The Flash Episode 17-18 Breakdown and Season recap!

Hey Everyone! Tomorrow is the season finale of The Flash, so I thought I should probably get caught up and maybe add in a quick recap? Honestly, this isn’t my favorite season and I think that mostly has to do with Crisis and dealing with that. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Crisis, but it made it hard to have a cohesive season and as a result this season feels choppy and thrown together. I feel that same happened in Supergirl as well, but not as much in Batwoman or Legends.

Quick Recap of Season 6

Early in the season Team Flash spent most of their time dealing with pre-crisis anticipation after Barry was told by the Monitor that he was not going to survive Crisis. Meanwhile, the villain Bloodwork or Ramsey Russo went from looking for a cure for a rare disease that his mother died from and he was recently diagnosed with having, to become consumed with his blood and using it to infect and control others. His storyline was wrapped up before Crisis and we see in episode 17 that he is hanging out in ARGUS.

In a twist of fate, Barry survives Crisis after Oliver Queen sacrificed himself. If you want details about Crisis then check out the links at the bottom of this post. After Crisis was then about acclimating to this Earth Prime. For the most part things feel the same, but we see some relationships have changed. One that we will see come into play in episode 18 is that Hartley Rathaway A.K.A. Pied Piper now hates The Flash and is back to stealing diamond. This has Cisco taking a couple episode break to explore the world and catalog these changes.

The big storyline for the second half of the season has been the Black Hole Organization and Mirror Master. This started early in Season 6 with Iris following a Black Hole associate was assassinated and the addition to Allegra Garcia to the team. This then led to several light-based meta assassins coming after Team Flash in order to silence them. Iris discovers Joseph Carver’s connection as the leader of Black Hole, who also happens to be the owner of McCullough Industries after his wife’s disappearance. When investigating further Iris finds herself in Eva’s old officer where she is then sucked into the mirror dimension with a reflection of herself out in the world doing the bidding of Eva. As Joe begins to investigate Carver as well, Eva turns up the volume on her attacks as she is consumed with revenge on her husband. This has her taking both Kamilla and Captain Singh as well resulting in Joe West being put in Witness Protection. However, the focus shifts to Ralph’s investigation of Sue Dearborn and the death of the Speedforce.

The Death of the Speedforce puts a damper on the remainder of the season for Barry because not only does he feel responsible, his speed abilities are now finite. The Speedforce ended after being infected by the Spectre’s energy during Crisis, so it seems like it was unavoidable but Barry still manages to beat himself up about it. It also takes a pep talk from Joe to get Wally back to his Zen acceptance as well. The solution to this comes from Reverse Flash and his appearance in episode 15. They’ll make a new Speedforce. If Eobard Thawne can make a Negative Speedforce, they can too and they are getting the help from Nora’s journal to do it. Remember, her journal was written in a language that was unaffected by time. However, at the present, still no Speedforce.

As for Sue, Ralph has a couple of run ins with her since episode 12. In the comics they get married and it seems that we are heading in that direction for the show as well. They have instant chemistry but Sue is living a life on the run with a connection to Black Hole. It was revealed in episode 16 that she has been robbing banks that are associated with Joseph Carver because he has been blackmailing her parents. So, even though this was a separate storyline it will tie with the Black Hole.

I think the only other things to mention are some relationship and character issues. Frost/Caitlin hasn’t been around too much because Danielle Panabaker was in the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy while filming the last several episodes. Although we see her behind some well places pillows in these two episodes I am about to talk about. Allegra and Nash Wells are on the outs because she found out that he had a father/daughter relationship with a doppelganger of her and it makes her feel weird. Almost like he only wanted a connection with her because of the doppelganger and not because she was special. Her doppelganger died in an accident which Nash blames himself for and had to deal with that when being confronted with Allegra. As for the big couple of the show, with this reflection Iris things Barry are complicated. She is being controlled by Eva and as a result is actively trying to drain his speed. This is so he doesn’t interfere with her plans for Carver. However, it also results in Mirror Iris kicking Barry out of the apartment in the last moments of episode 16.

That’s NOT Iris!

In the early part of the episode Cecile works on getting Barry and Iris in at least the same room, however, Barry plays it off that he is working on the Speedforce machine right now and just sends a message to Iris that he misses her. Cecile has no more luck with Iris as she says she is ready to focus on herself. However, later when Cecile returns home, she finds that Barry is running and investigation out of her living room. He is convinced that Iris is not Iris and he is going to prove it.

He is quickly about to knock off a few possibilities. He knows that she is not a doppelganger because technically they shouldn’t exist anymore. He also doesn’t think that she is a shapeshifter and If she were a Martian, he thinks that J’onn Jonz would know about her presence. He did GPS her phone and learns that she was at McCullough tech late around the time that she started acting weird and thinks that there is a connection. I loved that his proof to Cecile was that Iris can’t make pancakes, it was perfect. However, ultimately, he knows that the real Iris would not have given up on them so quickly and if this is not the real Iris, where is she?

The first real clue comes when breaking into his own apartment to hack Iris’s computer. The picture that Kamilla took earlier this season happens to be on the Citizen cloud. This is the same picture that landed Kamilla in the Mirror dimension as well, but Iris deleted it off the camera and most not have thought to check the cloud. Barry, Cecile and Nash then confront Iris with a way to confirm Barry’s suspicions. However, this doesn’t go as planned and the prismatic scanner shows that Iris is normal, but Barry is the imposter. It is later revealed that Eva did a little switcheroo, but it does land Barry in the pipeline.

Cecile becomes the hero in the story though when she senses something wrong with Iris and releases Barry.

