Fear the Walking Dead S1E1 “The End is The Beginning” Breakdown!

I am not sure what I was expecting for the Fear the Walking Dead premiere, but this was a solid and promising opening. After the last two seasons really slumping for viewers (I enjoyed both) it seems that the Walking Dead Universe is once again reinventing Morgan Jones.

Emile LaRoux

Probably the biggest disappointment to me was that they killed off bounty hunter Emile LaRoux in his first appearance on the show even though I thought he had amazing potential. We are first introduced to Emile in the second scene of the episode. While he and his dog Rufus are resting by a fire, a man running from someone comes bursting into the scene. Emile invites him to the fire for food. This scene reminded me vaguely of first meeting with John Dorie and Morgan, but this quickly takes on a different feel when it is revealed that Emile is who this young man named Walter is running from. Emile beheads him, takes the key that was around his neck. He then puts his head in a box labeled Walter and radios good ‘ol Virginia. Turns out that Emile works as a bounty hunter for Ginny, with his next assignment to confirm if Morgan is dead or alive and to bring his head to Ginny.

Dead Man Walking

Last we saw Morgan he has just been shot by Ginny and left for dead with Walkers quickly approaching. We thought got sure that this could be the end of Morgan, but fate had a different plan. We first see him in this episode waking in the back of a limo just as some of Ginny’s men are passing by. This takes place about 6 weeks after the events of Season 5 finale and Morgan Is barely hanging on. His hair and beard have grown out and his eyes are blood shot from the infection coursing through his system thanks to that unkept bullet wound.

After the riders pass by Morgan heads to this water tower, we later learn is for Grace should she ever leave Ginny. It is for her to have a safe place with the baby. Morgan write the coordinates of the tower on his bag and heads out again apparently looking for supplies. With the Morgan’s wound in such bad shape he has gained the new superpower to walk right by the dead unless he makes some obvious noise. I read some comments where people are confused about this, but since it was mentioned that this infection was gangrene, the walkers most likely smelled the necrotic tissue and couldn’t decipher it from their own. On the downside, Morgan is super weak and at times can barely walk.

Thankfully, he is rescued by a man named Isaac. Isaac is out looking for a gun or weapon that would allow for him to clear a path to his wife who is trapped in a safe location surrounded by walkers. She is also in labor. Morgan pleads with the man to leave him be, that he is not interested in getting to know this corps man or his situation. Morgan’s pleas become more urgent when Emile arrives with Rufus to collect his bounty. Instead of listening, Isaac heads out to talk with Emile. Emile recognizes Isaac but cannot seem to place him and he also doesn’t believe him when he denies that Morgan is inside. Emile searched the place but Morgan made it out the back and far enough away to be found. This gives Isaac the opportunity to get him back to the water tower thanks to the coordinates on Morgan’s bag.

Unfortunately, this reprieve from Emile is short lived and he not only finds the water tower but pulls it down. In the fight with Emile, Isaac and Morgan do briefly get the upper hand long enough to take Emile’s truck and get away. Later, they get to a point where the road is blocked and can no longer travel by car. Morgan wants to head back to the tower and salvage anything left, but Isaac pushes him to continue with him a place he promises is safe and secure once he clears the dead around the outside. The make the deal here that if Morgan looks after Isaac’s family that Isaac will do the same. Isaac then confesses that he knew who Morgan was from the tapes. Not only did Isaac work for Ginny, which is why Emile recognized him, but that it was Morgan’s tape that inspired him to leave Ginny when his wife became pregnant. He wanted to do things a better way, Morgan’s way.

The Lake

Finally, Isaac gets Morgan to this safe location which turns out to be the old dried up lake on the other side of this dam. Isaac explains that it is not only protected by the wall but Ginny will never think to look here since it still shows as a lake on every map.

Isaac’s plan is to have Morgan make it through the dead with the supplies for his wife. Meanwhile, Isaac is going the long way through the mountains which will take several days. The plan changes though when Morgan stumbles in the middle of the walkers. Isaac steps in to help by shooting some of the walkers. With Isaac now so close to the dam, Morgan decides that he is going to fight his way through to get Isaac to his wife. Together they clear the walkers.

