Fear the Walking Dead S6E5 ‘Honey’ Breakdown!

This season is just not stopping! I have to say, I forgive the last two seasons for bringing us to this season.  One of my favorite parts is that we are focusing on a small group in each episode. Last week we finally got to see where John and June ended up, and now we are back to Dwight and Al after Dwight finally found Sherry. This reunion was not what I expected, but I prefer what they did here better.

The Outcast

Dwight and Sherry spend some much-needed time together since this is about a week after they found each other.  Dwight shares with her his journey to becoming a better man while also looking back over all the letters Sherry had written for him. However, this isn’t a fairytale. Dwight misses his check in because Al was supposed to be handling it, but for some reason did not. A moment later, Sherry leaves the room and Dwight starts to hear strange. He follows Sherry to then be kidnapped by these people in masks.

They take him to another location and want information about Ginny, specifically where she is going to be. Dwight doesn’t have this information and it seems this guy, Oswald, takes his job seriously. He doesn’t believe Dwight because they have also captured Al and have seen the videos. However, Sherry steps in to diffuse the situation a little. The scene really calms down when the leader of this group, Rollie, steps in. Rollie has some history with the group, specifically Dwight. He was a member of Logan’s crew that Dwight tried to turn. The last time we saw him Dwight had ambushed Rollie and his small group, but it seems like that is all water under the bridge now.

Rollie and his people are all outcasts that Ginny have deemed unworthy to live in her small towns and because of what Ginny has done to them, they want to kill Ginny. The first step of their plan is to get Al’s old SWAT van since it is basically indestructible and has build in guns. They then plan to use this on Ginny when they find out when she is going to be in a certain location. Al talks them out of attempting to blow up the van, which is later confirmed to be a lie, but instead she pushes them to hijack it.


The plan is for Rollie, Dwight, Sherry, and some of Rollie’s group to ride down the van and get it from the driver. I thought this was a cool scene and Dwight successfully gets control of the van, but the driver does escape and saw Dwight’s face. Lucky, they had a friend nearby. Morgan comes out of nowhere with the man tied to the back of his horse like he is some lone ranger.

This gives Dwight, Al and Morgan some time to reconnect. Dwight and Al thought that Morgan was dead because that is what Ginny told them all to keep them in line, but they are certainly happy to see that he isn’t. Dwight and Al have no news on Grace, I imagine since Ginny knows that Morgan is alive that she is keeping Grace secure.

That night Morgan gets to know the others and shares with them that he found a place they could all work to build but asks that they wait to attack Ginny until all his people are safe. Rollie and his people, however, are ready to take their plan to the next phase and aren’t willing to step back and wait. This puts Dwight in the difficult position of choosing a side.

Picking A Side

Dwight chooses to side with Sherry, he looked for her for too long to turn his back. He helps interrogate Ginny’s man and we see a bit of the old Dwight slip out which is alarming to both Sherry and Morgan. As part of the plan, Dwight calls in to the rangers to tell them about a settlement and that it is one that Ginny should see for herself.

Morgan and Al make a side plan to stop the attack, and of course Dwight knows that they would. Dwight has them locked away so they cannot interfere. The twist is that Sherry also pushes for Dwight to be locked away as well. Sherry sees the man that Dwight has become and doesn’t want to put him in a position to be a bad guy again. For Sherry, she struggles with her own demons thanks to Negan. She feels that she did not do enough, that she could have done something to stop Negan. That is why she is hell bent on taking out Ginny, to make up for her past mistakes.   

That night during the meeting Dwight escapes the lock up and heads to Sherry and talks her out of killing Ginny’s men after Ginny didn’t show. I think that because Ginny knows Morgan is out here look for him, she is being extra precautions. The dilemma becomes whether Sherry should kill them. I think without Dwight’s influence she would because she wants to be part of the war in taking down Ginny so desperately to atone for her time with Negan. However, Dwight talks her out of it which she isn’t happy about.

Sherry and Dwight later talk with Sherry telling him that he needs to leave. He found her and he was in a place that he could be with her as the man she needed, Sherry just isn’t there yet and while she is figuring it all out being with Dwight just won’t work. Like Al says, they will find each other again.

The New Place

Dwight then talks with Morgan and Al and they agree to come to the new place with him to help prepare it for their people.  The biggest thing they need to do is convince Ginny that they are dead so they do not come looking after this failed meet up. They use two walkers and dress them in Al’s and Dwight’s clothing and put them in an area where they will be found. The two of them then find the group they saved in episode three from the office building. I love that Dwight left the infinity symbol that Sherry would leave for him, this is so she can find him when she is ready.

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