Fear the Walking Dead S6E4 ‘The Key’ Breakdown!

We finally learn the fate of a few more characters this episode with John Dorie serving as a lawman in the town of Lawton. Lawton, we learned back in episode 2 is the main town in Ginny’s communities and home to a murder mystery that John gets dragged in to.

Cameron’s Death

The start of the episode we get a quick show of what John’s life is in Lawton with him working as a law person in town. Janice, who was a minor character in their group before Ginny, also works in Lawton doing the laundry. Her and John remain close and she even passes letters for John to June and vice versa. The real problem of the episode comes when a Ranger named Cameron is found dead a short distance from his home. At first glance, and Ginny’s explanation, is that Cameron got a little extra sauced and stumbled into the barbed wire where he was attacked by walkers.  However, from the start this feels off for John.

John begins investigating even though Ginny is not in favor of this idea and the first thing he finds in a stray earring around the scene. He shares his doubt about the death being an accident with Strand and then again later with Ginny. Based on the look that Ginny gives him she knows exactly who this earring belongs to, and it is later confirmed by Dakota that she is covering for someone.

Shortly after Cameron’s death there is the funeral with Rabbi Jacob and Janice is caught attempting to sneak out of Lawton. In her bag is not only supplies, but the earring match to the one John found at the scene of the crime. This lands Janice behind bars, and even though he confirms that Janice and Cameron were seeing each other, he doesn’t buy that Janice is the killer.

That night John does some further investigation into Cameron’s death by digging up the body. After a quick encounter with some walkers, he discovers that Cameron was killed by having his throat cut and there is a small piece of something dug into the palm of his hand. He then shows his findings to Strand and realizes that the pieces in Cameron’s hand is from the handle of a knife. Strand helps him get into the armory but the investigation on shows that there is a cover up with both the knife and the check out page missing.

With the investigation coming to a brick wall, John now plans to get Janice out of Lawton. This becomes even more urgent with Janice confessing to killing Cameron although it is clear she did not. That night with Rabbi Jacob visits John. John not only tells him about his plan to break out Janet, but also a story about his father and how he once planted evidence to catch a killer. Yes, he was able to catch the killer, but the trust with his men was not lost which laid heavy on him basically ruining his life. John knows that this choice to help Janice probably means that he will never see June again. He asks Rabbi Jacob to pass along a letter to June explaining.

After Jacob leaves, John packs and heads to the jail to get Janice. Unfortunately, she is already gone with Ginny moving up the execution and performing it in the middle of the night by tying Janice to a tree much like the story she earlier told John. John I then barriers Janice and confronts Strand and Jacob for their part in Janice’s execution. However, Ginny can’t let this look like there is really something more going on so she honors Johns with a key and a job as a ranger. He is also gifted June to assure that he remains quiet.

Where is the Key?

Meanwhile, Morgan is out looking for any clues of where to find Grace. He does get some help from Daniel who is still playing as a man that has lost his memories. He leaves Grace’s jacket she wore the last night at the Gulch and a letter for Morgan with the hope that Rufus can use the jacket to track Grace. Of course, he needs to be in a location Grace has been to pick up on her scent.

This has Morgan heading back the Gulch but is instead caught in a confrontation with the two men from the first episode. He was the man that had spray painted ‘The End is the Beginning’, which we saw displayed again last episode in the building with the Bubonic Plague. The idea that Al had was that the writers of the message also infected the people. While this is a very brutal confrontation, we finally understand these guys relationship with Emile better. They hired Emile to hunt down Walter and get the key, however, we then know what happened to Emile. They also have no tie to Ginny and have never heard of her. Although Morgan kills these two men, it does let him in on the fact that whatever this key goes to is especially important.

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