his jet pack. This plays out about how well you would expect. Shortly after walking away Mando uses the jetpack to fly the attacker up and then drop him. Now Mando gathers his stuff and makes the long walk back to his ship. One of the big questions about this moment is who sent this group? It could be they are looking to collect a bounty. I think it is also possible that Boba himself sent the group after watching them last episode. It could also be some betrayal from Peli, she did know where Mando was and she does seem to get a gleam in her eye when Baby Yoda is around.

A Lead

Mando makes his way into the cantina looking for Peli. She is in a high stakes game of cards. Her opponent is an insect looking guy we saw in the background of the last episode. It just so happens that he also has information or knows someone that has information about the location of another Mandalorian.  After Peli hits him with an Idiot’s Array card spread, her and Mando meet back at the hanger.

In exchange for information that a Mandalorian is on the water planet Trask, Mando must agree to transport who we will be calling Frog Lady. Not only is Mando not happy about being a taxi service he is also reluctant to travel at sub-light speed. According to Frog Lady, hyperdrive will kill her eggs which are the last of her blood line. She is attempting to get them to Trask where her husband is located so they can raise their family.  Peli vouches for Frog Lady and desperate for a Mandalorian to help him, Mando agrees.

Speed Bumps

There are a few issues that arise while traveling to Trask, because why wouldn’t there be? Not only is there a language barrier between Mando and the Frog lady, there isn’t a barrier between Baby Yoda and those delicious frog eggs. Not only has he been staring at them longingly, he even briefly uses the force to get them closer to him. Mando does catching him eating an egg and sends him to bed so Mando himself can rest.

This rest doesn’t last long when they are approached by two Republic X-Wings checking to make sure that they are not hiding anything related to the Empire. Mando attempts to get through with giving as little information as possible, but does have to ping with them in order to avoid being pulled to a Republic outpost. The Ping doesn’t help the situation either because one of the men ask Mando about a report on the Razorcrest. Mando takes off looking to get away from these two as quickly as possible. This results in a chase that ends with the crash landing of the Razorcrest just out of sight from the Republic X-Wings. This landing does extensive damage to the Razorcrest, something Mando is not interested in fixing at this moment. Instead, he is planning to hold out through the night and fix it in the morning.

Frog Lady is not liking this plan because her eggs will not stay viable at this freezing temperature. She hardwires the old bounty droid that came for The Child last season. She uses it to communicate to Mando that they had a deal and he needs to honor it. Mando then begins working on the ship. A short time later Baby Yoda comes to tell Mando about Frog Lady wondering off. Together they follow the trail which leads to a hot spring. Mando gathers up Frog Lady and her eggs to get the back to the safety of the ship. However, Baby Yoda wonders off to eat a different egg and in the process awakens the field of spider-like eggs and their giant mother.

Mando, Frog Lady, and Baby Yoda rush back to the ship fighting and shooting little spiders the whole way. Once back at the ship the damages haul doesn’t offer much protection and the little spiders get in, at one point Frog Lady saves Baby Yoda from an attacking spider. Desperate, Mando attempts to take off leaving the spiders behind, but momma spider has another idea. She attacks the ship by landing on top of it and attempting to get in the cock pit. Luckily, just as it seemed hopeless, the Republic ships show and kill the spider. Mando talks with them briefly, while he does have an arrest warrant they also know that he helped the Republic on the prison ship last season along with several high priority bounties. They are going to let him slide. They will not however, help him repair his ship and get out of here.

The episode then ended with Mando fixing up the cockpit enough to seal and limp over to Trask.

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