The Rookie Season 2 Wrap Up!

What an end to a fantastic season! Oh, but what a massive cliffhanger!!! As of right now, there have not been any announcement or confirmations about a season 3. Typically, at this point of the year they have already made these determinations, but with our dead friend COVID-19, this is not a typical year. However, showrunner Alexi Hawley revealed that IF there is a season 3 then it will pick up right where episode 20 left off. How could it not? As shows begin to get the renewed or canceled I’ll be making posts on my twitter.

30 Day Push

Our boots are getting so close to finishing up their time as trainees! Yay! To celebrate they spend time at the bar with some other officers they knew from their time at the academy. The main two are Chris Rios and Erin Cole. Chris graduated number two right behind Jackson and the competition between the two is still extraordinarily strong. However, Erin confesses to Nolan outside that she is concerned with Chris and the toll that the job has been taking on him. Nolan confesses that they have all been through things that just weren’t easy, but it is just important for all of them to be there for each other.

In the morning meeting Grey tells reminds them that they are so close, but just not there yet. They still have a lot to learn and these next 30 days are going to prove that. On the bright side, they have not calls left over from the night shift and the first part of their shift goes slow, some would even say quiet. Yes, Nolan said that it was quiet getting him a lecture from Nyla about things that are not allowed to be said in the shop.


Our officers have been lucky and unlucky in love this season. The opening of episode 19 kind of talks about some of these. Lucy and Emmett have hit it off with him staying at her apartment, but she then must rush out not wanting to be late. It is hard for Emmett to understand what her training is like or the way Bradford is with her. He knows Bradford from the basketball court where things are different. Lucy tells him that she has 30 days left to be a boot and she needs to remain focuses and on time. She also asks that they keep their relationship between them for now. They have a hiccup this episode that I’ll talk about in a minute

We also have John and Grace who were so amazing together, but when her husband comes back in the picture wanting to reconcile for the sake of their son it leaves them up in the air. These two episodes really kind of dance around what Nolan should do and he talks about it a couple times with Armstrong. He doesn’t know if he should sit on the sidelines and do nothing or fight for her. He has been through this exact situation where he stayed with his wife for the sake of Henry but he regrets that and doesn’t want the same for Grace. He also finally admits to himself and Armstrong that he is in love with her, so there is that. More on this later too.

Then there is Tim and Rachel. She has decided to pursue her dream job in New York which leaves them up in the air too. With Lucy only having 30 days left in her training he could move out there after that, but that would take several steps backwards in his own career. I think from their conversation in the start of episode 20, he is planning on staying in LA and together maybe they will attempt a long-distance relationship with him promising to come visit. Yes, I’ll talk about this later.

Angela and Wesley have decided to tie the knot recently. This has resulted with Angela’s mother and soon to be MIL coming together to take over the wedding. However, Angela just doesn’t have the time to take control of the situation because she is focusing on becoming a detective before he her test time expires and she must retake the detective exam. We don’t hear too much more about the wedding other than when it leads to a case breaking clue later. Yes, later.

Officer Involved Shooting

We really get into the meat of this storyline moments after Nolan said that Q-word. All three of our teams listen over the radio of an ongoing police pursuit happening in West Hollywood. This is right outside of their jurisdiction but they listen in if back up is needed. Jackson not only notices that it is Chris on the radio in pursuit, but that he doesn’t seem to be handling it well. Once the chase gets closer all three teams attach themselves and head that way. Angela and Jackson are first on the scene with Chris and his TO, Martinez. Tim and Lucy show moments later. However, Chris doesn’t follow the commands of his TO and lands himself in the line of fire. He takes several shots to the chest with one missing his vest. Jackson stays with Chris on the scene and then rides in the ambulance with him to the hospital.

TO Martinez doesn’t handle this well and fells at fault like any trainer would, but Tim steps in to comfort him and help him through his grief. However, this only makes Tim come down hand on Lucy when he sees that she is carrying the scene tape in her gun hand. He yells at her pretty hard and Emmett witnesses. Since he and Lucy have a thing going on, he steps in to defend her which only makes them worse. Tim basically tells Emmett to mind his own business and then Lucy is mad at Emmett because she doesn’t want him defending her. Tim is her TO and after a year she knows now that when he is hard, it is because he cares.

The Derian Clan

Nolan and Harper made it to the scene just as the shooter was taking off. They follow the car that eventually gets away but is then spotted in a nearby garage. Nolan and Harper find the car abandoned with the gun inside. Harper has Nolan stay with the car while she looks around for the suspect. Nolan calls in backup with Armstrong showing just as Harper deems the suspect gone.

Nolan then secures the gun and locks in in the cruiser. The car comes back to a local dealership but has yet to be reported stolen. They were also able to lift a print and use Armstrong’s mobile fingerprint device to identify the shooter as Serj Derian. Serj just happens to be the younger brother of Ruben Derian the leader of a local gang/crime family.