Isaac is then reunited with his wife who is close to delivering their baby. While waiting for the baby, Isaac and Morgan talk once again. This time about the future of this lake location. In the conversation Isaac reveals that he was bitten before even meeting Morgan, that if this place is going to have a future it is going to have to be Morgan that makes it happen. That is why Isaac has been so pressed about taking out Morgan’s bullet and saving his life.

Of course, for any of that to happen they must first take care of this Emile situation since he has once again found Morgan. Morgan tells Isaac to go back inside with his wife and he will take care of Emile. Morgan knows that in his weakened condition he mostly likely will lose in a fight to Emile so he offers to go voluntarily. He goes to his knees and in exchange for his easy surrender Emile will not harm Isaac or Rachel. Isaac has other plans and is unwilling to allow for Morgan to go out like this. He attacks Emile which has Morgan picking up his stick and fighting Emile. Morgan actually wins the fight and ends up beheading Emile with his own Ax. Morgan then passes out.

Morgan Jones is Dead

No, Morgan is not dead. However, the Morgan that we knew is definitely gone. He awakes in the morning to find that Isaac not only removed the bullet from his arm, but delivered his baby, and then died. The baby was a little girl who they decided to name Morgan.

Morgan then walks out of the little shack to see Emile who was left from the night before. He scoops up the key that Emile acquired from Walter. Then as Morgan is about to head out for his plan to rescue his people, he decides that the stick is not going to cut it anymore and instead opts for the ax.

In one of the last scenes of the episode he then sets up a roadblock for Ginny. Her and her people find the block and the box labeled Morgan Jones. However, when opening it Ginny discovers Emile’s head instead. She calls out to Morgan over the walkie and lets him know that even though he is alive that if he comes near his people, she will kill them. Ominously, Morgan then responds with, “Morgan Jones is dead. You’re dealing with somebody else now.” He then rides off in his new cowboy hat on horseback.

The Note

There are two things I avoided talking about in this breakdown because I wanted to mention them last. Morgan tells Isaac in one of their conversation about the person that saved him from the Walkers after being shot. He says that he blacked out after hearing gunshots and then awoke stitched up with a note.

The Note read, “You don’t know me, but I heard your message. You need to do the same. You still have things left to do.” There are a few theories about who this mystery person could be, but I put my money one Sherry, Dwight’s Ex. Yes, I want Madison back as much as you, but there are a few reasons I think that this is Sherry. For starters, in the season 5 finale when Dwight split off from the group, he heard a woman’s voice over the walkie. He thought at the time he was hearing things, but I think that Sherry was on the other end putting her in range to not only hear Morgan’s message like she mentioned in the note, but also close enough to save Morgan.

Her note also has a similar message to the last one she left for Dwight. In that note she says, “Find something to live for.” Then, Morgan’s message to his family as they were being separates was to “Just live”. Now in this note it says to, “Do the same.” Now this all could be me reading in too hard, but it seems like a common theme and one I don’t think is a coincidence.

Of course, my biggest clue that this note is from Sherry is that it was announced that the actress, Christine Evangelista, that played Sherry will be on the show this season starting episode 5.

The End is the Beginning

The other thing I neglected in my breakdown was the opening and closing scene of the episode. Both feature a man spray painting, what we find out in the last clip, is a submarine. He sprays the words which mimic the title of this episode, “The End is the Beginning”. I think over all this is a metaphor for Morgan’s transformation this episode, and that we are going to see all the characters metamorphosis this season. It reminds me of the phoenix paintings Alicia did last season, which I think was foreshadowing everyone’s change as well.

The two men in the finale scene are waiting on someone to bring them a key and they never mention this person by name, but that he is running late and they need to take shelter. I think they were most likely waiting on Walter who died at the hands of Emile. This means that this group could also be on the outs with Ginny and potentially an ally for Morgan. On the other hand, maybe this is who Emile was going to meet with the key when he was assigned to look for Morgan. This means that they may not be in league with Ginny, but maybe not good either. Whichever way it goes, I am excited to see new faces on the show.

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