Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E2, “Blaze of Gory” Breakdown!

Another episode of the Walking Dead’s newest spin-off, “Walking Dead: World Beyond”. While I handled a slow pace pilot because we were being introduced to new characters and setting, this episode was hard to make it through. It was slow paced with no real excitement. At least in the pilot we had a whole community wiped out.  However, just because this was a slow ass episode doesn’t mean that I am packing this show away. It has to have some potential since we know that it is going to be crucial heading into the Walking Dead movie, right? Call me an optimist.

Can We Kill A Walker Already?

This episode begins right where the last ended with Iris moving in on their first empty encounter, and as expected she botches it. I am not so hateful toward the show yet that the teenagers inabilities bother me. Like I said in my last post, this could give the show a fresh feel since in the other two shows all of the characters are past this fear of a single walker. Iris doesn’t take out the walker, but instead falls with it in a ditch where it is impaled and immobile. Good enough. To seal the deal she does vomit on her.

Their next encounter with a walker goes about the same way. They don’t kill it, but spray paint it to help with the migration study, a wasted effort considering the people collecting the data were massacred by the CRM. They kids do run off though and leave the walker behind. Unluckily though, the walker finds them later when they are bunked for the night in a tree house. They agree that they will handle it in the morning, but instead Hope takes care of it after everyone else is asleep. I like this girl.

Felix’s Flashbacks

One of the things I did like about the episode was learning about Felix and his back story. We learn about his parents disowning him when they found out he was gay. However, when the world was ending he walked for 2 days back to them only for them to not open the door for him. Real shit people. While following the clues that Hope has been leaving for him and Huck, Felix does make a side solo trip to head to his old home and kill his now empty parents.

Blaze of Gory

The main focus of the episode is a location that the teens decide to travel through called the blaze of gory. This place looks to be near a school, but also seems to have a rather large stash of tires that have been burning since the end of the world. Tires can burn uninterrupted for years. This does, however, draw in walkers which explains the small amount we have seen so far. Hope wants to go around the Blaze since this is an empties hub, but Iris thinks that they can make it through to the airfield on the other side.

The night before the kids shelter in an old basketball court. Knowing that shit is probably going to end badly, Hope leaves a message for Felix with spray paint letting them know where they are headed. Obviously this is a smart decision. Since the kids do get stuck in the middle of the Blaze since it is bigger than they originally thought. I am surprised that they made it as far as they did without incident though.

While resting relatively safely on a roof top, Elton comes up with a plan to sound an alarm on a nearby building but that would require one of them acting as bait so the plan is nixed. However, Iris, Silas, and Elton go to sleep, Hope grabs a walkie and heads to the other building. She thinks she can get to the alarm and out quietly and safely if she moves alone. I guess we will find out in the next episode!

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