‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 15 ‘The Tower’ Breakdown!

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long to get this up, but my life has been hectic just as I am sure yours have been as well! This remote learning is kicking my ass! Anyway, I am finally getting around to watch and talk about the latest episode of ‘The Walking Dead’. Now I am sure you all know but the finale has been delayed until further this year because it was not done filming. One thing to look forward to about the finale. Maggie’s return. Yep, Lauren Cohan will be back in the finale! I am excited to learn about where she has been all this time and what she will be adding to the show now that Michonne has left.

The delay not only affected ‘The Walking Dead’, but also the upcoming spin-off ‘The Walking Dead: The World Beyond’. This is going to be a two season that will involve a group of teens. I am also sure that this is going to affect ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, but no official announcements yet.


One of the little storylines this episode is Lydia and her mourning of her mother. Judith, I think is the first to notice that something is wrong, but like Lydia tells her, their mothers are a little different. Lydia hated her mother so mourning her death is something that is a real struggle. When Negan sees her interaction with Judith, he decides to throw his hat in to help. He tells her that it is okay to mourn her mother, you only get one of those, right? He admits that even part of him liked Alpha which is not the easiest thing to do. This admission is really what pushes her over the edge, that and Negan pushing for her to hit him. He wants her to work through her grief so it does not become an obstacle in fitting in with the others.

Teach Me to be You

After talking with Lydia, Judith leaves the safety of the hospital where all the residents of Alexandria are hunkering down. They are doing this because they know that Beta has amassed this herd that he will surely be using against them. Judith wants to be out there helping like the other adults so, she leaves a note for Gabe and heads out. Daryl finds her and is going to send her back, but she begs to stay out there to learn how to protect people like he does. Daryl agrees on the conditions that she stays with him and listens to everything he says.

A short time into their scouting they come across a small group of walkers being led by a whisperer. They take out the walkers easily and then chase after the whisperer. Daryl ends up putting an arrow through her and she begs for him to take it out. He says that he will in exchange for information. The only thing that she can provide is that she was a scout but decided to break off on her own because Beta has lost it. She does not know if Beta knows where the Alexandrians are hiding. Instead of removing the arrow Daryl puts another one in, killing her.

Judith is upset, not only that he killed her but that they left her there. She thinks about her mom being out there and what if they same thing happens to her. This opens a conversation with Daryl and Judith where she admits that she just wants to go back home and be with Michonne and RJ like before. We also learn that the conversation she has with Michonne after the fire she has kept secret. She does not get a chance to tell Daryl what was said, only that she feared he would leave too. They are interrupted by the walkie calling for help before she can tell him about what Michonne found.

An Errand

Another issue at the hospital has been the radio system. With Eugene out looking for Stephanie this leaves Luke to rig something up. Of course, there is a part he needs that is not here and it is Carol that volunteers to go out. She does not go alone though; Kelly decides to go with her and this give them a chance to talk about what happened with Connie and the cave. Kelly says that she understands why Carol did what she did and she has hope that Connie is still out there. She even goes on to say that Carol is an asset to the group and that maybe her brokenness is a superpower.

The Herd

So, Beta we know has a big ass herd and he is ready to use it, but when arriving to Alexandria they place is empty, well, mostly. Aaron and Alden are there in the windmill as lookouts getting information about the herd and where they are headed after here. Beta is disappointed to find the place empty and during this psychotic break he gets a message from the walkers to ‘be patient’ and the path will present itself. They do head out to Oceanside which is near where Darryl and Judith are out patrolling which is why they came across the scouts.

Aaron and Alden continue to watch the herd following it to what they assume is Oceanside. However, on the walk Beta sees the broken branches and then a cat. These are all indicators he follows which will lead to the hospital. When he switches course for the hospital Alden and Aaron being to head the way but are instead captures by more whisperer scouts. The very end of the episode is Gabriel calling to Darryl that they are surrounded and then the images of the hospital being surrounded.

Getting Wheels

My favorite part of the episode was Princess. It is nice to have a new character especially one that is not crazy…. well… Homicidal. Yumiko is the first to be suspicious of Princesses motives, but she offers to help them after she shots walker scaring off the horses. Ezekiel is willing to allow for her to guide them to ‘wheels’ that can help them make their meeting, but Yumiko isn’t sure. It is Eugene and his desperation to make the meeting that sways the vote for Princess to become their tour guide.

 They begin to head out to these promised rides and ends up taking them through a mine field, its okay though, she knows the way through. Of course, then she loses count and is not so sure about getting them out. Yumiko is ready to murder her, and Ezekiel admits that her cheese has slid off her cracker. The real confrontation happens after they leave the mine field and Eugene realizes that they are on the same street they were on earlier. This leads to Princess admitting that she may have taken the scenic route in order to spend time with them, it has been awhile since she has seen a person. Eugene finds her mistakes relatable, after all we met Eugene when he was doping Abraham into talking him to D.C.

Princess does make good on getting them wheels, but not the kind they were thinking. Instead she takes them to a bicycle shop, but hey, it beat walking. Happy that Princess made good on her word to get them a ride, Yumiko ends up asking Princess to come with them to the meeting so, it seems we will be getting more of Princess in the finale!

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