Supernatural S15E18 ‘Despair’ Breakdown!

Well, they went and did it, they made me ugly cry. I didn’t expect this level of tears until the finale but, they went right for it here. We have two episodes left after this one and I honestly have no clue how this is going to end for Sam and Dean.

Diffusing the Bomb

When we left last episode, we were having a stand off with Chuck who recently absorbed Amara. Chuck had once again secretly planned for Dean to kill Sam and end it already, but like before, Dean chose not to kill his brother only further pissing off Chuck. However, that is not even the biggest concern, Jack has been wired to explode after absorbing the rib of Adam and is going to die any second. So, Chuck takes off and the guys are trying to figure out what to do. The problem is that there isn’t really a spell of protocol to stop an Archangel Nephilim who has been beefing himself up to explode. Of course, this was Billy’s plan that his been royally screwed so she appears not only pissed that Chuck is still alive and her plan is done, but that Sam took Chuck’s death book.

First, she handles the Jack situation by sending him to the Empty. It is really the only being that would absorb the energy that Jack is putting off, but since the Empty is so vast it may be able to survive the blast. We see Jack in the Empty and the Empty isn’t too happy that Jack has just detonated in his quiet space, we know it likes it silence. The Empty goes to attack Jack but he is then brought back to the bunker.

Secondly, Billy demands God’s book and Sam complies. Apparently, God’s new death is interesting but we don’t get any other details with the exception that Billy is still going to need Jack. Jack did come back from the Empty powerless, or at least not the powers he went in with. However, Dean is not going to let Billy walk out of here with Jack regardless. He attacks her injuring her shoulder forcing her to flee.

Is Thanos Here?

Seriously? Why is everyone disappearing? That is the question we are really going to spend the rest of the episode working on. We first see this occur with Charlie and her new girlfriend Stevie. Stevie just disappears into nothingness as she is making breakfast. Charlie calls in Sam and Dean because there aren’t any typical signs around that could explain something like this. Their first thought is that this is Billy’s work since she is upset with them and she has made it clear that her plan is to set things right by sending people back to where they come from. Things get even scarier when receiving a call from Bobby calls to tell them that Greg, another person from Apocalypse world has vanished.

This new discovery has Sam worried about Eileen so, Sam, Dean, Jack, and Cas all rush over to get her but she is gone before they arrive. The decided from here that they are going to divide and conquer with Sam and Jack gathering everyone from other worlds and hunters in a well warded place while Dean and Cas go after Billy. Billy is killable and Dean likes that.

Hunker Down

Sam and Jack work to get everyone together. Most of the people we do not recognize but they are either hunters or from another world. Some notables are Bobby, Charlie, and Donna. They get everyone in a small silo with little to no resources while Sam works on getting the warding up to protect them. Jack finds out something interesting about himself which is why I mentioned that he may just have different powers since he also mentioned feeling weird. When he reaches for this weed in the bunker it shrivels up before he touches it. This makes me wonder if he is not some new angel of death type character. It was made clear from Billy that he is still important we just don’t know in what capacity.

Once the warding is p it because a wait and see game, but we do not have to wait long. We quickly have a little girl that disappears followed by everyone else except Sam and Jack. I wasn’t surprised too much by Bobby and Charlie since they are from another Earth, but Donna did surprise me since she is not.

I Love you and Goodbye

Meanwhile, Dean and Cas head to Death’s library for a final showdown. Like always this does NOT play out how we expected. First off, Billy is pretty much already dead, Dean’s blow to her back at the bunker has infected her it is only a matter of time for before she drops over. However, as a parting gift to herself she wants Dean to go with her. She does squeezer his heart with her death force powers which has Cas running to the rescue and getting Dean out of the library and back to the bunker.

Now back in the bunker they head for a room where they can apply warding to protect them from Billy, since she follows with her creepy ass death hand. Once Cas applies the seal to the door Death’s grip releases Dean and he is back to normal, but they both know that seal is not going to hold her forever even if she is already dying.

Now is the time to grab the tissues. Dean feels that this is once again his fault where he has rushed into a situation with his rage leading the charge, but Cas is not only not going to hear it, but he also has a plan. Cas tells Dean about his deal with the Empty, the one being that has beef with Death and wants her gone just as bad as they do. He knows that he can summon death by fulfilling that part of his deal. Cas then makes the best goodbye speech in the history of goodbye speeches.

“The price was for my life. When I experienced a moment of true happiness, the Empty would be summoned and it would take me forever.

I’ve always wondered ever since I took that burden, the curse. I wondered what it could be, what my true happiness could even look like. And I never found an answer, because the one thing I want, it’s something that I can’t have. But I think I know. I think I know now happiness isn’t the having. It’s in just being, it’s in just saying.

I know how you see yourself, Dean. You see yourself the same way our enemies see you. You’re destructive, and you’re angry and you’re broken. You’re ‘Daddy’s blunt instrument”. You think hate and anger, that’s what drives you. That’s who you are. It’s not. And everyone that knows you sees it. Everything you’ve ever done, the good and the bad. You have done for love.

You raise your little brother for love. You fought this whole world for love. That is who you are. You’re the most caring man on earth. You are the most selfless, loving human being I will ever know.

You know, ever since we met. Ever since I pulled you out of Hell. Knowing you changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about you. But I cared about Sam. I cared about Jack. But I cared about this whole world because of you. You’ve changed me Dean.” Castiel

“Why does this sound like a goodbye?” – Dean

“Because it is. I love you. Goodbye, Dean.” – Castiel

Then the Empty opens and takes both Castiel and Billy leaving a bloody handprint on Dean shoulder mimicking Cas’s handprint from when he pulled Dean from Hell.

Dean at this point is just devastated and even more broken then before. He even ignores Sam’s calls to tell him that EVERYONE has disappeared.

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