The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E3 ‘The Tyger and The Lamb” Breakdown!

We are now three episodes into the newest spin-off for the Walking Dead Universe and thing are still slow. In this episode we begin where we left off in the last episode with Hope deciding that she herself will be empty bait for the good of the group.

Escaping the Blaze of Gory

Like I mentioned we pick up right where we left off. Iris, Elton, and Silas are on a roof top in the middle of the blaze, while Hope has made her way to the nearby building to set off the tornado siren. In her journey to the siren she finds a good office location for the others to stay at until the siren goes off. She alerts them not only that she is going forward with the plan to be bait, but where to head before she heads to the siren. Her trip to the siren is marked with a few frustrating encounters with walkers. They are all at this point still just reluctant to kill and as a seasoned Walking Dead viewer, it is frustrating.

Meanwhile, Iris, Elton, and Silas head to the officer building and scavenge while waiting for Hope’s signal. Silas is also relucent to kill, which is partly explained in flashbacks to whatever incident happed in Omaha. I will talk more about this in a moment since they seem to be building to something there. However, he does volunteer to be the backpack guy.

A short time into their stay in the office, Felix and Huck catch up to the group. Felix wants to know where Hope is, but none of them are willing to tell or explain the plan, only that she decided and they are sticking by her. Of course, she did also leave the breadcrumbs for Felix which leaves some of them wondering of Hope wants to be on this mission or wants to be saved. Silas was able to give some insight to this explaining what happened with the tree house and his feeling that, like him, she is trying to atone for something she thinks she did. However, Iris and Felix have no clue what that could be.

Hope finally makes it to the siren at about this point, but unfortunately the crank is broken and required her to take the whole thing apart. Of course, she then couldn’t get it back together. She radios the others to let them know she is still working on it and learns about Felix and Huck’s arrival. Felix wants to come helps her, but instead Hope says just to be ready, that she is going to figure out this siren.


Like I mentioned, they vaguely get into Silas’s background. We know from these flashbacks that he did beat someone badly, but never learn who he beat. He also listens to these tapes made by his grandparents. He mentions to Iris in the office that he doesn’t miss his mother so I imagine there was a rocky relationship there and he was then raised by his grandparents. We see him bullied by his peers, with his only real connections at the campus being Iris, Felix and his uncle. This all leads to Silas having anger issues still, which we see when he is fighting off one walker and then again when he breaks the desk in the office.

Getting Out Together

Silas, because of his anger issues, is reluctant to leave with the rest of them, but Iris and Elton push for him to come. When Hope sounds the alarm, the others head out through the blaze. Hope also works her way through but hurts her ankle early on and is moving slowly. In order to buy herself some time she sets an oil pile on fire, but it isn’t enough and she is later bombarded by walkers. Luckily, she is close enough to the others for Iris to step in and make her first kill by taking out a walker. Hope then returns the favor when Iris is then attacked. Together they rejoin the group, but they are all going to get trapped in the blaze because of a falling rack of tires. This is where Silas steps in to make sure the tires hold for the others to get through. I thought for a moment we were going to lose Elton when he returned for the bags that Silas ditched, but he skirted back through unharmed.

Moving Forward

After making it through the blaze they take a short break at the docks. Hope and Iris have the chance to talk and Hop reveals the details of their mother’s death. She explains that it was the pregnant woman they saw that shot their mom and then Hop shot the woman. This pregnant woman was later revealed in episode one to be Elton’s mom. This makes Elton later talking about his mom and her manuscript awkward for us.

Felix makes it pretty clear that he wants them to head to Omaha to resupply and then hitch a ride back to the College Campus, but Iris, Silas, Elton and Hope make it clear they are not turning back. All of them feel they need to be out here and no amount of convincing from Felix is going to change that. This leaves Felix and Huck no choice but to continue with them. Of course, none of them know that College Campus doesn’t even exist anymore.

The Light is a Lie

The final scene of the episode takes place in what I assume is the CRM location, but could also be Omaha. We have Elizabeth Kublek looking over unknown maps when she is visited by Barca. Barca was one of the soldiers in the CRM that assisted with the slaughter of College Campus and is having trouble dealing with those actions. He doesn’t understand or think that they were a threat to the CRM, even though Kublek says that they would be. He is later carted off by some military people before she resumes looking over maps. However, she does take a moment to cry which makes us think that she too feels the effects of this decision. She is not the top ranking official and with the walkers flown in before anything went down in episode one, I do think that this was a planned slaughter from someone higher up. Mostly likely something involving Iris and Hope’s father.

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