Supergirl Episode 17-18 Breakdown!

Hey Everyone! Welcome back for two interesting episodes as the plot of this season finale starts coming together. I realize that another episode has already aired but I will go that one later this week. I mostly wanted to focus on these two episodes because they do really start to tie things together to begin wrapping up this season. Episode 17 was not only directed by Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, but it was also a very Lex Luthor centered episode with Episode 18 being this culmination of Luthor’s plan.

90 Days of Lex Luthor

The beginning of episode 17 starts with Supergirl and J’onn showing up at the warehouse that has been housing the people that are getting stuck in Obsidian. This was a big deal in episode 16 with Alex getting stuck herself. Then William was working on investigating the other people stuck which led him to this warehouse. He discovered nothing other than a hospital band. BUT we knew that Margot, a lower level Leviathan, was snatching them up and bringing them to the warehouse. William just couldn’t see because of some image inducer tech. Now in the opening scene we have Lex Luthor who has not only liberated the people stuck in Obsidian, but he killed Margot after getting her confession on video. Margot claimed that she was a follower of Amy Sapphire, the woman earlier this season that attempted to take down Obsidian because her husband became obsessed and then killed himself. Supergirl has trouble believing that Lex was the hero in this story, but like he claims, hasn’t he been a heron on this Earth all along?

Well, no. We then spend time with Lex from the day after Crisis and follow him over the next 3 months to the present. The important part here is that we see him pulling all these strings from behind the scene, LITERALLY everything has been the work of Lex Post-Crisis. Lena is there at this house asleep; he then drugs her and has her sent to her own house to wake up there. Part of Lex’s deal with the Monitor was that Lena would remember everything Pre-Crisis, which she does, but he just isn’t ready to talk to her.

His first stop is to talk to Earth Prime’s Lillian Luthor who is just as diabolical as the original Lillian, but just sneaker about it. She advises him that he needs to put away his beef with the Supers and focus on this fight with the Leviathan since they are this great threat. He also shouldn’t force Lena away from her friendship with Kara but coax her away with a friendship of their own.

For awhile this works. Lex is solely focused on getting in with the Leviathan and learning as much as possible. During the Toymaker epiosdes, Lex snuck on the Legion ship to get information from the future about the Leviathan. This is when he discovers that Eve Teschmacher is a Leviathan spy with a similar backstory as Andrea Rojas from Earth-38. She was a young girl whose father was killed, she was then recruited by the Leviathan and to force her to be compliant they threaten her mother. Lex then moves in and takes Eve under his wing by ensuring her mother’s safety and that she no longer must kill. In exchange, she is a spy for Lex within the Leviathans.

About a month post-crisis, we have the launch of Obsidian Platinum with Lena using her tech she made for her Non Nocere project. While this stopped the issues that Obsidian was having, it created the glitch that caused users to get stuck in the program. Eve discovered the glitch and had a patch ready but Lex tells her not to patch it, this is part of his plan. He wants Obsidian to have this issue so he can later swoop in to fix it and get on the good side of Leviathan.

Lex then works on Richard Bates, the creator of that creepy house in episode 15. This is when Kelly and Alex discovered that people were getting stuck in Obsidian which means that Lex is ready to put this plan he has had into action. This creates the need for this warehouse set up by the Leviathan and Lex is the solution. He also set up for Jeremiah to be killed by telling Eve that this was the man that killed her own father.

Change of Plans

Now that we are in the present, but not quite to the scene in the warehouse with Lex. Both Lena and Supergirl are present for Lex’s return to National City after traveling to promote Obsidian. Of course, Kara still knows that Lex is up to something and walks out of his speech, but Lena follows. They share a moment where Lena offers condolences for the death of Jeremiah and a book. Lex sees this exchange and becomes furious.

When he later meets with Lillian, he revises his plan to not just take down the Leviathan, but to create a war between Supergirl and the Leviathan which will end then both. Lillian warns him that he is reverting but he can’t be convinced that this isn’t a good plan.

He then activates William; this means that William will discover that the bracelet he found at the warehouse will belong to Richard Bates. Richard Bates never made it to any hospital and the team is going to investigate it. Eve records this entire exchange from a roof top across the street and Lex shares the footage with Gemma, the leader of the leviathan. This puts the pressure on the Leviathan to act against Supergirl. Of course, Supergirl is also looking into the Leviathan and they look to Brainy for help. Brainy has been an unfortunate pawn in this game. He is forced to do Luthor’s bidding which separates him from his friends, but he also has a hard time getting information or staying in the loop with Lex.

Lex has Brainy contact Supergirl and her friends and push for them to find the warehouse people by using Myriad. Supergirl agrees to use it in a reverse type of way, but in the process this messes with Lena’s Non Nochere project since both use the Q-Waves. Lena then heads to the Fortress of Solitude with Lex’s teleportation watch to confront Supergirl. What Lena doesn’t know is she had an invisible straggler, A Morae. Lena confronts Supergirl about her use of Myriad and her feeling of betrayal, but Supergirl isn’t willing to stop. After Lena leaves the Morae opens one of the doors within the Fortress letting lose a baby Sun Eater.

