The Rookie S2E18 ‘Under the Gun’ Breakdown!

With just two more episodes left are we in danger of losing one of our favorite officers to The Rookie: New York? Maybe, Maybe not. At this point we aren’t even sure if we are going to be getting a season 3 yet. With the rating I do imagine that there will be a renewal coming soon, but with the current production halts there is no telling when that might be.

That’s My Husband

The opening of the episodes is typically lighthearted shenanigans and at first, we were there. We have a man that has been shot but denying it and saying that it was just sushi he ate, however, when Armstrong arrives later we learn that the man ate all of the sushi at a store and was subsequently shot by the store owner. The part that makes this not as funny is the arrival of Grace’s husband.

John leaves the hospital and goes about his date until he later gets a call from Grace. She not only apologizes about not introducing him to her husband, but also canceling their date so she can have dinner with her husband. Apparently, their son Oliver has been in some trouble that they need to talk about. John takes this all-in stride but you can tell that he is worried.

At the end of the episode, Grace shows up at the precinct to talk with John and it isn’t good news, at least for Nolan. At dinner, her husband asked that they give it another go because he thinks it could be best for Oliver. Grace really likes John which makes this a hard decision, but she also feels that she needs to do right by her son. She hasn’t officially called things off with John, she is just asking for some time for now. The saddest part of this was that John was going to tell her that he loved her!

New York’s Rookie

Like I mentioned in the opening, they have given us a pretty interesting storyline with Tim and Rachel. She has been offered her dream job which would require her to move to New York City. Tim’s line of thought at first is that this just means that they are going to have to break up, long term relationships like that just don’t work. However, later he asks Grey what a lateral move might look like. If he were to move within LA it would be a seamless transition, but if he moved to New York he would have to basically start back at square one. Grey even makes a joke about him being New York’s Nolan and calls him boot. By the end of the episode there still isn’t a clear answer weather or not Bradford will stay or leave. A spin-off could be interesting…


This is the only issue going on with Rachel and Tim this episode. Rachel is working a case and must do a home visit for a kid that has missed a considerable amount of school. During the investigation they come to believe that it the mother that is making the child sick so Rachel moves to have the child removed from the home. However, at the hospital all the testing is clear for poison.

This has Rachel looking into the case further knowing that there was another similar case in the area. After some investigation she learns that the child’s illness has to do with contaminated water. Rachel becomes upset that she moved to have the child removed because undoing that decision is not easy and could result in the child being permanently removed.

A while later Tim becomes concerned when he cannot get ahold of Rachel. She ends up arrested for going to the company responsible for contaminating the water. I guess he didn’t like water thrown in his face. Anyway, while there Tim lets her know that he was able to have some strings pulled and get stop the child from being removed from the home. She is touched that he did that for her, but does that mean he is going to New York? I need to know!!

Most Likely to Get Sued

As for Angela and Jackson this episode, the department has started using an algorithm to determine which officers are most likely to be sued and Angela made the top of the list. With her looking to be promoted to Detective soon this is not a good look. Grey arranged for the creator of the Algorithm to ride along with them so he may be able to add things to her profile to lower the number. Grey’s plan is for her to take light calls and be on good behavior. Angela has her own plans; she is going to take the highest stress calls and just show this guy what she is made of.

This ends up working well for her because she can show that there are things that he did not take int consideration with his algorithm. Later in the shift, there is an active shooter at the guys company where he also has created a dating app. Angela and Jackson move in and take out the disgruntled user which shows this guy that maybe his programs aren’t perfect.

In the end, he mistaken picked the wrong Angela Lopez off the spreadsheet anyway and this ride along was all for nothing.

Scared Straight

Probably the biggest part of the episode was Nyla’s and John’s field trip with kids from Juvie as part of the Scared Straight Program. This is a program put in place for kids that are leaving juvie. They are shown what actual prison looks like in the hopes that this will stop the child from continuing down the path that they are on.

Nyla and John quickly lose one of their kids when he attempts to steal their ride, luckily one of the other kids stepped in and stopped him. This kid is Hector and he was a good kid until the last few years when his brother ended up in jail. Not only that, but his brother Thomas refused to see him. When they get to the prison the one of the two inmates are familiar. Oscar Hutchinson was on the show earlier this season and arrested by John. Him and the other inmate talk to the kids about what it is like in prison and that they want they here so they can be new prey. Sounds fun. However, they don’t seem to be getting through to Hector, so John suggest that they bring in Thomas.

Thomas is pretty upset to find that his little brother has been getting in trouble and tells him flat out that this is not the life he wants for him. Hector seems to get the point, but before they can do anything else an alarm goes off. The Warden says it is probably nothing but must leave to check it out. However, once she is going Oscar lets them know that this means there is a riot.

A short time later the Warden returns to tell them that 60% of the prison has been taken over by inmates. They are going to have the prisoners escorted back to their cells and John and Nyla need to get the kids out of here. Of course, there isn’t a way out that doesn’t require them to go through inmate areas. Nyla breaks up a char to use as weapons and they start heading out.

This obviously doesn’t go smoothly when the boys run off after seeing a body and getting spooked only to be caught by inmates. Nolan and Nyla fight the inmates but the CO in injured in the process. They do manage to get the kids and themselves out.

Once out the CO gets a call over his radio that the Warden has been taken so Nolan and Nyla decide that they are going to go back in and get here. However, instead of heading there they make a stop to see Oscar who is sitting calmly in his cell. Nolan makes a deal that he could get privileges if he helps save the warden. He then helps by luring out the inmate holding the warden and then John and Nyla taking them out.

They are almost home free when a whole crowd of inmates come into the room, but Thomas pulls his weight and lets them walk out when he learns that they got Hector out okay.

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