A hiccup in this moment is that Nyla has court in one hour for custody of her daughter but she doesn’t feel like she should leave with everything that is going on. Nolan pushes her to go since she has worked so hard to be a better parent. Armstrong backs him up so she takes Armstrong’s car and he rides with Nolan.

Meanwhile, the rest of the LAPD raid the home of Serj. While Serj is not home, they do find some interesting files from the LAPD on Serj. This makes it seems like their must be a dirty cop working with the Derian family feeding them intel. Not good. At the station, Grey calls Angela into his office and makes her the lead detective on this case, something she has been working hard for but feels guilty that an officer had to get shot in the process. However, Grey trusts her and she is willing to rise to the occasion.

On the way back to the station Nolan and Armstrong hear about a raid happening at Ruben’s house looking for Serj. Armstrong agrees with Nolan to check it out and they head there. Armstrong immediately starts giving orders even though Angela is the lead, bad habit, but since he is the senior detective Angela gives him the lead. Nothing much comes from this raid except for bring Ruben to the station for questioning.

The Murder Weapon

When arriving back at the station, Nolan works on turning in the evidence but when getting to the window he realizes that the gun is no longer in the box. He immediately goes back to the shop and double checks, nothing. He then goes to see Grey to tell him that the gun is missing. The gun that is now a murder weapon since Grey just received work that Chris died. Nolan and Nyla immediately tear the shop apart and again find nothing. Now they run back through the day, Nolan is mostly sure that he locked the car at the raid, but that must have been where the gun was taken. Plus, the lock on the box in the trunk has a universal key all officers have and they already know there is a dirty cop involved.

Chain of custody is already broken on the weapon but they need to find out who took the gun so they line up the officers to take their body cams looking for anything from the scene that could be a clue as to who took the gun. Meanwhile, Armstrong and Harper interrogate Ruben which really yields nothing.

Angela looks through the body cam footage and not only is there disturbing video of Officer Smitty in the bathroom, but she also finds that Erin Cole didn’t have her cam on at all. Erin is the other officer from the academy at the bar and the one that Nolan has been talking to off and on this whole episode. When they look for her, they find her clothes, phone, and badge in the locker room. She is on the run.

On the Run

Nolan, Lucy and Jackson are all pretty shaken with learning about Erin and surprised that she would be dirty. Angela even drops that maybe she was dirty from the get-go and was implanted by the Derian family just for this type of thing. However, that doesn’t help with finding her. What does help is a pizza stop by Grace and some condolences which kind of complicate their situation. However, Nolan doesn’t have time to really talk to her. He then spends looking through her social media until Nolan sees a picture of her and an RV and remembers the night before when she mentioned going on a trip after the 30-day push. They run the tag on the RV in the picture and arrive at the residence it is registered to just as Erin is making a break for it.

They chase her through LA with the RV just falling apart as they go. They end up getting trapped behind the piece of RV so she gets a fairly good head start. They catch up to her at the Rose Bowl Stadium where they find the RV abandoned. Inside they all spread out looking for her but it is Nolan that finds her. She admits that she was in debt to the Derians. She paid off her debt and didn’t want to be under their thumb anymore but when she went to leave Serj shot at her which was the initial call that had officers after Serj to begin with. This has Erin blaming herself for Chris’s death. It seems like for a minute that she is going to kill herself, but Nolan talks her down and turns it so she is willing to talk about the Derians. However, Armstrong comes around the corner and shoots her several times. He says that he though Erin was going to shoot him and it the moment that seems credible.


After Erin’s shooting Nolan just gets this nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. So, that night he goes through his body cam footage and sees that Erin mentions Armstrong BEFORE she saw him! This makes him think that Maybe Erin was going to spill something on Armstrong and Armstrong was trying to shut her up.

This is all confirmed in the opening of episode 20 when we see the same day of the shooting through Armstrong’s perspective. Not only is he working and meeting with Ruben, but also had Erin remove the gun from the back of Nolan’s cruiser. He does try to get out from under Ruben at one point but is unsuccessful and is instead told that he must kill Erin. This makes it clear that he had the intention to kill Erin from the get-go.

Of course, all Nolan has is this video, but he takes it to Harper for her opinion and while they both know it isn’t enough, they do think that they should investigate it. One of the blaring points is that the files they found at Serj’s house wouldn’t have been able to be pulled by a rookie like Erin, it would have needed to be someone higher up. This is going to be a case that weighs heavily on the department so it is important for both to keep it quiet for the time being.

The plan becomes to track Armstrong’s phone because they seem him check it on bodycam several times throughout the day and during the raid. They also know that he would be smart enough to not use his main phone, but tracking a burner is complicated. So, they come up with this plan to lure Armstrong out where there are only a couple of cells in range. Pinpoint his signal and then check its activity.

