Supernatural S15E16 ‘Drag Me Away (From You)’ Breakdown!

Just a few more episodes of Supernatural left and we have what could be the LAST HUNT! This episode had such an early Supernatural feel that made me miss the days of the tacky hotels and flashback reminders of what a tough life Sam and Dean have had and the arguments we thought they left behind.

Room 214

The opening of the episode is a man named Travis who has come to a hotel several years after some incident had happened. He is here to make it through a night, but it seems like there is something at this hotel that remembers him and leads to his death. This has Dean and Sam coming in for his funeral since they met him once when they were kids. They meet with Travis’s sister Caitlin, who they also met when they were younger, to talk about Travis and what happened here. She thinks that whatever haunted them when they were here 25 years prior is back for revenge. Dean is skeptical since he himself killed the monster.


A young Dean and Sam flashback always gets us right in the feels and this episode is no exception. 25 years ago, the boys were dropped off at this hotel while John went on a hunt, but what they didn’t know was there was a hunt right here. Of course, we can’t do the flashback without mentioning Sam’s desire to go to college. Sam and Dean quickly become friends with Caitlin and Travis, the kids of a woman that works at the hotel. Dean even shows them a trick with the vending machine to get free candy. Later when Travis attempts the trick on his own, he is attacked. Dean and Sam believe him because they know about the secret world of monsters. Dean calls Bobby for help, but Dad is already out of range to help so it is up to Dean to hunt the monster since Sam is still too young at this point. This has always been the dynamic between them where Dean thinks that he needs to protect Sam or that Sam isn’t strong enough and that is going to reflect on their current lives later this episode.

Together the four kids learn about more missing kids in the area and concluded that a local abandoned cannery must be the location of the monster. Dean heads there himself but it later joined by Caitlin. Dean does discover the nest, but this is his first encounter with something like that and grabs Caitlin and leaves. Meanwhile, Sam and Travis are attacked by the monster playing boggle. Luckily, Dena storms in just in time to cut the monster with her ring going under the bed. They think that at this point she is dead. They part ways with Dean giving Caitlin his number just in case.

Baba Yaga

In present day, Dean still thinks that the monster is long gone since it only attacked children before and no kids are missing. They also did not find any hex bags or symbols. Caitlin points out how much Dean has changed, as a child he believed Travis immediately. It isn’t until Dean has an encounter with the monster himself and is almost brought to the point of killing himself that he realizes that the monster is here.

Sam hits the lore with the information that it feeds on children typically and that it shapes shifts. Dean also reveals his long-kept secret about the nest. Dean then heads out to get food. Sam discovers that the monster they are hunting is the Baba Yaga, an old witch whose heart is a ring. Caitlin recognizes the ring as the one that Travis would wear around his neck. She heads to her it from her car but is then attacked and taken by the Baba Yaga.

When Dead returns Sam and Dead head out looking for the Baba Yaga’s nest, which Dean finds in room 214. When the door shuts behind him, he is transported in his mind back to the cannery but this time it is a young Sam that is in the nest. He then fights the Baba Yaga with Sam coming through in the end to help so Dean can destroy the ring and the Baba Yaga once and for all.

It’s Go Time

There were a few scenes that reminded us that the big fight with God is on the horizon. In the beginning we had the missed text from Cas to Dean asking if he had told Sam about the bomb that Jack dropped last episode. That bomb being that Jack IS a bomb and will have to die in order to kill both God and Amara. He has been keeping this a secret for fear that Sam will either be upset or talk him out of it, both results that Dean doesn’t want to deal with.

While Dean went to get food during the hunt, he is visited for the last time by Billy who warns him that God has ended the other worlds and he will soon be back to this one. That means they need to be ready. She also realizes that Dean has not told Sam about Jack and is worried about loose ends. Dean assures her he will have his ducks in a row when it is time.

At the end of the episode Dean finally reveals that not only is Jack going to die, but Dean has known for a bit and hasn’t told him. They have a heartbreaking argument with Dean just wanting this all to be over, but Sam worried about the ethics of allowing Jack to kill himself for Dean’s forgiveness.

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