The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E1 “Brave” Breakdown!

We finally have our first look at the new Walking Dead series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond! For a Pilot episode, I thought that there was a lot of new and exciting information for an already established universe. There were also several shocking moments that I found interesting and exciting.

The Timeline and Setting

So, I have read some conflicting things about the timeline so I want to make sure we start with clearing that up. We know from the main series that the apocalypse began in 2010, but from there the timeline was a bit confusing and slow. Season 1 – Season 9 of The Walking Dead was only about four years putting them somewhere in 2014. Then in the middle of season 9, after Rick’s death/disappearance, we take a six-year time jump which puts the current season in 2020. Fear the Walking Dead has also had several time jumps but they are still only around 2013. The World Beyond begins 10 years after the start of the apocalypse (The plane crash) which puts them not only in current time (2020) but also in the same time period as the original show.

With this show only being slated to last two seasons I imagine that everything is already well mapped out with it ending at the same time as the original series leading into the spin-off movies about Rick. So, while I would love to just see Rick, this is how the universe is going to take us there.

The main series we have seen travel from Atlanta to Virginia. Fear the Walking Dead has had us in LA, Mexico, and Texas. Now we are getting a look at middle America in Omaha, Nebraska. This settlement is actually a colony of Omaha and Omaha itself is a much larger city. We hear Omaha mentioned several times throughout this episode in conjunction with Portland and the Civic Republic. According to the show the three communities are in some agreement and together are called The Alliance of Three.

Civil Republic Military

The Civil Republic Military (CRM) is not only going to be the main antagonist for this series but, is already a common thread across all three series. In the Main series we know that Anne/Jadis was working with them, or at least had an agreement to trade people for supplies. The assumption was that the people she was giving would then be turned into fighters for the CRM. We saw Anne use this allyship in season 9 to save Rick from what probably would have been death, but we have heard nothing from either since that episode nor have we seen anything from the CRM since. Over on Fear the Walking Dead, Al came face to face and was captured by a soldier in the CRM. Over those episodes we learned a little more about the CRM. For starters, they are working to build a future in which the dead are no longer walking around and that doesn’t sound so bad right? The problem is that they are willing to do anything to achieve that and they are super secretive. Isabelle herself killed her partner and friend because he become a threat to the mission. Al luckily left Isabelle with her life because Isabelle had developed feelings and couldn’t bring herself to kill Al. Plus, Al did turn over the tape that she made looking into the CRM. We learn more in this episode, but I will get to that in a moment.

The Plane Crash

This Colony of Omaha has very deeps seated grief about a plane crash that happened in the early part of the apocalypse that wiped out several of their family members. It really is the bases of the community, their alliance with the CRM, and the part of the personal grief of the main characters. We see snippets of this night littered throughout the episode, but they are all based around Iris, Hope, and their mother and father. Early in the episode it is revealed that their mother died during this event, but the details of that don’t come out until the end of the episode.

Meeting the Characters

The Characters are what make a show and I know some people are not feeling the teen side of this show, but I actually think that this will add an interesting feel that we just don’t have with the other shows right now. Yes, yes, they are entitled brats but If we are honest with ourselves, we thought the same thing about Alicia and now we love her. The interesting thing about this show is we are already 10 years into walkers and these kids have little to no experience. They are really out here killing for the first time even though most everyone else has been at it a decade. That is going to make for some interesting meet ups in the series.

The main two characters are sisters, Iris and Hope. While I feel like biologically they are probably not, (I’m only noticing that Iris and her parents are black and Hope is not) it does seem like they were one family unit prior to the start of the end of the world. In more recent events, their father Leopold Bennett, left the community as a deal with the CRM. He is a brilliant scientist that the CRM needed for help with a cure and in exchange offer military aid and protection.

They both are dealing with things differently. Iris is a type A super planner with her eye on the future because she feels like that is what she is supposed to do. She is student body president and even is part of the welcoming committee for the CRM and Lt. Col. Kublek. She struggles with dreams of seeing herself dead. When she seeks out Dr. K, a near dead therapist, we learn that she isn’t paying enough attention to herself and the present but is instead pushing herself to make this great future everyone is always talking about.

