Prodigal Son S1E20 ‘Like Father’ Breakdown!

Well damn…. This was one hell of a season finale! Obviously, we knew going into this that we would be seeing Malcolm trying to clear his name while Nicholas Endicott continued to come after them… and we got that plus so much more!

House Arrest

The opening of the episode is a nightmare that Malcolm has while in jail after being arrested. Like always his biggest fear is becoming like his father and with the episode title being ‘like father…’ I was sure that was what we were in for this episode. After he wakes up, he is visited by Dani, TJ, AND Gil. Dani seems pretty set that Malcolm did what he was accused of which I think breaks all our hearts a little. Malcolm makes bail, which is what they are doing here, but part of his release is that he will be on house arrest. Not good for someone that is trying to solve his own case.

It isn’t long before Malcolm is planning his own escape from house arrest and takes the opportunity when Gil arrives to talk with Jessica. Gil promises her that the is going to work this out for Malcolm. When Gil leaves, Jessica finds out that Malcolm escaped and put the monitor on one of her assistants.

Solving the Case

The real issue with this case is that Malcolm’s DNA was in the fingernails of Tommy, the man that killed Eve, and there isn’t a way to really explain that away. Edrisa gives Dani and TJ her findings which include that Tommy was suffocated with a pillow and had some type of arm mark on the back of the neck. This makes the killing a slow and personal one only confirming to Dani that it was Malcolm.

When Dani and TJ leave, Malcolm comes out from around the corner hearing the whole exchange. While he is probably a little hurt by Dani’s lack of faith, he does agree with her profile. However, Malcolm is here to figure out the DNA. Edrisa collected the sample in her lab so this means that the evidence had to have been added prior to coming here. Turn out Tommy’s body went from the hospital to a place called Corbel Labs before arriving in Edrisa’s. He has a hunch that Nicholas owns this lab but he needs to confirm it. By the way, the exchanges here with Edrisa and Malcolm are adorable.

To confirm Malcolm’s theory, he heads to ‘The Devil’ as Jessica calls him. The lawyer Everett Sterling is not only one of Nicholas Endicott’s lawyers, but also defended Martin in his trial. Now that we know about the connection with Endicott and Martin this makes sense. Malcolm comes to him wanting to know for sure if Endicott owns Corbel labs. At first, he is reluctant to say anything but after some pushing from Malcolm with reminders of who Sterling used to be, he finally admits that Endicott does own Corbel. This confession then earns him a bullet to the chest from an assassin. As he is dying, he tells Malcolm that the key to bringing down Endicott is the files that Martin has on him. Of course, Martin is the key.

Malcolm then heads home trying to figure out a way to get into see Martin. This is when Gil and the team show to confirm that Malcolm is there after finding Sterling dead. At first Malcolm denies leaving and asks for them to take him with them so he can help. Gil isn’t going to allow that so; Malcolm confesses to leaving the house so then they MUST take him in. At the station he persuades them with the information he has gathered and that he needs to talk with his father. This is when Malcolm learns that he is no longer in isolation but has been transferred to general population where he isn’t likely to last long.

General Population

Meanwhile, Martin was just minding his own business and then boom, the guard is gone, the door to his room is open and the phone is ringing. He exits the room to answer the door. It is Nicholas (Who else?) Basically, this is where their deal ends. When the line cuts off the guards come in and swarms him for trying to escape.

Now he is in regular prison where he isn’t likely to do well. On top of that there is a bounty on his head. While in the yard he is approached by Oso, another inmate that not only tells him about the bounty but that he is going to be the one to carry it out. He runs the place and he doesn’t want chaos with everyone going after Martin.

Martin then gets his visit from Malcolm and Ainsley. It was Ainsley that got Malcolm in by promising to do a piece about good prison environments. Malcolm asks for the information that Martin has on Endicott but the Martin says he can’t. There isn’t any information! It has all been a lie for Martin to secure better treatment in prison.  Now the only other way to secure Malcolm’s freedom is to solve Tommy’s case, but Martin isn’t much help with that or so he thinks. The information that he has to offer is that smothering would take time, at least 2 minutes, not something available at a hospital. Plus, the bruising on the back of the neck is like something that happens when people deal with dog. Doesn’t seem related. His advice is to kill Nicholas, that is the only way out.

When Martin’s time is up, he is scared to go back but he then gets advice from Ainsley. He is the smartest person in the room and he needs to act like it.

Some Cases Go Unsolved

After the prison, Malcolm heads to his apartment where Gil is waiting for him. At this moment Malcolm has nothing to help him get off on the charges which Gil says will come later today. His suggestion to Malcolm is to run until they figure out how to take down Endicott. Malcolm for a moment akes the advice. He packs a bag and is going to leave his phone behind. Because he knows he won’t be back for awhile he plays the voicemail that Eve left him again. This time when listening he picks up on something he hadn’t heard before, two dogs and a bird. He calls to Dani to get the last location on Eve’s phone and then heads out.

Where he ends up was a little surprising. He finds himself in a vet office with none other than the girl in the box, Sophie. Once her clients leave, they sit down and he introduces himself for the first time as Malcolm Whitley. She instantly knows the name and calls him, ’the boy in the basement’. He also tells her about his relationship with Eve and the case. He then drops the bomb that he knows it was her that killed Tommy. The killing was passionate and the only other person that loved Eve like that was her sister. However, he still holds a lot of regret about not saving her when he was younger so, he is not going to turn her in. Instead he just leaves.

Dinner and a Stabbing

Before Gil left Malcolm’s, Malcolm told him about the invitation to Jessica that Nicholas sent. He promised that he would be able to help Malcolm is she came. Of course, Jessica goes to the dinner with the intention of double crossing and recording him. I mean, this guy admits to still liking her…. Anyway, Gil arrives midway through dinner. Nicholas goes down to talk with her and Jessica secretly watches from the balcony. When Gil says that he is leaving with Jessica after Nicholas says that she is staying, the guard makes a move to attack Gil. Gil is then stabbed.

Jessica freaks out and heads back to the room they were eating to call 911. As they answer Nicholas comes back in the room so she hangs up. When Nicholas sits back down, she bashes him over the head and flees. At this point Gil has already been removed from the foyer so she grabs his keys that were left on the floor and heads out to his car. She sees the guard driving and rams his car with Gil’s car. She then steals Gil and flees to the hospital. She was really a badass in this moment.

Like Father…

So, Martin took Ainsley’s advice and instead of getting shanked he offers help to Oso. He notices an itch that he had and thinks that it may be linked to a lesion or tumor on the brain. This then has Oso protecting Martin which doesn’t go over well and causes a prison riot. When a phone drops, he calls over to Malcolm…

When hearing about Gil, Malcolm heads to the hospital where him and Dani kind of work through their stuff. They also tell him that they are working on getting a warrant for Endicott’s house and offices. However, when Ainsley texts him to get to the house NOW, he rushes over there. When he arrives Ainsley and Nicholas are sitting on the couch together. Malcolm tries to talk Nicholas into a corner and get him to confess but Nicholas knows that he has the upper hand and power here. Malcolm even pulls a gun on him but Malcolm doesn’t have it in him to kill someone. Ainsley does though. Not only does she step up and cut his throat but then goes on to stab him several time. She then comes out of the dissociative moment and doesn’t even know what happened, just like we saw with Martin in the previous episode. This is the precise moment that Malcolm answers the call from Martin, and he is Very proud of his little girl! Like…wtf just happened?!

Can I get season 2 now?

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