DC Lengend’s of Tomorrow Episode 11-12 Breakdown!

Hey everyone! With the Loom of Fate finally back together we can finally get on to bringing people back to life. Of course not! We have a least 10 more things that need to go wrong first! And that’s where we are in these two episodes, things going wrong until they go right.

Using the Loom

So, I already told you that this loom isn’t going to work, but Charlie gives it a good try after the Legends argue over what they are going to use it on first. John sides with Astra in bringing back her mother since he promised her, but Zari wants to bring back Behrad and Nate sides with her. Ultimately it is up to Charlie and she chooses Behrad. She then uses the three rings and finds Behrad’s strained but when trying to extend it there is an explosion. Not only are they all thrown back but it kills the ship as well. She assumes that she needs two other people with god-like immortality to help with the process but they end up having bigger things on their plate, well, maybe more pressing issues

The Blind Leading the Blind

After facing the Charlie’s sister Atropos Sara had some unforeseen side effects. You know… just seeing the future… no big deal. Well, this is big deal and take such a toll on Sara that she ends up in a coma. However, just as the ship powers down and Ava confides in her that she feels like she is failing, Sara wakes from her coma. However, things are not as they were before she passed out. Just to name a few things… Astra is now on the ship after being brought on board by Ava, Mick’s brought his daughter, Lita, aboard for the weekend to spend some bonding time with him. Oh, and Gary has an emotional support dog Gary Jr. that just happens to not be ship broken and pees and poops everywhere. Probably the biggest difference for Sara though is that she woke up blind! Yes, blind and Gideon can’t help because she is currently dead because of the backfired attempt with the Loom of Fate.

While all of that is different, the thing that really shocks Sara the most are her new visions. When she touches someone, she sees briefly into their near future. Unfortunately for the inhabitants and guest on the Waverider, they are all dead. Sara is reluctant to say anything at first because it just seems crazy, but after having a conversation with John and Ava, she finally comes clean with what she has been seeing. The question is, who is killing everyone on the ship?

The first best guest is the newest person on the ship Astra, who also happens to be a leader of hell. Not only does no one trust her she tries to play Zari to talk her into getting Charlie to try to bring her mother back. Maybe bring Behrad back was just too complicated and her mother would be easier. It seemed like for a moment Zari was in with her but she quickly tells the team what Astra planned which doesn’t help Astra. Until they can figure out what is going on, they lock her up in the lab.


Mick spends a large amount of his time trying to connect with his daughter Lita even bringing in Nate to help her with homework she has on the French Revolution.  While Nate helps Lita, Mick ends up on snack duty which is harder than normal since the fabricator is down as well. Gary is there with his dog to offer some words of encouragement about the thankless job of being a parent, but after cleaning up from Gary Jr. he finds something interesting in the garbage shoot.

In the garbage shoot where the rings of fate case but no rings. This confirms to the rest of the crew that Astra must have been behind both the stabbings and the missing pieces because she is desperate to bring her mother back. However, John is set on pricing her innocence and goes against Sara and Ava. When Sara touches John she has another vison, but this time she sees that it was her that was stabbing the team and NOT Astra.

Sara then has then lock her in the med bay with John and Sara not releasing her under any circumstances. You would think that this would be enough to exonerate Astra, but no, we still have the missing rings. This is when Zari comes in handy with her hacking skills and pulls up the back up footage that a broken Gideon just can’t access. The footage shows that not only did Astra not take the rings, but it was Charlie that took them and then flushed them down the toilet. Not only that, but Zari messed with the ship itself and Nate destroyed the food fabricator. However, none of them remember this and it just doesn’t make sense. Still, it is not enough to exonerate Astra.

The real answer comes from Sara and the video simultaneously. Sara is in the med bay still when Gary comes in and offers to help her by giving her his emotional support dog Gary Jr. However, when touching Gary Jr. She has a vision of the future and sees that it was the dog that told her to kill the crew, starting with Gary. Sara can stop this attack and leaves to tell Ava and John what she learned. Of course, this is such an outlandish story AND she told them already not to believe anything she says. However, when going back to talk with Gary and learning that this dog came form Hell they begin to think differently. Turns out this dog is the dog that told Son of Sam to kill. For those of you that are up on your serial killer trivia know that Son of Sam told police that a dog told him to kill people. It was a thing.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team finds out about the hell hound when realizing that the dog was preset at the scene of every crime. However, when the dog comes in the room, they can’t stop him from having Nate try to kill the rest of the team. It is Gary that stops Gary Jr. by whistling, that whistle that only dogs can hear obviously. The dog then turns into its hell hound form with Ava, Nate, Zari, Gary, and Charlie joining Astra in her cage.

Go to Hell

With most of the crew in Astra’s cage things become tight. Well, even tighter once Astra uses the pad to escape and then shrinks the cage even more. She is determined to stop the dog so they can get back to the loom.

