Legends of Tomorrow Episode 8-9 Breakdown!

The Loom of Fate has really become the center focus of this season, especially after John makes a deal with Astra to bring back her mother. Finding the fate rings that create the loom Charlie’s character, one of the fate sisters, scattered is the main plot for both episodes. I think they were both easy to find but ended with some dire consequences.


The big obstacle in episode 8 was the appearance of Charlie’s sister, Atropos. She is the fate sister that ended life and she seems to enjoy it. The opening of the episode takes place three days after Charlie joined the Legends at the club where they found here. Atropos was on her tail even then and when she doesn’t find Charlie, she kills everyone else.

Charlie finds out about the massacre from Gideon and she knows right away that this is not the work of an encore, but her sister. She also knows that she is going to be after these loom pieces as well. Charlie thinks that they should lay low and Sara agrees. John on the other hand made a deal with Astra he wants to close and goes out on his own looking for the ring.

The timing is unfortunate because we see that at the same time Atropos is meeting with the third sister. I guess it wasn’t that surprising that the coin maker is the third fate sister. Atropos tells Lachesis that Clotho now goes by Charlie. Lachesis recognizes the name as someone that has been time travelling with John Constantine. Plus, she also knows that John is looking for the loom as well. The stars are just aligning perfectly. She also happens to have John’s coin which can be used to track John.

Temporal Echo

Meanwhile, Zari is still having these memories that belong to the Zari prior to the events of Heyworld last season. This results with her sleep hacking the ship and waking up in Nate’s bed. I love her walk of shame and everyone adding their input, the banter really makes this show.

After John leaves on the jump ship Sara and Charlie go after him leaving the others behind. This gives Behrad and Zari the chance to talk after she follows a cat through the ship that turned out not to exist, the cat was just a call back to episode 8 of last season when Zari was turned into a cat. During their talk she accidentally activates the air totem after having a memory flash of playing video games. Behrad understands that this must have something to do with this former Zari and he thinks that he can get answers by sending Zari on a totem quest.

During the totem quest Zari meets the version of Zari that we know and love. She has been sent into the totem and was happy to hear that with the events changed that Behrad and her parents are alive. The new Zari also gets to flesh out her anxieties about not being as cool as this version of Zari. After all, she was a totem bearing bad ass that everyone loved. However, the older Zari isn’t upset with how she turned out if her family lived. Zari eventually leaves with her spirits up and the promise to return with Behrad.

Being a Father

There was also a smaller storyline in this episode that included Mick and his recent discovery that he had a daughter. Early in the episode we find out that he has been trying to connect with his daughter but that isn’t going so well. Ava volunteers to stay behind and help him out. Her plan to help to repeat what Rip Hunter did to her, go back in the timeline and create memories at all the milestones so it seems like he was there for her childhood. The only hiccup is that Mick spent a lot of time in prison during these years. This has Ava pretending to be his CO so that he can have visitation with his newborn daughter.

This follows with a collection of moments from Lita’s childhood. Ava snaps pictures which they use to make a photo album that he gifts to her. Turns out that these moments with her didn’t fix anything because Mick was still always leaving. Mick is about to give up when he and Ava realize that maybe all of this just needs an apology and effort now. He goes back to talk to her and we don’t see it but it doesn’t make too much of a difference yet.

Fighting Fate

The jump ship takes John to British Columbia in the current timeline where the ring is located. He isn’t there long before Charlie and Sara catch up to him. One of the best parts of these scenes are that they are on Supernatural’s set, so there are a ton of references to our favorite demon hunting brothers. For starters, Dean is everyone’s hall pass! Then they find Baby loaded with supplies that Sara ends up taking.

Of course, finding John leads to arguing between him and Sara because he disobeyed and order, however, the more pressing issue is that Charlie can hear her sister and feel that she is close. The arguing ends when the jump ship explodes off in the distance leaving them stranded with Charlie’s sister close by. She lures Charlie to her by telling her that is she doesn’t come then her friends will die. She then uses some of her magic on her and Charlie almost guides her to the ring when they are interrupted by John and Sara.

Sara distracts her with fighting while John works on a spell. Once John has his spell working Sara takes that distraction to get Charlie out of there and to the ring. John catches up with them a short time later, but they make it obvious to us that this isn’t John at all, but Atropos. John is instead lying on back on the ground dying.

Charlie then leads both Sara and her sister to the ring after fighting off a few of the Supernatural crew that have been turned into zombies. Really, who is filming season? Anyway, Charlie gets the ring and then is immediately stabbed by Atropos. Atropos then takes the ring to which she can then use to find the other ring that is on the Waverider. Luckily for her the Waverider also just landed after Ava arrived back on the ship from helping Mick. Sara attempts to stop Atropos, but she isn’t really a match for a god, or is she? Atropos shows Sara her full form which should just melt her. Instead it just knocks her out after throwing her back.

Cutting the Cord

Atropos arrives on an almost empty ship after Ava and Nate head out to find John, Sara and Charlie. However, Behrad and Zari are left on the ship which Zari still on her totem quest. This leaves Behrad defenseless against a god. He does allow for Atropos to take the ring in order to protect Zari but once she is heading off the ship, he attacks her with the hell sword. Atropos then pulls Behrad’s fate string and cuts it killing him.

Sara heads after Atropos telling Ava to put the ship in the temporal zone. Just as Atropos is about to make her exit Sara catches up to her where they have another fight. Atropos is surprised to see that Sara is still alive, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to kill her again. When Sara gets her in position, she has Gideon open the hatch to have her fall off into the temporal zone. She holds on to Sara trying not to take the dive to certain death, but Charlie rushes in cutting off her hand to knock her out of the ship and to keep the rings.