Now Supergirl must focus on the Sun Eater, luckily, she isn’t alone. Not only is J’onn there to help, but M’gann has returned from Mars. Apparently with the return of Malefic the civil war on Mars has ended. Together the three of them stop and shrink the Sun Eater. However, while that was happened Lex made his move at the warehouse killing Margot and freeing the people trapped in Obsidian.

Lex then heads to see Gemma. Gemma is not happy about him killing Margot but he is able to not only explain it away but convince Gemma to take her fight against Supergirl. When arriving home, Eve is there with dinner prepared thinking that they are a couple. Of course, Lex has been playing her all along and finally lays his cards on the table. He then heads to the Fortress now that the location is stored on his watch.

It’s a Riot

In episode 18, the opening of the episode happens during the Sun Eater attack in prison with Steve and other prisoners that have been under the influence of Non Nocere. However, when the attack happens one of the inmate’s panics and loses control attacking another inmate. Lena is called in to fix the issue. Her and Lex work together through the riot to figure out a way to stop the violence, but at this point it is a full-fledged riot.

In the end Lena realizes that the inmate changed behavior because the programming was interfering with the person’s self-preservation. Basically, she realizes that Non Nocere will never work, people need the pain to learn. With the failure of the experiment Lex gives his speech about mankind needing to be controlled with a firm hand and they are in right place to do it, they just need to take that control. It is in this moment that Lena realizes that Lex never changed at all, he is still the same monster.

Investigating the Leviathan

Kara is convinced that Lena has something to do with the Sun Eater getting lose, the timing is just too perfect, even though the Morae claims that it was sent by the leviathan. However, the team begins looking further into the Leviathan. There hasn’t been a sighting of Rama Khan in over 100 years on this Earth, but they faced off with on Earth-38. Kara and Alex head to meet with Pete, the man that Malefic impersonated in the beginning of this season played by Sean Astin. However, he is a historian.

The meet with Pete and convince him to help but Kara must bail early on to meet with William leaving Alex to look for Leviathan symbols throughout history. He can find several occurrences that also line up with catastrophes. While they investigate, we do see that they are being watched and then Pete later has trouble getting access to a reading room. This strikes him as odd since he has never had an issue before. Alex realizes that this is getting dangerous, but they sneak down into the lower level to look anyway. This is when they are attacked by a mysterious gunman. During this scene, the only thing I could think about was how I just wasn’t ready to see Sean Astin die again, but he lived! And now he and his wife are going in hiding. He leaves Alex with the advice that she is no longer in the military and on her own out here, this means that she is going to have to treat things differently. When talking with Kelly later, she suggests that maybe it is time for Alex to get her own mask.


When Kara meets with William, it is to show her something strange about Margot’s manifesto. In the video there is a strange hue around her which is an indication that someone was using an image inducer to pretend to be Margot, probably Eve. Kara is then called away by Dreamer, but William continues to investigate with Kelly. He discovers that Margot was in communication with someone at Obsidian with the badge number 837. With further investigation they discover this is Eve. Now William doesn’t know who this is, but Kelly does and she takes this information to Andrea.

Kelly is already on think water for confronted Andrea about this Unity Day event that Obsidian is planning. Kelly is worried that the glitch that traps users hasn’t been fully examined but Andrea isn’t willing to listen. We know though that Gemma is planning this event to kill a mass among of people so Kelly is on the right track. When Kelly brings the information on Eve, it isn’t enough of anything for Andrea to take her seriously. Andrea warns her that if she continues to bring her baseless accusations then she will be fired. As for William, he begins following Eve which results in him being kidnapped.

Rama Khan

When Lex pops up this episode it is with a mysterious weapon from the Fortress, but it is missing a piece in order to work. This has Gemma looking to Rama Khan. She is willing to let him lose to recover this piece and prove himself after she took over the Leviathan. Dreamer learns of Rama Khan’s location through a dream even though J’onn and M’gann were unable to location him. They run into Rama at the Oregon Geological Center where he is planning his next major catastrophe. While the Super Team does stop him, Brainy shows up at the ends and takes Rama into custody for the DEO. He allows for Supergirl and Dreamer to come along but not to be part of the interrogation. This all after he promised Lex he would not get involved.

In interrogation Brainy talks with Rama in the Leviathan language which only makes Nia and Kara more suspicious of what Brainy is up to. However, they have bigger issued when Rama’s staff activates. He then escapes custody and calls all the Kryptonite to him right before taking down the entire DEO.

Brainy meets with Lex and is upset that in interfered which led to the DEO’s destruction, but this was all part of Lex’s plan. With Lex helping to secure the Kryptonite Gemma is ready to offer him an invitation onto the Leviathan ship.


The end of the episode brought the best part, the reconciliation of Lena and Kara. Lena confesses that she was hurt by Kara’s secret and in turn did act like a villain. She worked with Lex and helped him help Leviathan, even if she didn’t know that. However, now she knows that Lex is the same monster he always was and wants to help stop them. This by no means that we are going to jump back into a trusting relationship, I’ll be a little annoyed if we do, but this is a step in the right direction.

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