Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E6 ‘Shadow Puppets’ Breakdown!

I WANT to like this show, I really do. This has been a rough start to say the least, but for me this episode was a little less annoying with the addition of Percy and Tony, but Iris still just isn’t cutting it for me. The catch is, like you guys, I am still going to be watching looking for any clue on Rick or the Civil Republic Military.

The Kid with a Stick

Yes, we all saw the stick and thought of Morgan, but Morgan is not a young skinny white kid like our new character Percy. Instead he tells the group he has been traveling on his own and was recently hustled out of his stuff by two men. Iris takes an instant liking to Percy much to the dismay of Silas who has a bad feeling right off the bat. Silas thinks that they should give him some supplies and send him away, but in Percy’s story telling Hope puts together that Percy must have a vehicle, which he conveniently left out.  We have already seen on Walking Dead and Fear, that 10 years after the apocalypse that gas is worthless so finding a run vehicle is gold. Iris pushes a deal with Percy that if they help him get his truck back, then he will get them to their destination.

Felix is hesitant to go with the plan because they don’t really know what they are getting in to and it could be dangerous with Huck gone, but Iris is persistent so the plan becomes to go after the truck at dawn. Does this feel sus? Yes, yes it does.

Elaborate Con

The next morning the group heads to the little town of Anderson, Iowa where Percy claims the truck will be, and we do see a truck with someone driving it right when they enter the town. They find it again later parked outside of a building. Felix is hesitant to take the kids there so he heads to check things out with Percy. They find that one of the men, Tony, is dead and the keys are no where to be seen. Percy attempts to hot wire but says that they have installed a plate to stop that, they must have the keys. It is about now that the kids join them because they can’t listen.

Felix and Percy plan to head inside with Elton and Hope keeping watch out front. Iris and Silas are to stay behind and guard their belongings next to the truck. Once inside Percy and Felix split up looking for Mike who has the keys. As expected, Iris feels like she must be the center of the attention and heads inside after Percy and Felix leaving Silas alone with the stuff. She quickly runs into Percy who talks her into checking out upstairs, the one place he hasn’t checked.

Together they find the room that Mike was recently in, but it looks like he is using the bathroom making it the perfect time to steal the keys. Percy grabs the keys and they head out. In a side room Percy sees his stolen gear and tells Iris he is going to go get it, but he gives her the keys to start the truck. When going back down the stairs Iris hears a gun show. For a moment she thinks of leaving, but instead heads back up. She finds the door to the room with Percy’s belongings shut, but it isn’t locked. She gets in easily to discover that Percy’s belongings are just stuffed bags and it sets in that she has been conned. She goes after Percy who escaped through the window to then land in a dumpster.

Meanwhile, Silas isn’t paying attention to the dead guy because who would? The dead guy gets up, grabs their stuff and uses another set of keys to start the truck and take off. Silas hollers to Hope and Elton who take off after the truck. Hope see Percy jump in but stops running when she hears Iris screaming from in the dumpster.

No Good Deed

Hope, Silas, Elton, and Felix now must help Iris escape the dumpster that is too tall for her to escape, but also has two walkers in it. Like seriously, can they just start killing walkers already. I cannot take it anymore. So, she is on the inside freaking while they are working on getting in. Another problem surfaces when a small herd is getting close. Felix and Silas break away to take care of that, just as Percy and his Uncle Tony come back to help.

Percy admits that this was a con and their way of getting things without physically hurting people. Of course, Iris is sore about it. Tony and Percy talk about Tony’s time before the apocalypse and that he was an illusionist in Vegas that raised his nephew Percy. Percy and Iris talk later and he explains that in all the time they ran this con, Iris is the only one that came back looking for him and that is why he convinced Tony to come back for them.

Tony and Felix also take the time to talk, but specifically about the patch on Felix’s jacket. The CRM patch is also on the truck but had been covered. Felix tries to downplay it as the college logo, but Tony has seen the symbol at both the fueling station and on helicopters. He agrees to take Felix and the kids where they need to go for help in getting in and out of the fueling station. The Hope is that Felix’s jacket will help with that.  

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