Walking Dead S10E16 ‘A Certain Doom” Breakdown!

Welcome back after an exceptionally long break! I am finally back to making breakdowns and what better way to start! Walking Dead is also back after an extended break thanks to our dear friend Corona with what was supposed to be the season 10 finale. Before I jump into the breakdown there has been a ton of Walking Dead News that I want to share and talk about.

Probably the saddest, but not surprising news, is that Season 11 will be the last for Walking Dead! However, this is not the end of the Walking Dead Universe. With this announcement we were gifted with 6 additional episodes for Season 10, which will air early 2021 and an extended 24-episode Season 11 in Fall 2021-Spring 2022. We still have ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ which begins it’s sixth season this coming Sunday, and the new ‘Walking Dead: World Beyond’ which also aired its pilot episode this last Sunday. (Look for a breakdown of this tomorrow) The announcement also came with two new upcoming spin-offs. One of these spin-offs will be featuring the beloved Darryl and Carol. Let’s not forget we still have the much-awaited Rick Grimes movie too!

Catching Up

Anyway, lets jump into this episode. For a finale this would have been fantastic, we have the end of one major story line with hints and hope for the future. Luckily, this works for a midway point as well with the additional episodes coming. When we left everyone back in March, Beta had rounded up the illusive horde of walkers that Alpha promised she possessed. After Negan took out Alpha, Beta slipped further into insanity and marched on Alexandria. Luckily, everyone made it out of town and to a nearby secondary location. The idea was that Beta would then march to Oceanside, but he caught on to their plan and instead arrived at the secondary hospital location in the last moments of episode 15.

At the hospital, Gabriel oversees the remaining Alexandrians, Hilltoppers, and Kingdomers. Aaron and Alden are on the ground passing information back to Gabriel via walkie until they were surrounded by Whisperers. Then Daryl, Kelly, and Carol were out looking for the last of the parts Luke needed for a plan to lure away the horde. Lastly, we have Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko with newcomer Princess trying to find Eugene’s mysterious Stephanie.


Most of this episode is dealing with the herd and Whisperers. Daryl, Kelly, and Carol returned to the hospital just as the herd was arriving with the part that Luke needed. The plan is to lead the herd away from them and Oceanside to a nearby cliff with this radio system. The problem is that the wagon they were going to use is on the other side of the walkers.

Of course, we have the obligatory heart to hearts before the plan is put together. Carol and Daryl discuss Michonne and her departure since Judith finally spilled to Daryl last episode that Michonne was not returning, but instead looking for Rick. They have this conversation as he is setting traps in the stair wells which later come in handy.

Gabriel comforts RJ and Gracie with his talk about all the communities coming together as one to become a mighty weapon. I like that he mentioned others, because as we know this universe is expanding.

Lydia and Carol then have a heart to heart. Carol apologizes to Lydia for planning to kill her mother, but Lydia isn’t upset with her about it. She understands that it was necessary for all of them to move on. However, how does Lydia move on? Carol suggests that she start living for herself and making her own choices. However, Negan suggests that she head out of town since, in his experience, the people here will never really trust her. We see him later sneak out as well in the chaos looking to get away.

Now for the plan, as we have seen in the past, we have several characters covering themselves in guts in order to slip through the crowd and to the wagon. This group includes Daryl, Kelly, Jerry, Magna, Beatrice, Luke, and Carol. The plan goes pretty well. Magna has a moment where she almost freaks out after her recent encounter with getting trapped with this same herd in a cave. However, Jerry gets to her and helps her through. Unfortunately, Beatrice is not as lucky. Not only are there walkers in the crowd but Whisperers as well. Beatrice attacks one of the Whisperers but is then stabbed in the back of the leg trying to get away which attracts the walkers to her. Carol, who was next to her, makes a B-line right out of there not looking back even though Beatrice attempts to pass her backpack to her. Luckily, Lydia partially followed Negan’s advice and came out. She grabs the pack and meets with the rest at the wagon.


With the herd now being led away with the wagon of blaring music, this gives everyone inside the chance to make a break for it. This works for awhile until the Whisperers swarm the wagon and destroy the stereo. This has the herd heading back to the hospital. Daryl and his group agree to begin hunting the Whisperers in the pack in order to protect the people evacuating.

At the Hospital, we still have Whisperers in the stairwell attempting to get in. With the exit path being a rope going down an elevator shaft, Gabriel decides to stay behind to protect the rope while Judith and the others escape. While the booby traps help, they do not hold off the Whisperers and they eventually break through. I thought for sure that Gabriel was a goner but an old friend with her ninja came through.

Maggie’s Return

At the start of the episode we saw Maggie receive a letter from the Hilltop informing her that Jesus, Tara, and Enid were all dead and the threat of the Whisperers. In the woods with Aaron and Alden we had our first look at Maggie’s Ninja friend who helped fight off Whisperers. Now, Maggie and her Ninja friend make it just in time to save Gabriel. There are some theories on who this masked Ninja is and I will be talking about that over on my YouTube channel! Once everything is settled, we see Maggie reunite with some over her former companions. Of course, the best reunion was with Judith.

The End of the Whisperers

Meanwhile, outside Daryl and the others are eliminating the Whisperers mixed in and around the herd. I guess we can assume they got them all, but the big moment was definitely the death of Beta. I really like that Negan came out and showed that he too can be a hero, even though he has been telling us he isn’t. His appearance was enough to distract Beta so Daryl could come up and finish him off with two knifes to the face. Of course, his death was weird and dramatic which fit well with his character. I am interested to see how Maggie responds to Negan not only being out of his cell but fighting alongside her friends.

Over the Edge

The last thing to really resolve in this stand off is the huge herd around the hospital and we have two characters that are just dying to kill themselves. Lydia leads the herd out to the cliff, but it is Carol who steps in and takes over willing to go over the edge to save those she loves. However, in the last moment Lydia pulls her back into a small crevice while the walkers ceremoniously take a nosedive over the edge. I think them taking the moment to save each other resolves a lot of the inner turmoil both characters have been dealing with this season.


Now over with Eugene and his quest to find Stephanie. While this journey has definitely had some bumps, they finally make it to the trainyard where he and Stephanie planned to meet. At first it seems like they missed the meeting, which is unfortunate since they travelled all this way, Eugene declares that he is not ending his search and he is going to locate Stephanie. Just them they are swarmed by a group in all white armor reminiscent of stormtroopers. The episode ends without any other explanation, but if you are a comic reader you know that this is game changing for the series.


Probably the biggest surprise to me was the appearance of Connie. While I think we all thought that she was out there somewhere, I didn’t think there would be an explanation this episode. We see her briefly waking and struggling to walk and eventually collapsing in the path of Virgil. Whether this is good or bad for Connie remains to be seen.

Who is the Masked Ninja?

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