The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E5 ‘Madman Across the Water’ Breakdown!

Another episode in and I am still not sure about this new show, but still holding on for any signs of hope that we will learn ANYTHING about Rick. GIVE US SOMETHING!

Post Credit Scene from Last Week

Okay, we did get the post credit scene finally answering what ‘A/B’ means which is something, I guess. I meant to do a separate post on this entirely but have been busy watching the election, like every other American. This A/B experiment is the experiment that Hope and Iris’s father Leopold is working on and seems to be testing the walkers to find a cure, we know from flashback conversations with Hope and Leopold that this was the goal of sending him to this facility.

The Test A4.02, tells us that the ‘A’ subjects are part of this experiment. There must be more details in this that we need to know, but this man is most like the 4th subject in a second phase of the trial. Not only that but he was a colleague of both this woman Lyla, but with Leo himself as we see in the photo on her desk. This leads us to think that something terrible has gone on here, which could be what Leo was eluding to in his messages to Hope and Iris.

How does this relate to Rick? Well this entire series is going to eventually relate to Rick because he is with the same group. Jadis had initially offered him as an ‘A’ to the CRM, but then to save his left switched him to a ‘B’. I feel that Rick is most likely working somewhere as a soldier for the CRM. He would be bound to them in the way we have seen Isabella bound on Fear the Walking Dead. He would know that he cannot simply flee without it becoming a threat to himself and family, but we know from the carving that Michonne found that he is still thinking about his family.

The River

On to this episode, the group has made it to the Missouri River, in order to leave Nebraska, they are going to need to cross the river. For Felix, he feels that this is their last best effort to turn around and head to Omaha. We know that this would probably end in all of them dying, but none of them know about what happened at College Campus back in episode one. He has almost brought Elton to his side in encouraging the others to head back, but as they near the river Felix becomes worried that he is not going to get them all on board. Huck proposes a plan b with one of them taking Silas and Elton to Omaha with the others going forward, but Felix doesn’t like that plan, it is all or nothing. Instead the group decides that they are going to build a boat to get across the river.

They head back to a warehouse they saw just north to look for anything that could help, and while they don’t find much, they do find an old AC unit they could make into a steam boiler to get them across. This is like what Hope had made to make alcohol in episode one. However, they hit a bump in the road when Hope overhears Huck and Felix discussing their plan to turn around.

Hope confronts Elton because he was part of the plan that she heard and he does admit to thinking about turning around which really upsets them. Mostly Hope is upset with Felix. It is steps in to settle things down reminding them that they all need to be focused if they are going to build a boat. Hope has a one on one talk with Huck and Huck has almost done a 180 on how she feels about being out here. She thinks that this is good for all them and will help the kids become who they are supposed to be. She then talks with Felix with Hope calling him out on never being a true brother.

Meanwhile, the boiler just isn’t getting hot enough to produce the steam they need and they remember the nail polish back at the warehouse. Silas and Elton head there together giving them the time to sort out how Silas feels about Elton’s almost betrayal. Of course, he forgives them as they spend time dumping the nail polish into buckets. As if all of this isn’t enough, there is a lighting storm headed there way with Iris and Felix witnessing lightning strike the Daiquirtown building releasing a small herd of walkers.

So, we have a boat that won’t go, a storm, and walkers. The group agrees that they cannot leave the boat because the storm will wash it away. This means they need to get in the boat and on the water. The nail polish works for a small moment, but apart from underneath lets loose forcing Elton to face his claustrophobia to fix it. All the while Felix is creating a barrier and fighting walkers. Eventually Elton fixes the part, gets pulled out and they get the boat in the water with no one getting their face eaten.


This show has been doing flashbacks for each character to explains their reason or need to be out here. SO far, we have learned about Hope and her relationship with her father as well as Sila’s abusive father and that he killed someone in Omaha. This week we learn more about Elton and the ‘night the sky fell’.

He was at a museum where his father worked at the time and as we already know, his mother was over where Hope and Iris’s family were. His father put him in a box and then I think he went to fight off the walkers you can hear from Elton’s perspective in the box. We later hear what sounds like military and then a young Elton find his way out of the box to a now empty museum and his dead father. Once he is outside, he finds the evacuation plan map and I imagine he was later picked up and taken there safely. The point of these flashbacks is Elton’s quest to finish his mother’s manuscript. The events of the day also have him thinking about his mom at the end of the day which makes for an interesting moment when Hope sees the picture of his mother and realizes this is the pregnant woman she show the night of the plane crash.

A Man with a Stick

No, not Morgan. At the end of the episode Huck sets off ahead of them to scout for anything that may be coming. It is just after Hope and Elton that they hear a sound they assume is a walker but turns out to be a living breathing person armed with a stick. The show then ends at this point, but I imagine the next episode is going to be learning about this new person. Felix also warned them earlier, that the path beyond the river was not going to be as easy as it has been since the area near Omaha and College Campus was clear. Hopefully, we will see some pickup in the action!

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