Supernatural S15E17 ‘Unity’ Breakdown!

I want to start this by apologizing for getting this and several other posts, up later than anticipated. Like most Americans I have been staring at the map waiting to see if it is going to turn Blue or Red (Yes, Nevada, we are looking at you!) But it seems like we are not going to be getting any more answers until later this week so I guess I should get back to work.

While America is heavily divided, we also see that with the siblings on this show. Of course, I mean Sam and Dean and their thoughts on what to do about Jack having to kill himself in order to end Chuck. However, I also mean Chuck and Amara. This episode is all about bring these siblings together in a way that Cain and Abel were never able to do.

Chuck is Back

This episode has three storylines that all converge at the end with the first one being Chuck’s return to Earth and his meeting with Amara. Amara notices that Chuck is back with a light show that he puts on and warns Dean, Sam and Jack. She then meets with Chuck in a last-ditch effort to get him to stop destroying worlds by reminding him of the beauty in the creation that he has made. She even takes him to Heaven to remind him of all the adoring fans he has, but for Chuck, everything has lost its appeal.

Amara then offers a deal, for him and her to work together and share this world, since it has always been Chuck in charge. Of course, his ego will not allow this. Amara then realizes that Chuck is beyond reason and the best option what she thinks is a plan to trap God. She then transports her and Chuck to the bunker where Chuck is trapped.

Spark of the Divine

Once Dean and Jack learn about Chuck’s return, they head out to complete the last step of Billy’s plan to make Jack this divine bomb that will kill both Chuck and Amara. This plan still does not sit right with Sam and he chooses to stay behind to find some other way. The ending of this argument has Dean yelling that Jack ISN’T family, which Jack overhears.

Dean and Jack arrive at a small shop where they meet Adam, yes, the First Adam. However, the woman with him is NOT Eve but instead the angel Seraphina. She has been keeping him alive this whole time so he could enact his revenge on God after also feeling bitter, like Dean. So yes, the plan was his but Billy is helping it come to fruition, all they needed was a half human-half Archangel. However, in order to receive what he needs Jack must first pass a small test with Adam.

The test is a grouping of rocks and Jack must be able to tell which rock contains the spark of life. Of course, this was a trick test because all rocks contain the spark of life because God is in everything. Passing the test earns Jack one of Adam’s ribs which has the power to not only create life but destroy it. This bone fused with Jack will have enough cosmic energy to become a divine black hole sucking in everything divine around it.

Jack and Dean then head back to the bunker, but before arriving Dean takes the time to explain to Jack that while he may not be like Sam or Cas to him, he is giving Dean something that he is very grateful for, actual free will. It is at about this moment that Cas warns Dean of Amara and Chuck’s arrival. Jack then fuses with the rib and it’s show time.

Billy’s Plan

There is just one speed bump in the way, Sam. Sam is really stuck on the feeling that this plan is just all wrong and Cas agrees. Together they spend their time looking for anything that can help. It isn’t until Sam is frustrated and feeling hopeless that Sam say he wishes he could just talk to Billy. This thought reminds Sam of when Sergei broke into the bunker looking for a key that would take him to Death’s library. This begins Sam and Cas’s search for the key.

Eventually they find the key and Sam opens the door to the library leaving Cas behind to stall Dean if necessary. Right off the bat we know that something is wrong since there are dead reapers everywhere. Sam then sees that ‘Meg’ is there questioning reapers and looking for Billy. Sam’s presence doesn’t go unnoticed and he is summoned forward. He quickly learns that while this looks like their old friend Meg, it is actually the Empty looking to have a word with Billy about their plan.

As it turns out, the plan isn’t just about ending Chuck and Amara. Billy plans to have Jack take them out and then become God herself setting everything back to order the way it should be. In the plan the Empty gets to go back to sleep. However, Empty is now having doubts after his last encounter with Cas. However, Empty does know that while Sam should be dead, Billy has mentioned needing him. So Empty begins hurting Sam hoping this brings Billy back here. However, Sam instead tells Empty that Billy SENT him and that she is stuck on Earth working for something. She needs Sam to get Chuck’s death book that is lying on the table and bring it back to Earth. He also passes the fake message that Billy promises that she will hold up her deal.

Coming Together

It’s at this point that the action really starts. Dean returns to the bunker with a charged-up Jack just ready to explode. However, Sam has the news that this is all a set up for Billy to get power. Meanwhile, Chuck reveals to Amara that this was all his plan anyway and that Dean was playing her all along. Heartbroken, Amara agrees to join Chuck in ending this world and then creating something beautiful together after. He absorbs her.

Dean and Sam must throw a few more punches to bring them together. Dean is so upset that he pulls a gun on Sam in order to get to Chuck. It isn’t until Sam asks Dean if he is willing to sacrifice Sam in the process that Dean stops and analyzes what is happening. He lowers the gun and agrees to find another way just as Chuck bursts from the room now having doubled his power. Chuck Is pretty pissed that again the Winchesters have not killed each other as he wanted and honestly, he is over it. However, they do have a bomb that they are going to have to deal with….

I am not going to watch Jack die AGAIN!

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