Fear The Walking Dead S6E2 ‘Welcome to The Club’ Breakdown!

Another very solid episode for Fear the Walking Dead! I loved this new take on Morgan, with the older stick carrying version of Morgan in the past and this new Axe-wielding cowboy, this season seems promising. Now we see where some other members of the crew ended up 5 weeks after Season 5.

New Opening

I noticed this in the last episode but wasn’t sure where they were taking it but now it seems like each episode is going to have one of these unique opening titles. Last week it was a man with a cowboy hat and a dog. I assumed that this was Emile and Rufus but turned out to be Morgan. This week we have Strand and his shit bucket showing that it is Strand that will be transforming in this episode.


The first scene of the episode was foreshadowing that later part of the episode with a new and another short-lived character. This time it is number 41, or Sanjay as we later learn. He is in line with other prisoners of Ginny. The thing all of them have in common is that at some point they have disobeyed or attempted a runaway. Now they are being punished being forced to clear a sticky situation. In this scene I didn’t understand what the sticky stuff was, but we learn this is a sugar warehouse and this is molasses. Not only is this coating the ground, but the walkers as well. As we see, this makes for a seriously hazardous situation with only Sanjay living to tell the tale.


We are then on the outside of Ginny’s home base Lawton. Alicia and Strand are here together and seem to be on shit cleaning duty until Strand disobeys orders and they are sent to Ginny’s office. While on the way to the office we meet a new and I imagine important character, Dakota. She stepped into help Strand does not get shot in the face and seems to have taken a liking to Strand and Alicia.

 In the office they come face to face with Daniel for the first time since they were all separated, but it seems that Daniel is now who they remember. Heck, Daniel can’t even remember who he is. Ginny explains that Daniel was out of line about his cat skid mark which ended with him getting his eggs scrambled. Even when Ginny leaves the room Daniel still seems not to remember them, although he does pass on the St. Christopher’s medallion which will help protect him.

The Sugar Warehouse

Back at the Sugar Warehouse, Alicia and Strand are sent here to take care of the mess we saw in the episode opening. Of course, they need equipment, so they work on a plan until that arrives. While here they run into some familiar faces, Charlie and Janice. Charlie ended up here for attempting to run twice and Janice for some unmentioned reason. Together, along with Sanjay, they work on clearing the room and setting up for clearing these walkers. Sanjay tells them about the molasses and the events of the previous night. This is when Strand decides that they are going to take out the remaining nine guards and free this place.

They discuss the plan further on the delivery truck which also happens to have a young Dakota as a stow away. She not only tells them that she is Virginia’s sister, but that there is some type of weapon in the warehouse that Virginia wants to fight some dangerous enemy. Alicia and Strand break off from the group again after Dakota mentions the deal Strand made with Virginia last season. He confesses to Alicia that he made the deal to keep them together. He says that this wasn’t just so he could look after her, but so she could be a reminder to him to be the good person he has become. They then discuss their plans for getting out of this warehouse. Strand wants to have the people rise and take out the guards, while Alicia wants to clear the walkers, get the weapon and use it on Virginia. They decide to go with Alicia’s plan to clear the walkers.

Together they build this corral that will control the herd making it easier to deal with the large crowd. This plan works for a bit until the walkers begin piling up at the exit which bottle necks them against the weak walls. Charlie is almost killed by the walkers until Dakota steps in to help. Her helping puts the rangers on alert, but Dakota can maneuver to not only get away from them, but to get them trapped in with the herd and eaten. However, the herd has Alicia, Charlie and Janice trapped on the other side of the corral and the guns are needed to take out the walkers effectively. This has Strand turning to his older darker self and sacrificing Sanjay to pull the walkers away from Alicia so she can reach the guns.

Once the herd is cleared it leaved them a small window to search the warehouse before Ginny arrives to get Dakota. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a weapon inside. When Ginny arrives, she explains that the weapon is them and that now Strand is the leader of this new army that she is building to take out this enemy she is worried about.

Embracing the Dark Side

Back at Lawton, Charlie and Daniel reconnect but just like with Alicia and Stand, he doesn’t recognize her. Strand also meets with Ginny and is given a key as he has been promoted to one of her men. As his first decision he sends Charlie and Alicia away. He gives Alicia the parting gift of the St. Christopher’s medallion. Now Strand knows that in order to defeat Ginny and save their people he is going to have to forget himself and play dirty. It was really sad to see him in tears as he walked away from Alicia.

Strand passes by Daniel, who is also being sent to another location. He makes the comment to Daniel that he did feel sorry for him but that he now envy’s him for not remembering the people he cares about.

In the last scene of the episode, Daniel is leaving Lawton with a ranger. Daniel feigns that he forgot his good scissors and the ranger heads back in to get him. When Daniel whistles again there is an answer. Morgan appears from around the corner. It turns out that Daniel has not forgot anything, but instead is feigning his amnesia to get information. I absolutely love this and am excited to see assassin Daniel.

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