The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E4 ‘The Wrong End of a Telescope’ Breakdown!

Another slow week in the books for the new Spin-off of Walking Dead. It is almost like they know we will watch because we want to learn about Rick Grimes, but they are giving it to us in the slowest format possible to make us appreciate the slow episodes of Walking Dead. At least we like those characters, right? Maybe I am being too harsh, for the most part the characters have potential. I find Iris to be the least likable, but I hope that something will make her more likeable as we go on.

In from the Rain

The beginning of the episode is shortly after the last with the group heading east toward New York with Felix and Huck doing their best to talk the teens into heading to Omaha. As annoying as the teens can be, they are right in this without even knowing it. I am sure if they all showed at Omaha, they would quickly be killed liked their friends and family at College Campus. While they may not know about College Campus, they do all know that the CRM is at least a little shady and take turns speculating what their hidden city could be like.

While walking they come across an old high school that doesn’t look to have any survivors in it. They are going to ride out the storm here in while possibly getting supplies and collecting rainwater. While they do this Felix and Huck secretly slip them up in a way to target who they think is the weakest link that can convince the others to head to Omaha. Both Iris and Silas are unshakable in their quest to stay out her in search of Leopold Bennett, but Hope has already showed signs of not being fully committed so Huck splits off with her. Felix thinks that because Elton didn’t have a close bond with everyone before they left, he may be an easy target, so they also split off together.

Elton and Felix

Elton and Felix spend their time looking around for containers that can hold water and other supplies. They do locate some containers and Iodine which is good for water purification. They are also the first to notice that they may not be alone in this school when they spot fresh drag marks. This has them on high alert looking for whatever else is in this school with them.  Felix also uses this time to work on Elton and to convince him that he and the others shouldn’t be out here after Elton has a panic attack brought on by his claustrophobia when they discover a walker trapped in a locker.

Hope and Huck

Meanwhile, Huck and Hope are also wondering the halls. They notice that there are several spots on the walls where signs seem to be missing and later assume that they must have been hazards signs like the one remaining one they find. They agree to investigate further which leads them down to the basement. Huck attempts to work on Hope, but Hope is now set in her quest of getting to her dad after they encounter the wolf in the hallway. She realizes that some of the things that her father did that disappointed her was really him protecting her. Plus, in a flashback conversation that Leo knew something that he was going to wait to share with her and now she needs to know.

Iris and Silas

I think Iris and Silas were probably the irritating part of this episode in that they spent the whole-time dancing in the gym because they were afraid to kill one walker whole everyone else was out exploring. I get that they are trying to make a think happen between them, but it is boring. It didn’t pick up until Elton finds them through the door that won’t open. Elton and Felix plan to go around and get them because there is something else roaming the halls. The situation becomes more urgent when something starts making noise in the vents. Iris and Silas then work up the courage to get past the walker and end up in the basement area. They do find a flair to light the way but encounter a few walkers. This leads to them getting trapped in a room with a walker as well as potential for more to slip through the wall. Luckily, there is another door with Huck and Hope on the other side.

In this moment Silas calls on that inner rage and ends up killing a walker with his bare hands. When Felix, Huck, Elton, and Hope make it through the door Elton tries to stop Silas but is knocked back hurting his shoulder which later weighs on Silas. We also learn in a later conversation wit Iris and Silas that it was his own father that Silas killed. I think at this point it is obvious that he was an abused child.

By the end of the episode it seems that Felix has convinced Elton that they need to head back as soon as possible with the first opportunity coming when they reach Mississippi.

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