Supernatural S15E14 ‘Last Holdiay’ Breakdown!

We finally have another Supernatural episode, and with limited episodes left, we needed this (almost) completely wholesome episode with the boys.

Just a quick recap on where we have been this season. Jack was dead and his body inhabited by the demon Belphegor. Of course, he double crossed Sam and Dean resulting in Cas, who was already struggling with a demon in Jack’s body, to put him down. Rowena is now the Queen of Hell (As she should be!) after Sam fulfilled the prophesy in Rowena’s death book in order to shut the rift from Hell. God is going to make Sam and Dean kill one another (Like Cain and Abel). To push it along, God briefly took their good luck before Sam won it back in a pool game. God then decided to get rid of all the other worlds right as Death’s plan to resurrect Jack to kill God was revealed. Jack’s resurrection didn’t involve him getting his soul back initially but did involve eating Grigori hearts to make him stronger. Of course, the next step was sending Jack to Eden to regain his soul. This has resulted in Jack feeling a lot of guilt about the things he did while soulless, like killing Mary and what he still must do.

The Bunker’s Secrets

The Men of Letters Bunker has been one of the most helpful additions to Sam and Dean’s hunting careers. It offers a home base along with a vast amount of knowledge. I this episode we discover that there are still some things the bunker has to offer.

For Starters, the bunker is having some maintenance issues, like the pilot light going out. This has Sam and Dean heading to the boiler room with a manual trying to figure out a fix. Dean’s solution is to shut it off and turn it back on (sounds like he has been on the phone with IT before). This definitely works, but results in an unexpected roommate, Mrs. Butters.

Mrs. Butters is a Wood Nymph who looked after the original Men of Letters in the bunker. She was taken during WWII and served the men until they didn’t return to the bunker. She then put the bunker and herself in standby mode. Dean explains that they were all killed by Abaddon which is upsetting to her. However, now that she is awake her powers add some cool new features to the bunker.  This includes a monster map and maid service.

The Catch

We then have a big chuck of the episode where life is good for the boys. Sam was suspicious at first but his doubts are quickly erased. Not only is hunting easier, but they celebrate every holiday and birthday. Even Jack is comforted by Mrs. Butters and her smoothies. Of course, nothing last forever and the plot twist comes with Jack discovering a film reel with Mrs. Butters. This reel shows her not only as the maid of the bunker, but also a torturer and executioner.

Jack isn’t sure what to do with this information and seeks out Sam, but he is headed out on a date with Eileen. Instead Jack confronts Mrs. Butters. Mrs. Butters tells Jack that he must have enjoyed watching the film because he is so bloodthirsty, yada yada. She manages to get him in handcuffs since his powers have been weakened with the smoothies, she has been making him. She then locks him in the basement.

Later she casually mentions to Dean that they must kill Jack which puts Dean in a tricky spot. To keep the delicious cooking offered by Mrs. Butters Dean attempts to negotiate which lands him in the basement with Jack. She assumes that he is being brainwashed by Jack.

Now when Sam comes home from his date, Mrs. Butters is open about the situation going on and wants Sam to step in and take out Jack. Sam uses the excuse of getting his gun to call Dean to figure out what is going on. I love the idea that Dean didn’t want to call Sam and interrupt the date because it has ‘been awhile’. Eventually they come up with the plan for Sam just to shoot Mrs. Butters which goes sideways. Sam is then tortured by Mrs. Butters.

In the meantime, Jack and Dean attempt to break Jack out of the cuffs hoping that his small amount of powers left can help. Unfortunately, the cuffs are stronger than the Archangel dagger, but does cause some useful blow back. Dean and Jack then join Mrs. Butter and Sam leading to the big confirmation.

He’s Our Family

Sam saves all of them by appealing to Mrs. Butters. Her fear is that she will again lose her family like she did in WWII and then again when the Men of Letters were killed. However, Sam reminds her that Jack is one of them and hurting him would be hurting them. This calms her down and she apologizes. She heals Sam and as a group they decide that her rejoining the forest and her people would be best. Of course, this means that the bunker will go back to standby mode, but I think they’ll manage.

One of the best things that came out of this episode is the conversations with Dean and Jack. Dean admitted when they were trapped in the basement that he is trying to be cool with jack, BUT Jack did some awfully bad things and it is going to take time. By the end of the episode though, Dean makes the cutest cake for Jack to celebrate his birthday. It was so wholesome.

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