Nyla then goes to Grey and tells him that she has an informant back from her days undercover that may have information but they need to meet them in plain clothes. They make this proposal while Armstrong is in the office. Grey approves the meet and Armstrong asks to tag along obviously wanting to be up on any information they have. The thing is, there isn’t an informant. So, Nolan must keep Armstrong busy outside while Nyla heads in to talk with her ‘skittish informant’. However, Nolan gets a call from Harper telling him to give her about 10 minutes, they are hoping that Armstrong is going to make a call. However, Nolan then gets distracted by a call from Grace since she has been calling repeatedly all day. However, when he turns, he sees Armstrong heading into the house.

Nolan follows and luckily Harper says that her informant just slipped out the back. But Armstrong is smart and is beginning to pick up on their rouse.

Returning to the Scene

While Nyla and Nolan are looking into Armstrong, which no one knows about, Angela is looking through all the footage and evidence for anything that can place Serj in the car at the time of Chris’s shooting. She isn’t successful and instead returns to the original location of the call that began the chase for Serj. The location doesn’t lead to much, but there is a homeless man walking by that says there was a bride, groom and angry photographer that chased him off the day before.

Jackson takes this and looks up weddings on Instagram for that day, but that reveal too much. Angela up on the wedding trends with her recent engagement has him look up wreck the dress which is a new thing where they trash the dress after the wedding. Sure, enough that gets a photo of that location and a photographer they can contact for all the pictures taken that day. When looks through the photos they find one with Serj getting into the car.

Karaoke Brothel

Tim and Lucy follow a lead that he knows about. I guess there is a vice officer that has been in the Derian family but they have been unable to get ahold of him since the shooting. Tim tracks him down to a Karaoke bar that is a brothel. He tells them that Ruben took all their phones and ordered them underground and otherwise has no information


The key to getting to Armstrong is going to be getting in his head and what better way than to contact the serial killer that got in his head? Well, she has also given Nolan a warning specially about Armstrong before. Nolan goes to see her and for her to give him anything he must tell her about his personal life. This has him calling Grace to return her calls. He knows going in that she is wanting to tell him that she is getting back with Simon and in this moment, he decides not only to attempt to talk her out of it but to tell her that he loves her. None of it works, at least for now, it seems they are officially in splitsville.

However, because of the conversation Rosalind in feeling charitable. She tells Nolan about Armstrong breaking into her house which is something that Armstrong already confessed to months ago. However, Rosalind adds that she then snuck into Armstrong’s house. What she found was a secret stash in his laundry room and while it contained lots of incriminating files, there was nothing there that could help her remain free. John knows that he needs to break in and find this stash but Rosalind reminds him that Armstrong is both smarter and more ruthless.

That Cliffhanger

So, John goes to Armstrong’s and he does find the stash spot that Rosalind told him about but it just so happens to be empty. John chose to go this part alone which I think we are going to find was a big mistake. While he is in the laundry room Armstrong returns home forcing John to sneak out when Armstrong gets a call. Unfortunately, he isn’t exactly silent. Armstrong sees that someone has been in the room and rushes outside in time to see Nolan leaving in his truck…wait, wouldn’t Armstrong have seen the truck when he arrived???

Moments later John and Armstrong both learn about the raid by getting phone calls. The raid is a result of a tip on Serj’s location. During the prep Nyla tries to tell Grey about their suspicions of Armstrong after talking to John. Grey doesn’t want to hear it now though with this small window to catch Serj.

When Armstrong gets the call about the rid, he immediately calls Serj to tell him the police are headed his way. While this isn’t enough time for him to get out, it is enough time to slip him an important piece of information. Armstrong then calls John. He tells John that they need to talk and he knows that John was in his house.

Now we have this show down with Armstrong and Nolan. Nolan feels betrayed but mostly disgusted that Armstrong is a dirty coward. What he forgot was that ruthless warning. Armstrong reveals to him that not only is Serj giving the police John’s name as a dirty cop, but they planted evidence in his house to confirm this. They then shoot each other, John cuffs Nick and then heads over to his house. He begins just demolishing his own house looking for where they put the stash. He finds it just as we see the windows fill with the glow of police cars and then… credits

My Thoughts

As if I haven’t been giving them this whole time. Personally, I don’t think that John is going to be in too much trouble. Nyla already knows that Armstrong is the dirty one and I think she is going to feel secure in that. The only thing I am worried about is that she just got custody of her daughter and may be afraid of jeopardizing it.

Another thing I mentioned earlier. One of the things they talked about with Erin is that she doesn’t have the pull to get all the files that Serj had. The files at Nolan’s house are similar in that it probably isn’t something John could just take out of the department either. Mostly likely I think this will probably take up the season 3 premiere and maybe an additional episode.

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