After things have settled Zari eventually wakes up after parting with Zari in the Totem quest. She sees Behrad lying there dead and is obviously terribly upset. She then turns that grief into anger at John for getting them into this mess to begin with. However, she is already planning to bring Behrad back to life with the Loom of Fate and refuses to leave John’s side until they have it.

The Enchantress

Episode 9 brings us a DC character that I wasn’t expecting to get, the Enchantress. While the Suicide Squad sort of batched her, I liked the use of her in this setting. The episode opens with Charlie visiting Enchantress right after she has destroyed the loom and wants Enchantress to hide the third ring so that even she cannot find it. Enchantress obliges and that is that. However, that makes finding it hard.

Zari is determined to find the ring because this is her chance at bringing back Behrad, but John tells her that breaking a spell from Enchantress could take months or even years. Upset Zari and Nate have a talk where she tells him about her experience in the totem quest. He is happy to hear that his Zari is doing well, but a little disappointed that she didn’t have a message for him.

In this short time, John has come up with some sort of plan that he thinks could work in getting the ring. This has the whole crew taking a trip to his house. The plan is to bind the ring to the house. This goes a little sideways though because Sara is feeling a little off. By a little off, we mean that she is seeing into the future a few seconds before things happen. This could be because of her encounter with Atropos which I think is linked to her being the Paragon of Destiny. During the spell Sara does pass out which breaks John’s concentration. This causes him and Zari to then fall into the spell.

Mrs. Hughes Boardinghouse

John and Zari land in John’s house just in another time period. We briefly see the ring flash on a table as Mrs. Hughes checks them into the boardinghouse along with another guest who seems to have his eye on Zari. Once in their room John and Zari begin to argue about how they are going to get out of this mess. John eventually uses a spell that tracks the ring to the room of the other guest. Zari lures out the guest on the pretext that she isn’t feeling well, he is a doctor after all.

John searches the room in the short time that Zari keeps the Doctor’s attention. Zari returns to the room looking for John and is caught by the doctor that John reveals is Jack the Ripper. They then tie him up only to continue to argue about what to do. They eventually decide to split up in search for the ring.

Go to Hell

Meanwhile, on the ship Ava takes over leadership with Sara in coma. When there is an alert with her prognosticator, they learn that there is a whole slue of encores headed in Zari and John’s direction. Instead of heading there, Ava decides that it is time to head to hell to deal with Astra.

Gary does the spell to get them there with Mick going along after again trying unsuccessfully to connect with his daughter. In hell finding Astra isn’t that hard. Ava meets with her one on one, but Astra swears that it wasn’t her that sent the encores. She goes to prove it to her by getting her soul coins from her safe to find it empty. Even the coin around her neck she thought was John’s turned out to be Vandal Savage’s. She knows immediately that this is the work of the coin maker but she also knows that she is too powerful to take on.

Her and Ava head there to talk with her but Astra double crosses Ava sending her back to the club with a tied-up Mick and Gary. Astra meets with Lachesis and learns the truth about her being a fate sister. Not only that, but her and Atropos wants her to join them as the third sister. Astra asks what this means for her mother, but Lachesis says that that isn’t important when you have the power that she will possess. Astra accepts the deal to be one of the three sisters, but also asks for John’s coin. She then immediately heads to the club to free Ava, Mick and Gary. Ava offers for Astra to come back with them and she accepts.

Dinner and an Encore

Back at the boardinghouse, Zari and John quickly find out about the encores. The list includes Bonnie and Clyde, Black Caesar, Henry VIII, and Brutus. Bonnie and Clyde probably don’t need any explanation, but Black Caesar is an infamous pirate, Henry VIII is the British King that is probably best known for his six marriage and the separation with the Church of England among several other things. Brutus is the Roman Senator that plotted against Julius Caesar and took the lead in his assassination. John joins he dinner party pretending to be Jack the Ripper, since they probably all know that John Constantine is someone to look out for. This many encores seems like overkill to take on John but they realize that they are mostly likely here in search of the ring as well. During dinner conversation they discover that all of them are there primarily for the ring which makes them all direct competition. They immediately move to take out some of the competition allowing for Zari to make her entrance as Cleopatra. The look on John’s face is priceless.

Now in real life Brutus and Cleopatra would have probably been at odds since Cleopatra was Julius Caesar’s lover. However, Zari spins it that the past is the past and that they should all be working together to find the rings so they can take over together. This is only a ploy to save John from the room of Hell weapons. Once they all disperse to find they ring they begin to pick each other off one by one.

Bonnie immediately takes out Brutus. John and Zari follow Black Caesar because it seems he has a compass that may lead them to the ring. However, he is then taken out by Clyde. John and Zari do get their hands on the compass but it doesn’t help in finding the ring. Instead they realize that Mrs. Hughes gave them the clue when they arrived, “Things have a way of showing up when you aren’t looking for them.”

John takes this to mean that they need to sit and drink, but Zari has trouble getting her mind off the ring. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Clyde find Jack bound in the closet and he tells them John’s Identity. When John hears them hollering for him, he sends Zari through and escape door while he goes and confronts the other. However, she later makes an entrance using her air totem to save John. This almost leads to a kiss between them, but instead John notices the ring. It is at this point that the others join them to help, but Zari and John have everything handled.

When returning to the ship we see the beginning of this love triangle begin to take shape, plus John learns about Astra being on the ship!

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