Meanwhile, Hope is the defiant sister that makes illegal alcohol, sneaks on buses, and flips off the most dangerous woman on the show. Since their father left, they have been under the guardianship of Felix. Felix is a security officer and feels a sense of kinship with not only Leopold but also with his daughters. We learn that he has a romantic partner, Will, who is with Leopold as his security detail. His work partner is Huck who is also part of security after coming to the colony from Omaha.

Our two other teen characters are Silas and Elton. Silas came to the colony form Omaha as well with rumors that followed but not too much as been revealed about him. Elton is a curious kid whose mother also died the night of the plane crash. Early in the episode we learn that he likes to sneak out of the colony to explore and learn about the world around them.

Monument Day

The first episode is mostly centered around Monument Day which is not only a celebration of their achievements but reminder of the past and the people they lost on the night of the plane crash. The first scene tied to that is the welcoming of Lt. Col. Kublek and the CRM to the colony. They must drive out of the colony to meet the helicopter and already we are starting to see the power, the secrets, and the lies of the CRM. For starters, hers soldiers quickly dispatch of the walkers drawn in by the helicopter. We learn that no one knows where the CRM are based, nor are they willing to share anything about themselves. However, what becomes a pretty large plot point is the comment that Kublek makes about only having one helicopter available to visit the colony.

The Major Moments

There was a lot of filler in this episode as we establish the characters but the biggest moments, I think, are the encounters with Kublek and the messages from their father. First of Kublek seems to always be lurking. The first encounter Iris and Hope have with Kublek ends up being a confrontation with Hope getting upset because she flat out does not trust the CRM. The second is after receiving a message from Leopold that says that is safety is no longer assured.

This message becomes a turning point. They bring it to the attention of Felix who basically tells them there is nothing they can do and that they need to hang tight. They then have this second encounter with Kublek. Kublek, who has been sampling Hope’s alcohol, gives them a gift that she hopes will help them trust her after overhearing them talking about not being about to trust the CRM. The gift is a map of New York with not much information, other than their father is somewhere around there. This seems like a peace offering, but let’s be clear, it is not. I also found it odd that Felix was watching this from the bushes. Either he is feeding information to the CRM about these messages or he is in communication with his boyfriend and that information is being intercepted. Either way, I think he may be a source of leaked information.

When returning to their room they find the second message from their father and this really seals the deal on there being upcoming trouble. This time he adds more information. Not only has things gone bad for him, but he doesn’t want them talking to Felix or the council. Add this with the lie Kublek told about one having one helicopter when Hope saw five with shipping containers, it seems like this is going south and fast.

The Speech

The girls decide to drink the rest of the night away with some old brandy of their fathers. This rolls us into the action of the episode. Iris wakes just before she is set to give her speech for Monument day. She starts by going to see Dr. K, who died overnight and is now an empty. This is the push that Iris needed into take her Dr. K’s advice and living for the now. So instead of giving her prepared speech, she instead openly raises suspicion about the CRM. While Kublek attempts to reassure her and the colony, it just isn’t enough for Iris.

After the speech Iris puts into motion what will be the rest of the show, the attempt to reach New York from Nebraska by foot with her sister Hope. They know their father is in trouble and they want to save him. Of course, they don’t go alone, they also have Elton and Silas going as well.

The Shocking Ending

Two things about the ending of this show were shocking. For starters we learn the truth about the death of Hope and Iris’s mom and why it effects Hope so much. Apparently on the night of the crash Hope and their mother became separated from Iris and Leo, something that bothers Iris still. Hope and their mom wandered around until they found a truck they could take; however, another pregnant woman also wanted the truck and ends up shooting and killing their mother. In turn Hope then shoots the pregnant woman killing her as well and taking the bead from her necklace that she wears around her neck now.

While that is pretty intense it only gets more interesting when we learn that the pregnant woman is Elton’s mother. When they make it out of the Colony, he reveals to Silas that his pregnant mother was separated from him and died the night of the crash and then pulls out a picture. Since Hope doesn’t talk about that night, and Elton would have no reason to think Hope was involved this is unknown information to both but will certainly rock them both when it is revealed.

The other shocking moment is that the CRM massacres every living person inside the colony. The only survivors are our four teens along with Felix and Huck who left to find them. Kublek is aware that the sisters are unaccounted for so they are certainly not safe!

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