Fear The Walking Dead S6E3 ‘Alaska’ Breakdown!

Yet another solid episode from Fear the Walking Dead this season. I have to say that, so far, this is one of my favorite seasons. In the last two episodes we have seen Morgan’s transformation from the stick-welding peace keeping helper to a badass Halbert wielding avenger. This transformation I think will be the theme for all the characters this season as we saw it again in episode 2 with Strand. Like Morgan, he wants to be the good person his friends see, but at the end of the day there are things that need to be done so they must become this mix of a person that not only extends a hand by protects what they love.

You’re Still Him

Morgan basically confirms this in the opening scene of the episode. He brings supplies to baby Morgan and Rachel while preparing to take on Virginia. He worries as he prepares his new weapon what his friends are going to think of him when he finds them. Rachel assures him that they will still see him. This is the only time this episode that we see anyone other than Dwight and Al from the group with Morgan being the only character to make an appearance in all three of these first episodes.

Working for Virginia

Althea and Dwight have been paired off together in working for Virginia in a much different manner than Alicia and Strand. Instead of working shoveling feces or building an army, they are finding other settlements that didn’t make it and figuring what went wrong. This is an effort to avoid that same fate for Virginia and her people. While clearing a funeral home that housed about 15 survivors, Al overhears a transmission from Isabella. Isabella is the woman from the helicopter she met last season and fell in love with, she is also a member of the Civil Republic Military. The same group that has Rick and that the teens over on the new spin-off are facing. She learns of a meet up happening relatively close just as she is attacked by a walker.

After clearing the funeral home, Dwight and Al report back to the rangers and then share a beer. While talking another transmission is picked up by Al’s walkie and Dwight wants to know what is going on. Al explains that this Isabella, or the ‘beer lady’ as she calls her in code, is ground 17 from the message and that she is going to be landing nearby soon. Not only has she been listening into the CRM’s radio transmissions but tracking their movements and she thinks she knows where the meeting is taking place. Of course Al knows they cannot go because Ginny will take her disappearance out on their friends and she doesn’t want that to happen, but Dwight pushes for them to go and if they meet the ‘beer lady’ Dwight will fake her death. Apparently, this is something he has thought of in the event he finds Sherry.


The Baker location that Isabella is meeting at happens to be at the top of a skyrise with a helicopter landing on top. Now they only have to make it there. A good sign comes when they finally find the Alaska driver’s license. Apparently, they have been playing a game to see if they could find a license from each state with their goal being to find Alaska. Wait, doesn’t this sound familiar? Well it should. In the original series Aaron used to collect license plates from different states when we first met him and Alaska was his big prize. I thought that this was just an ironic easter egg, but then Al later mentions that she has a brother and they also played a game of finding license plates so, does this mean that Althea and Aaron are brother and sister? I don’t know but I love it.

As they enter the building, they see the spray-painted sign, ‘The End is the Beginning’ which we saw back in the first episode painted by a new character on the side of a submarine. At first Al and Dwight think nothing of it and move past it to this cage filled with rats. Dwight mentions that he hates rats and that there was one in his sleeping bag a few nights prior just as a walker falls from above. This gets them moving up the building where they run into some living survivors.

These survivors watch their videos and Dwight explains that they are trying to figure out why communities are ending so they can help others. Nora then reveals that her people are in desperate need of help and takes them to the others. They are all extremely sick with Al recognizing their symptoms as the bubonic plague. Her and Dwight have a side conversation with both knowing that Ginny is not going to help these people. The argument is whether to help them themselves or to move on. With time running out for Al to make it to Isabella, they decide to run off to the roof, even though Nora told them the last person that went up was shot and sent over the side of the building. This had Al explaining that the people Isabella works for are not good people and that she may be shot as well.

As they continue moving up Dwight asks Al what she is going to so to Isabella when she sees her and Al isn’t sure. She turns the question to Dwight if he found Sherry, but Dwight has already written that off as a pipe dream. Eventually they get stuck again with no stair access to the roof that isn’t covered in walkers. This has then thinking outside the box and traveling through walls and rat-infested ducts. Eventually they get themselves trapped in a bathroom with walkers on the other side of the door. In the bathroom is where they realize that Dwight is infected with the plague as well. This most likely happened a few days prior with the rat in his sleeping bag since it takes a day or two for the plague to show up.

At this point Al is ready to abandon getting to the roof to get Dwight meds, but he is insistent on getting her to the roof. They get help in this endeavor from Nora who not only finds them but shows them the way to the roof. Just before getting to the roof it is time for them to part ways. Al attempts to give him her camera but he tells her to keep it, that he left a message for her.

The End is the Beginning

On the rooftop Al watches the video that Dwight left her and in that moment she realizes that she doesn’t want Dwight to be just another recording of someone she left behind or misses (like her brother) She then radios to Isabella and tells them that she just wants to let them know that the bubonic plague has this location. Isabella asks whether Al has it and Al confirms that she doesn’t know. She hints to Al that she knows it is her because she tells her about the beer in the supplies on the roof. Not only that, but the antibiotics that they need to save the people in the building. I thought it was sad that Al gave up seeing Isabella, but this is one of those turning points for her character like the others have done this season.

In the end she gets the supplies to Dwight and the others. On the way out of the building she tells Dwight about her suspicions that this bubonic plague didn’t just happen but was an attack on these people by whoever spray painted the walls. This is the same group that Emile was looking for in season one when he killed Walter and took the key. The same key that Morgan now carries. It is hard to say if they are going to be an antagonist or friends in fighting Ginny, but it is clear they play dirty.


Then the BIGGEST moment of this episode comes when Dwight turns the walkies on to communicate with the rangers and hears a familiar voice. Sherry saw the flair go up when Al communicated with Isabella and came to help. Dwight then runs outside and like he told Al, he just holds her. I may have cried a little.

The question is now, is Dwight going to fake his death? And where are they going to take all these people?

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