The Mandalorian S2E1 ‘Chapter 9: The Marshal’ Breakdown!

Baby Yoda is FINALLY back, I mean, Mandalorian…

In all seriousness, we know that this season is going to be all about learning of The Child’s backstory and reuniting him with his own kind. Meanwhile Mando is also going to be learning about the clone past of the bounty hunters and what that means for him. It was announced earlier that Boba Fett, clone of Jango Fett, would be making an appearance this season. I am not going to get too much into the cloning and history in this breakdown, but I do think that Kamino, the planet the clones were developed on, is going to play a role this season.

The Hunt for Mandalorians

Last season we knew that the quest Mando was given was to hunt down The Child’s people and reunite him with his own kind. In order to do so, Mando is going to need to find other Mandalorians to get the information he needs. In doing so he ends up meeting with Gor Keresh who is supposed to know the location of a Mandalorian. However, this doesn’t play out as expected because Gor Keresh is also hunting Mandalorians for their pricey beskar armor, the armor that Mando earned last season.

Of course, Mando easily handles this group taking them out and chasing after Gor Keresh after he attempted to get away. Mando then strings him up and he confesses to Mando that he knows of one Mandalorian on Tatooine. At first Mando is skeptical because he has spent time there and hasn’t heard of a Mandalorian there, but Gor Keresh assures him that one is there in the town of Mos Pelgo, right before Mando leaves him for dead.

Mos Pelgo

Mando makes his way to Tatooine where we meet an old friend, Peli Motto, who is over the moon to see The Child again. I like her comment about buying his offspring if he were to divide or bud, I wonder if this is a clue to how the ‘Yoda’ race reproduces. Anyway, she tells Mando about the town of Mos Pelgo, a small mining town that was literally wiped off the map by raiders after the fall of the empire. However, she assures him there are still people there and loans him a speeder to get there.

The arrival of Mando to Mos Pelgo has all the spaghetti western vibes as he rolls into the side eyes. He finds the local cantina asking about a Mandalorian. The bartender doesn’t recognize the term Mandalorian, but he does know someone that looks like Mando, the marshal.

Right on time, the marshal enters scene. It is apparent quickly that while he may be wearing Boba Fett’s armor, he isn’t Boba. That becomes even more apparent when he breaks Mandalorian code by removing his helmet. The conflict here comes with the Mandalorian code that this armor should be returned to the Mandalorians, but the marshal is not willing to let it go since it has helped him protect this small mining town. We are moments from a western shootout when the ground begins rumbling, a sure sign of an incoming krayte dragon. Not only does he shake up the town but also kills one of their Banthas. However, in this moment the marshal and Mando come to an agreement. Mando will help kill in krayte dragon in exchange for Boba Fett’s armor.

Tusken Raiders

Mando and the Marshall head out of town to find the home of the krayte dragon. During their travel time Cobb Vanth, the marshal, tells Mando the story of how he traded for the armor and saved the town. He explains that the night the empire fell their town was raided by men from the mining collective and the people were forced into slavery. Cobb made a run for it taking one of the miners camtono which turned out to be full of silicax crystals. He then traded the crystals to the jawas for the armor. He used the armor to ride back into town and clear it of the mining collective.

Shortly after telling this story, Mando and Cobb come across Tusken Raiders. While these are the enemy of Cobb and his people, Mando has a long friendship with them.  It turns out that the Tusken raiders also want to kill the krayte dragon as well. They agree to help each other but not without some flair ups between Cobb and the raiders.

Plan A

Mando, Cobb and the Tuskens head to the old Sarlacc cave where the krayte dragon lives. The plan is to lure him out with a Bantha, but that plan goes wrong quickly when the krayte dragon goes after the Tusken raider instead. The new plan is going to need more people which has Cobb meeting with his people of Mos Pelgo.

They understand the deal that Mando and Cobb made in exchange for the armor but are not thrilled to be helping the Tusken’s. However, the agreement with the Tusken’s means that they will no longer attack Mos Pelgo in exchange for killing the krayte dragon. While this is the agreement, it also has some tension hiccups.

Some Real Jonah Shit

For the final battle with the krayte dragon the plan is to lure him out of the cave to expose his vulnerable underbelly to bombs they bury in the sand. Of course, this doesn’t work and all hell breaks lose with the dragon coming at them from different angels. I really liked the part with Mando and Cobb on the jetpacks, but their fire power just wasn’t enough. When the dragon attacks from behind, Mando comes up with a last-minute plan and instructions for Cobb to look after The Child.

Mando is then eaten by the krayte dragon along with a Bantha covered in bombs. There is that moment of silence then where nothing happens followed by the dragon reemerging just as the bomb detonates from within killing him. Of course, Mando makes it out just fine.

The Tusken’s then divide out the dragon meet and discover a very valuable krayte dragon pearl and Mando gets the heavily beaten Bobo Fett Armor.

Bob Fett

In the very last scene of the episode we see Boba watching Mando from a distance in what looks like Tusken robes alone with Tusken weapons. I certainly think we are going to see them interact in the next episode and I am super excited to see it play out!

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