Supernatural S15E15 ‘Gimmie Shelter’ Breakdown!

We are winding down to the end of Supernatural, and with that we have the boys working on their final plans to finish off God once and for all. We remember from seasons past that by ending God, there would become an unbalance that would end the universe and this means that Amara must also be taken care of as well. Ending two cosmic beings in one season, not a small task. On top of that we have a normal case that Cas and Jack handle together.

You Gave Me Purpose

The case this episode turned out to be a regular human murderer instead of a monster, but all the same, it ended up being a good way to bring up stuff between Jack and Cas. In the case a girl from a shelter is killing her sinful coworkers after her father/pastor has worked on changing the church after her mother’s death. I guess you could say she has some unresolved issues. Eventually Jack and Cas catch her and save two of her four victims. To get to that point Jack pretended to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ to get into the shelter while Cas worked mostly with the pastor as an FBI agent. I think the big moment for them was when Jack was asked to give his testimony and stalled out. Instead Cas stepped in and gave his. He talked in code, but mostly said to Jack that after he learned the truths about God and the way the world worked he lost faith, but since Jack has been in the picture he once again found his faith and purpose. It was a sweet dad moment for Cas.

This is all going to tie in with the deal that Cas made with the empty. Cas made this deal last season to take Jack’s place in the empty. The empty though promised only to collect when Castiel was happy. Of course, that felt like a long way off with the state of the show. Fast forward a season we have Jack getting ready to take on God. After the case was solved, Jack admits to Cas that the plan he has with Billy is going to kill Jack in the process of taking out God. Upset Castiel leaves the bunker at the end of the episode to find another solution. This makes me think that there is going to be a different way that God ends and that it will make Cas happy, so he will then be taken to the empty.


While Jack and Cas were solving a murder, Dean and Sam head to Atlantic City on a hunch that Dean has after reading about a power outage and Keno. Of course, Amara being an all powerful being senses them when they are in Pennsylvania and meets with them. Unfortunately, she is not only board with betraying Chuck even though she refused to help him earlier this season. She explains to them that they can never truly grasp the beings that they are and she refuses to hurt an entity that she is so connected to, even though Chuck trapped her.

It seems like hope is lost until Dean heads back in to discuss Mary. Amara brought back Mary several seasons ago and now that Mary is gone it doesn’t seem like it was a favor. Amara explains that she wanted Dean to know that real Mary Winchester, not just the fantasy that he had in his head since childhood. She was also hoping that this would cool some of the anger that Dean cares with him. Unfortunately, this backfired and Dean is angrier than ever. In the end Dean gets a ‘maybe’ from Amara, but it is important to mention that Dean never says they are killing her and chuck.

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