The Flash Episode 16, ‘So Long and Goodnight’ Breakdown!

It feels like it has been so long since we have had a Flash episode, but after a short break it looks like we will finish out the season over the next couple weeks. Like many other shows the last few episodes were canceled because of productions halts. What does this mean for The Flash? Well, episode 19 is going to be the finale instead of extending to episode 22 like normal. I do think that we are going to get some conclusion to the Mirror Master storyline that has been playing out since Crisis. We are also still going to get an appearance of Godspeed in episode 18. What we aren’t going to get is this big Reverse Flash moment at the end of the season like Grant Gustin teased or that Black Flash suit. If you don’t know what I am talking about I will leave links to Grant’s posts at the end of this post.

Mirror Master

So, we know that there is something up with Eva. She has been creating these mirror versions of people, like Iris, and using them to set things up so she can go after her husband Joseph Carver. While it seems that everyone Is after Carver, Eva has probably had the most time to make her plans. What she doesn’t want is someone like the Flash getting in her way.

When Iris tells her that she can now see the screen clearly and she is hoping to get a message to Barry, she also lets Eva in on Barry’s secret. Iris thinks that Barry can help get them out by using his phasing powers. However, Eva doesn’t want that. When Iris goes back to working Eva talks with Mirror Iris and tells her that she wants her to have Barry drained and soon.

Tracking Sue

We haven’t seen Sue in a couple episodes but Ralph is still on her tale after she left him during the bank heist. In the closing of that episode we learned that she is also going after Carver for some other reason which we learn in this episode.

What Ralph discovers is that Sue has been making quick work of banks but going into charity events and hacking into the computers. He asks for help from Cisco who has been working on creating this other Speedforce, but he is willing to help Ralph too. They attend a brunch in Central City thinking that this is where Sue is going to hit next. At first it seems that January Galore is there, the arms dealer that Barry and Ralph met earlier this season, but that ended up being Sue’s disguise to get in and past Ralph. Of course, once the cameras go out, they find her. I love the interaction with her and Cisco and I think she is really going to fit in well with the team next season since she has been bumped to a series regular. She does get away from them but only temporarily.

After doing research into the banks that Sue has hit, Ralph confronts her while she is in the process of another job. He now knows that Sue has been going after banks connected with Joe Carver and Black Hole because Carver has been extorting money from her parents. This is when we finally see the Sue behind all the lies, she confesses that her parents are good people and she is trying to protect them. She also seems really touched when Ralph offers to help. In exchange she gives him the diamond she stole that had the Black Hole information engraved in it. I feel like I could watch a whole show with just these two.

Going After Carver

So, not like this is different from the other two people going after Carver, Joe seems to be taking a more direct approach. He has been investigating Carver and Carver knows it which puts a target on his back. This is apparent in the very opening of the episode when Carver calls in the hit and then we see Joe almost die when his car goes speeding out of control.

Barry figures out that Ragdoll is the hitman that got in the car right as Ragdoll makes his second attempt to kill Joe when he is questioning Sunshine. Barry runs to save Joe but with his power draining because of the death of the Speedforce, Barry misses one of the bullets and it hits Joe in the arm. This isn’t enough to stop Joe though because he is determined to bring down Carver. Iris even pushes Barry by telling him that she can’t lose her dad, way to lay on the guilt mirror lady.

To top all of it off Joe decides that he is just going to show up at Carvers and threaten him, solid plan. Carver admits to trying to kill Joe and Joes gets it on tape, but then he tells Carver he got it on tape so Carver then uses his emp tech to delete it… Yes, that happened. This felt like sloppy writing to me personally.

Anyway, this confrontation only pushes Carver to go after Joe in a different way. Ragdoll attacks Allegra and Nash to get to Cecile. He straps her with a bomb and then Joe must save her. Joe saves her by switching spots with her so Barry can get her out of there. While Barry is running Cecile out, Joe pulls the wire he thinks will disarm it as Barry wastes some of the last of his speed going back to save him. After all of this, Joe decides that he will take Barry’s advice and go into witness protection. Sighn initiates this and then we see at the end of the episode that he is also one of Eva’s mirror people and his job was to get Joe out of the way.  

Mirrors are Bad for Relationships

The ending of the episode really has two major scenes. The first is with Joe Carver and Eva. She has a mirror delivered to Carver with the hopes of talking to him. Basically, she just wants to tell him that she knows that he has been using her designs and that she is going to be coming after him. He doesn’t take this too seriously, after all, she is trapped in a mirror. In the end Carver breaks the mirror ending the conversation.

For Iris and Barry, Barry returns home to his mirror Iris. She is upset that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Joe and pushes him heavily into using his speed to find Joe so she can say goodbye. When he refuses, she kicks him out of the house. I am going to link the trailer for the next episode but this pushes Barry into realizing that there is something wrong with Iris. Hopefully, this means we will see the completion of this storyline soon.

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