A Drop of Blood

Not only was Mirror Iris dealing with Barry and his suspicions, but she was also working with Mirror Kamilla and Captain Singh on Eva’s plans. These plans include getting into ARGUS and letting Ramsey Russo go in exchange for a drop of blood she needs to escape the mirror dimension. Singh gets them into ARGUS as the Captain of the CCPD under the guise of an interview. However, to get Ramsey out of his specialized cell Mirror Kamilla must sacrifice herself. However, Russo knows that the real Iris would never bargain for his release. He knows back Singh and for the first time we see this version of Iris break away from Eva’s will. This Iris wants to be alive. Ramsey then steps back into his cage knowing that he will have other opportunities later to escape under better circumstances. He does, however, leave her with a drop of his blood.


After getting the drop of blood Iris heads to the apartment to free Eva. This lines up with Cecile releasing Barry so he comes in and spoils the party, or better yet, becomes the pinata. His speed is no match for Mirror Iris since she has been working to drain the last of his speed. However, Barry can reach the humane side of this Iris reflection and she decides that she is going to do what she wants, not what Eva tells her. Just as she makes this decision Eva then shatters her.

Even with the fight with Barry, Iris and Eva did complete the process to free Eva and she finishes Iris’s fight leaving Barry wounded and alone. We don’t see Eva again after this scene but her storyline will likely be wrapped up in the finale.

Neural Dissonance  

While Barry is fighting Mirror Iris, Iris in the mirror dimension is still fighting to get out. At the beginning of episode, she still thinks that Eva is a good person trapped with her. It isn’t until she discovers a hidden room within the mirror that she discovers that Eva is the reason she is trapped here. Not only did she literally grab her and pull her in, but she also has Kamilla and Singh. She still experiences what they are calling Neural Dissonance, which are these headaches associated with trying to focus on anything too long here. With this assault of information, Iris goes down with Eva finding her in the room. Eva is unapologetic with her sole focus on revenge and she leaves Iris behind when she escapes to the real world.

However, Iris now knows that she is not alone and in episode 18 finds Kamilla at the mirror Star Labs after leaving a death message for Barry in case he makes it through the mirror while she is searching. In her conversation with Kamilla, it becomes clear that she is beginning to function better in this dimension but is also picking up on those not so great qualities from Eva. You know, the arm scratch and over all craziness. Kamilla eventually calms her down and the begin work on getting out.

A Deal with the Piper

As for Team Flash, they are all being party poopers after learning that Iris, Kamilla, and Singh have all been reflections over the last few weeks and that they are all three trapped in the mirror dimension. Cisco takes this especially hard but, in his defense, he has been working on building a Speedforce. Barry continues working on the Speedforce because he feels without his powers, he won’t be able to save Iris. However, while working he is attacked by Godspeed!

We knew he was coming this episode and we have seen other versions of Godspeed before, but they were all drone versions. This one seems like the real deal and is using his powers to create a sound wave that sucks the velocity from other speedsters, specifically Barry. Nash saves Barry with a pulse cannon but that is only temporary. The team comes back together to tackle this new problem, but the only person they know that is this knowledgeable about sound waves isn’t a Flash fan on this Earth.

Cisco gives us the back story that he discovered during his post-crisis investigation. It turns out that Hartley Rathaway, Pied Piper, hates The Flash because in a confrontation Flash threw a lightning bolt at Hartley’s closest friend Rodrick. When the lightning mixed with the sound cannon that Rodrick was holding this causes his molecules to become unstable and he now lives in a chamber at Mercury labs with no cure. The plan is then to make a deal with Hartley, fix Roderick in exchange for help with Godspeed.

Hartley isn’t open to the help at first until Nash steps in to explain his plan. The plan is to blast Roderick with a mix of Helium and light energy which will somehow connect/stabilize Roderick’s cells. It’s superhero science, it’ll work. Except it doesn’t and then mix in another attack from Godspeed and everyone is feeling desperate.

Cecile Horton ends up being the savior of this episode with her pickup of the pep talks. Not only does she pick up Barry and remind him to believe in himself, but she also gets Cisco back to the drawing board as well. This lines up with another attack from Godspeed but this time at Iron Heights to drain the former Godspeed drones of their velocity. He then takes to the hostage game and promises to kill one every minute until the Flash relinquishes the remainder of his speed.

Barry feeling rejuvenated after his pep talk heads out to stop Godspeed no matter the cost. Pied Piper overhears this exchange and becomes inspired. So much so that he shows and helps Barry just as it seems that Godspeed is going to get the best of the Flash. Together they combine their powers with Barry throwing a lining bolt as Hartley shoots a sound wave from his gauntlets. Basically, they are recreating the same conditions that landed Rodrick in the tube. Yes, they cross the streams (We see you and your Ghostbuster references)

With Godspeed now unstable he begins to secrete a type of blood-like fluid that happens to be charged sound? Just what they needed to fix Roderick who Barry realizes isn’t just Hartley’s friend but boyfriend. Am I the only one that is hoping for more Hartley going forward?

Vacation Time?

After the defeat of Godspeed and learning that he was just another drone being controlled by someone else, Barry delivers his version of an apology/pep speech to the team. Now they have renewed faith in each other as they plan to face off against Eva and rescue Iris, Kamilla and Singh. But wait, let’s go to Atlantis?

The team knows that to be effective in taking on Eva Barry is going to need his powers. Cisco comes up with a plan for a renewable energy source that can get the machine going. This requires for him to head back to out favorite underwater city, Atlantis. He doesn’t say it but what I am sure he is heading to get is the boots of Hermes, the God of Speed. I don’t expect Cisco to really having missing time from the show since this is the solution and next episode is the finale.

Okay, I am done now.

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