Prodigal Son Episode 19, ‘Professionals’ Breakdown!

Well, we are edging closer to the new season finale! The season was extended back in the fall for 22 episodes but thanks to our dear friend Rona, the season will be ending with the next episode, episode 20. I think that based on this episode we will either get a rushed ending in the next episode or a massive cliffhanger that will be finished up in season 2, assuming that the show is renewed. Personally, I cannot imagine that the show will be cancelled I think it is one of the better shows that came out this year on network tv.

Killing Eve

Yes, I took it there, but it is pretty much what happened. Early in the episode we find out it has been about two weeks that has passed since the last episode. Both Malcolm and Ainsley stop by Jessica’s for coffee and Malcolm tells Ainsley about his breakup with Eve. Not only did she tell him to his face she had to do this on her own, but she later left him a message clearly ending things which he plays for Ainsley.

After he plays the message Nicholas joins Ainsley and Malcolm for coffee and while nothing important is said, we know that his relationship with Jessica must have advanced if he is staying the night with her. We also know that he is bad news, but at this point the only other person that knows that is Martin Whitley. He got information about Nicholas from Sophie, AKA the girl in the box and Eve’s sister. Eve went out looking for Sophie after finding out that Martin didn’t kill her but let her go. Malcolm’s conversation is then cut short with an emergency call from Gil.

Gil breaks the news to Malcolm that Eve is dead. The shocking part is that it looks to be a suicide as she was found floating in the Hudson river. Malcolm immediately goes and sees Edrisa for any information about Eve. Edrisa doesn’t know that Malcolm was close with Eve, but once she learns that she takes what can be considered extra steps. What she already knows is that Eve has been dead around two weeks. This means that Eve never even left New York and was killed around the time she left the voicemail.

Malcolm then goes back to Gil and tells him that he knows this wasn’t a suicide. Eve was motivated to find her sister after getting the first breakthrough after years. Gil grants him permission to investigate it, but after he breaks the news to Jessica. Turns out Jessica already knew after getting a call and Nicholas is there to comfort her. Nick leaves when Malcolm arrives and then Malcolm tells her that he doesn’t think that this was a suicide. That Martin had warned Eve about looking into Sophie and now she is dead. That means that Martin knows something that could help.

Family Reunion

Malcolm and Jessica head to the hospital to talk with Martin and they are surprised to find that Ainsley is already there talking to him about the girl in the box. Ainsley found out that Sophie used to work for Nicholas Endicott and has put together that he has something to do with this. Malcolm then thinks that Martin must have shared that information in order to get a deal in his sentencing, this is how he ended up here with this fancy room instead of on death row. Martin does tell them that Sophie did have information on Nicholas, that he had made her into a monster. According to Martin, Nicholas is a sociopath that has a rule, he cannot be told no. This means that Nicholas probably killed Eve to stop her into looking for Sophie, but Nick isn’t the kind of man to get his hands dirty. This has Malcolm heading back to the precinct to catch a hit man. Martin is upset when Malcolm leaves because he knows that this is all going to result in Nicholas coming after them


Unfortunately for Malcolm, profiling a hitman is next to impossible. Luckily, Gil knows a guy that used to be a hitman that they couldn’t catch. He heads to see him with Malcolm pretending to be a patron at the bar. At first, he just kids around with Gil but when he points out Malcolm and then Malcolm pretends to be FBI, he starts talking. He tells them that there is only one hitman working the city at a time to ensure wires don’t get crossed. Right now, the hitman is a hit lady, Nightingale.

The head to where they learn her next hit is hiding out, you know, the crowded bus station. With no description of what she looks like or profile finding her is next to impossible so, in Malcolm Bright fashion he pretends to stab her target to lure her out. This works and ends up with Dani pulling some sweet moves to catch her.

Malcolm tries to interrogate her but she proves difficult even more so when he finds out that her one phone call was to the CIA to take a job offer with them. This gives Malcolm limited time with her. However, she does tell him that for someone to pull of this hit they would have had to have very intimate knowledge of Eve’s life. This means that Malcolm is going to have to check out Eve’s apartment.

Ainsley’s investigation

In the meantime, Ainsley tells her mother that she is going to investigate Nicholas and that she isn’t afraid. Jessica tells her that she isn’t afraid either, but she is upset that she keeps dating monsters. She has a type. Anyway, this puts Ainsley in a bar where Nicholas is meeting other people. While she thinks she is being slick, Nicholas spots her and calls her out on watching him. However, she plays it off that she is just checking for her mother, as in scoping out the new boyfriend type of thing. She also admits to him that she would like to do a profile on his for the station. He notices her ambition and throws out maybe getting her a promotion and while he doesn’t say it, it is probably so she will stop investigating him.

Finding the Killer

Going through Eve’s apartment is a big deal for Malcolm but when laying in bed and thinking about her he notices a whole in her ceiling around the same time that TJ notices them in other rooms. This means that the hitman has been watching her from the apartment above for some time. This leads them to the cctv in the apartment entrance where they notice the same man coming and going. He seems to always have on a hat and white pants. Malcolm quickly realizes that this is his father’s new guard. Realizing that he is in trouble Malcolm rushes there.

Turns out that Eddie the assassin is no match for Martin. At first it does seem like he is going to succeed but when Martin sees Malcolm coming to save him it motivates him to fight back. Not only that but it flips his crazy switch and Martin goes all Mountain on him. I really love the way they portrayed him here, just the way that switch flips to go from gouging out eyes to introducing himself to TJ like nothing just happened.

Malcolm also has his own freak out realizing that catching Eddie is nothing if Nicholas Endicott is still a free man. This has Malcolm visiting Eddie in the hospital.

Jessica and Gil

Meanwhile, Gil stops by to see Jessica after she has learned that yet another man, she has been with turns out to be a monster. We also get a little peak at their history. Apparently, there was a time where they considered dating but they let that window pass and Gil went on to get married. We know that didn’t work out so is now they second chance? Heck yeah, it is.

You’re Under Arrest

We saw Malcolm head to the hospital and enter the room but the next we see him he is at home and hallucinating about Eve. Then the team barges in and arrests him. Someone killed Eddie and there is irrefutable evidence that it was Malcolm even though he swears that Eddie was still alive when he left. I imagine that the team is arresting him as a formality and is going to work to prove his innocence in the next episode. However, this just shows what Nicholas can do when he feels threatened.

Deal with the Devil

The only other thing that happened this episode were these flashbacks with Martin and Nicholas. Malcolm had assumed earlier that Martin made a deal within the courts to spill information about Nicholas in order to get a lighter sentence. Close, but not quite. Turns out that Martin made a deal with Nicholas. He agrees to keep what he learned a secret and in exchange Nicholas pulled strings for him. However, now that Martin has spilled what he knows to his family this deal is now over.

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