However, the dog has already found its next victim. Lita. She is in the library studying after having a falling out with Mick after they almost bonded with the idea of investing all his stolen goods to make them rich. Mick attempts to bond with her again, but when he hears her scream, he comes charging in the room to save her. Unfortunately, a heat gun doesn’t work on a hell hound. Luckily, Sara saw this in her visions and her and John come to the rescue. John commands the dog to attack him with the hope that Sara will protect him. Good for him Sara is still a badass blind. She fights off the dog so John can send him to hell. However, to do that he has to know the dog’s name. Que Astra to make her entrance with the name of the dog and the dog is sent to hell.

With the hell dog gone the ship is fixed. Zari attempts to make amends with Astra, but Astra just isn’t interested in that. However, Mick and Lita end up on a good page with her wanting to stay on the ship for a bit longer. This also gives Sara a chance to get check out but Gideon can’t find anything wrong with her to fix.

We Need Some Gods

So, with everything back to normal-ish we can focus back on the loom which is going to require at least two people to become immortal gods with Charlie. The obvious choice is Sara since she is already a time traveling blind paragon of Destiny, but the other choice ends up being Astra. The problem with Astra that becomes apparent this episode is that she just isn’t a team player. None of that really matters though unless they find out how to make them Gods. That answer comes quickly though when Constantine reads about the Chalice of Dionysus with Charlie confirming that it is a real thing and makes the drinker immortal. But where to find it? Oh, Nate has that answer. He has seen this cup in his days when he too was Greek. Yes, we are headed to the frat houses. Apparently, he even attempted to steal it from the rival frat house but wasn’t successful.

Going Greek

Sara doesn’t think that navigating the campus Greek life is for her right now with her recent blindness so she again puts Ava in charge. However, Ava is nervous about her ability to blend in with the college kids. Luckily, they have a college age kid on the ship, Lita. Plus, she also happens to want to attend Hudson so her and Mick spend a large chuck of the episode touring campus.

Meanwhile, Ava, Charlie, Astra, Zari and Nate head to campus to get their hands on the chalice. Typically, the chalice on makes an appearance at this fraternity event called the ‘Chug Challenge’ where the winner gets to drink out of the chalice. The keepers of this chalice are the fraternity Sigma Psi Phi. When they storm into the Rush week opening both Nate and Charlie recognize the head guy. Nate says that his name is Dion and he has been here since he was in school and hasn’t aged a bit, but Charlie recognizes him as Dionysus himself. He is after all the Greek God of wine and parties. Charlie approaches him and he refers to her as ‘Loom breaker’ which he feels is a good thing because it gave man free will which he has enjoyed. However, thanks to Astra’s impatience she attempts to snatch the chalice but isn’t even able to lift it. It seems the Dion must deem you worthy and the only way to do that is to win chug challenge.

The first place which always fails is for Astra and Charlie to attempt to join a sorority, but that only ends with Charlie and Astra fighting and accidentally breaking the sorority’s paddle and getting their whole table booted. Their fight carries over to the ship and once all the forks are hidden the new plan becomes to create their won Sorority.


To be honest, the girls of this show creating a sorority was one of the funniest things this season. They used a house on campus but made the doorway a portal to John’s house. Of course, his house was then decorated to fit the part. They then invited the girls that they got booted from the other sorority and in the process Astra learns a little about fitting in, or better yet, finding people you don’t have to fit in with to be with. Make sense?

The plan is going great except there is one slight hiccup, Nate. Mick invites him on the campus tour with Lita and has Nate pretend to be Lita’s dad because he thinks that he is embarrassing Lita. Mick then heads off to do something else. Lita and Nate end up at the Sigma house and Dion even invites them to party with him. At first Nate says no because he must look after Lita, but Lita pushes him to go so they can do some recon. This ends up being a mistake when Dion puts Nate under his ecstasy spell and gets him to admit that Charlie is planning to use the loom but needs two other people to be gods. Dion doesn’t want this so he heads over to the sorority house and disqualifies them from competing in the chug challenge.

Astra is PISSED and is about to Molotov cocktail the Sigma house when Charlie gets to her and convinces her that hurting people isn’t the way forward and doesn’t really mean that she is ‘being herself’. They also realize here that Dion is only has power over the cup because he has followers. Take away the followers and then they can drink from the chalice. The plan is then to have a party, BUT that ends up being a dud with everyone still over at the Sigma house.

What Would Astra Do?

Well, she would mess with the party music, ruin the beer, and then have party across the street to lure away Dion’s followers. Yep, that is exactly what happens, but the cup is still stuck. This is because Dion still has a few bros left that are still faithful, Nate included. Now what? You play beer pong with the blind.

Sara challenges Dion to a round of beer pong, if she wins, they Dion loses his followers and they can drink from the chalice. If Dion wins then their sorority is disbanded. The game begins with a handshake where Sara sees what is about to happen. She then uses this to wipe the floor with Dion beating the undefeated Greek god and winning a cup. Then they all drink from the cup, except Zari who chooses not to, and they glow like those glowworms from the 80’s.

This pretty much wraps everything up but the sorority will continue! Astra walks the girls out and gets them safely into a cab just as she is approached by Lachesis. Astra tells her that she doesn’t need her anymore BUT it seems that while in her chase for John she racked up a debt to Lachesis. Now she is ready to collect.

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