Batwoman S1E17 ‘Narrow Escape’ Breakdown!

Who killed Lucius Fox? Why? Who killed Reggie Harris? Where is the Joker in the Arrowverse? Some of the big questions we have been asking. We finally get the answers as the season begins to wind down. However, all these revelations come when Batwoman is at her weakest mentally dealing with killing Cartwright. Also, is Alice going to be the Queen of Arkham? I think so!

Queen of Arkham

I’ll start with what is happening in Arkham, because for now it is a separate storyline. In the last episode we know that Kate locked Alice in betraying her. I mean, Alice is a homicidal maniac so it wasn’t a bad thing, but we also like Alice so…… Anyway, she is in Arkham. The start of the episode is her and Kate playing video games together, Injustice 2 to be specific. It isn’t long though because we learn that this is just in Alice’s mind and she is going through her shock treatments at the hands of the brutal Dr. Butler.

In a therapy session Mouse begins participating much to the confusion of Alice. He tells her that in this place they are away from her family and the mysterious Coryana. What they do have is Tommy Elliott, the Bruce Wayne obsessed Billionaire from a few episodes ago, as well as, Magpie. For the time being it is Tom we are going to talk about because Alice sees the shank he has hidden in his shoe. Later when passing down the hallway she provokes him and gets the shank to the stomach. This allows for her to later steal the shank and pass it to Mouse.

With the shank now in Mouse’s possession he uses it on dear old Dr. Butler and the becomes him. This would allow for them to make their escape but Alice really took to heart Mouse’s earlier sentiment about this being a sanctuary for them. They will be able to hide out here and become the king and Queen of Arkham building an army to later remind Gotham of who they are. Of course, Alice never was one to share the spotlight and after Mouse leaves she knocks over the king on the board. Looks like she wants to rule alone!

The Detonator

Meanwhile out in Gotham we have the reemergence of a villain that held the city hostage several years prior during the Batman Era. His MO is to strap a bomb to a person that is deemed a hero, in this episode he starts with a police officer. The catch is that there is another bomb rigged up in the city. If the hero disarms their own bomb, which they are given instructions to, they will kill a larger number of people in the city. In the first scenario the officer decides to disarm his own bomb.

Batwoman is MIA which I will talk about later, leaving the Crows to handle this one. Based on and engraving ‘214’ into the bomb they believe that this killer is the same as the original and not a copycat. This was a detail not given to the public so a copycat would not have this knowledge.


Like I mentioned, Batwoman has been MIA in the city. Kate is having trouble coming to terms with killing Cartwright to the point that she cannot even suit up without having a panic attack. This has several fake Batwomen running around the city trying to help and ending up in Mary’s clinic. It also has Julia and Sophie working together to figure out who killed Reggie Harris in the last episode. The sniper has already been killed by who paid him? She figures out that the payment came from the bank Gotham International which happens to be the building that exploded the night before at the hands of the Detonator. While this seems too coincidental, they rule out that the Detonator is involved because he was active before Reggie’s death.  However, in a brief flash we see that the Detonator is making the bomb while watching Reggie’s attorney on tv demanding justice. Any guess who might be the next target?

Meanwhile, Kate gets her shit together at least long enough to visit Luke in the Batcave to help with the Detonator case. Luke is dealing with the death of Reggie after he was found not guilty of killing Luscious, so Luke is a mess. However, he did find the time to pull all the old files that Bruce has as possible suspects for the bomber. The ‘214’ clue stands out to Kate and asks if any of the suspects are ex-military. She says that the code the discharge code used by the army, the same code she received when she was also discharged. One of the files sticks out to her, George Adler, and she decides to pay him a visit. Luke suggests suiting up because it is basically bombproof but Kate bring herself to put it on.

She makes a visit to George and he admits that his father, George Adler SR. was the Detonator but has since passed, junior also has an alibi. This means that the bomber IS a copycat, one with intimate knowledge of the case.

Clear the Area

As Kate leaves George’s apartment, she learns of the second set of bombs. The hero is Reggie Harris’s who calls the Crows for help. This gives them to clear the area of the second bomb, they know it would be close to the attorney since they bomber would want them to hear it. The problem is Mary’s secret clinic is in this area. She and the fake Batwoman work on clearing the clinic but do not get everyone out and Mary refuses to leave anyone behind. Kate heads there and is in the building when the bomb goes off. She then finds Mary but when seeing the fake Batwoman she has a panic attack and heads outside. Mary follows her and basically comes clean that she knows she is Batwoman and she needs to get her ass out of her head. She doesn’t need to be a hero; she just needs to keep going.

Miguel Robles

With the new set of bombing and what Kate as learned, they coordinate with Sophie and Julia and finally figure out that the person that killed Lucius Fox was Miguel Robles. He is now the head of the Crows Homicide division, was a police officer during the Detonator case, and was also the first officer on the scene of Fox’s death. Before they can make a move on him though he takes his third hero and plants the third bomb.

The hero is of course Jacob Kane with the bomb planted under Wayne Tower. Kate learns about the location of the bomb when she finds Robles trying to flee the city. She takes him to the bomb under Wayne Tower but the problem is that the only way to disarm the bomb is to detonate the other one that is attached to Jacob. Things get more complicated when Luke comes into the picture wanting to know what Miguel killed his father.

The answers are a little annoying and complicated. Miguel killed Fox for money which is pretty upsetting. However, the interesting and complicated part is that the money was coming from Tommy Elliot. Yes, the crazy Bruce Wayne obsessed guy in Arkham with Alice. Miguel says that Tommy knew about a journal that Fox had and was willing to kill to get it. With the revelation Luke steps in to kill Miguel. Kate steps in and stops him by admitting to Luke that she killed Cartwright and it has been haunting her since. Instead, they carry him out and let Julia know that the building is clear so Jacob can detonate the bomb. Wayne tower is safe thanks to anti-bomb upgrades implemented by Lucius Fox himself.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Sophie is added back to the Crows and will be head of the overhauling that Jacob will be implementing. Julia is also now on board to help with the efforts. This also leads to the conversation with Luke and Kate that reveals where the hell Joker has been. According to Luke, Bruce also broke the no kill rule in order to stop the Joker about five years prior. He too was tormented by the killing, but hopefully with this knowledge Kate won’t torment herself as long.

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