The Rookie Season 2, Episode 16-17 Breakdown!

Hey everyone! Now that I am getting back into the swing of things, I wanted to jump back in with the breakdown for the latest two episodes of ‘The Rookie’. To me, both episodes really focused in on Nyla both in her family life that we know is complicated and her former work life which is also complicated. However, she does not get all the spotlight as there are some stellar guest appearances in these two episodes.

American Idol

If you saw the promos then the guest appearance of the American Idol host and judges should not have been a surprise but it was still a nice treat. Not only that, but we got to see Lucy show off her pipes in a scenario where she was not about to die, well, I guess that depends on how annoyed Bradford was…

Anyway, while this is a cool cameo, most of you may not know that Melissa O’Neil, the actress that plays Lucy is a former Canadian Idol winner. Not only was she the first female winner but the youngest at the age of 16!! Other than the fun connection to Melissa’s past this really has no bearing on the episode.

A Good Story

Another Cameo in this episode is Roselyn Sanchez who plays a reporter looking for a scoop. In real life she is married to Eric Winter, the actor that plays Tim Bradford. On the show she sort of dups Lucy into helping with a story even with Tim’s warning. Once Lucy realizes that she is being used to make a high-profile arrest she calls in Tim because this is not the sort of thing she can do on her own as a rookie. He does come in to help but immediately removes the reporter from the picture. Reporters do not go away that easy and she ends up almost falling to her death for a picture of the hookup/robbery. Tim and Lucy save her and luckily also had Angela and Jackson there as back up.


Speaking of Angela and Jackson. They are working the graveyard this shift so we do not see too much of them. However, we do know that after these 5 days they are getting a week off. For Angela, Wesley has a whole week getaway planned. Jackson puts the thought out there that maybe Wesley is planning to propose. This sends Angela into a frenzy thinking that at some point in the next week she is going to be proposed too. She must always think about her hair, will the ring fall out of the hot air balloon, yada yada. When she returns home after her shift Wesley immediately proposes to her because he was feeling that same panic, seriously, what if he dropped the ring? So, they get engaged with the next week planned as their engagement celebration!


Early in the episode Nyla’s ex, Donovan stops in and talks to her about their daughter Lyla. Apparently, she has been having nightmares, something that she used to have but have since resurfaced. Nyla promises to stop by and check on her during her shift.

Nolan and Nyla make the stop and are immediately greeted by one of Nyla’s former neighbors. Nyla does not really remember him but when she and her family moved in here, she was more consumed with her work than her neighbors.

Inside Nolan waits in the living room with Donovan and learns more about Lyla’s previous nightmares. When Nyla was working in undercover, she took Lyla to the store where a former dealer recognized her and tried to kill her in front of Lyla. Not only did Lyla have nightmares but Donovan used this as motivation in court to show that Nyla was not safe for Lyla.

With Lyla, she explains the Nyla that she not seeing ghosts, but she saw someone that looked like a ghost outside. It was a woman with blood on her hands in the street. Nyla promises to come back that night to look. She asks for Nolan to tag along to be a buffer with her ex, but Nolan already has a date planned with Grace. Instead of cancelling his date or not being there for Nyla he decides to do both. He brings Grace to the stake out. They all eat dinner together where they end up talking about Donovan dating again. She is not necessarily upset that he is dating just that he has not introduced them and she would be spending time with Lyla. Donovan denies that he has a girlfriend. Later he convinces her that he does not have a girlfriend and Nyla thinks that maybe it is time for him to move on.

While they can settle their argument, this also pushes Grace to confess that she has not actually started divorcing her husband yet, BUT she is sure the relationship is done. She just needs for things with her and Nolan to move terribly slow.

As for the ghost. After Grace leaves Nolan and Nya begin their stakeout and quickly find the problem. This ghost is an old lady that has been out in the middle of the night wearing a night gown looking for the coyote that attacked her dog. They get this all sorted out and Nolan decides it is time for him to go.

Nyla stays to be there when her daughter wakes up but also has a talk with her that night to explain everything. Her daughter brings up the incident at the grocery store and admits that she still thinks about it and worries about her mom. Nyla comforts her and when she is ready to leave the room her daughter mentions the screams she heard before, the male screams….

Meanwhile, Nolan heads outside to leave and finds the woman’s dog snowball. He also finds out when chasing the dog that the neighbor across the street that he and Nyla spoke to as someone tied up inside his house. Before he can act on it, he is hit over the head and strung up. Obviously, the guys intend to kill him, but Nolan manages to keep himself alive long enough for Nyla to become suspicious and head over to recuse him.


In episode 17 we have a few faces we have seen on the show before, Bianca and Ripper. Bianca was John’s Confidential Informant that attempted to kill herself earlier this season. It seems since then he has helped her get clean and better her life. This makes finding her dealing drugs a disappointment. To save herself she tells John about a big Fentanyl shipment that is coming in town. Of course, the guy with his hands on it is Ripper, the dealer that Nyla and Nolan dealt with earlier this season, however, he knows them as Crystal and her old man.

However, they do use the information she gave them to set up a bust, however, before they get to move in, they are stopped by the DEA. Apparently, these drugs they have been following and lost them when Ripper moved in and stole the stash, now they have no idea where it all is located. Agent Banks, the man in charge, is someone that Nyla used to work back when she was going undercover work. He pushes for Nolan to get Bianca to go in and set up a deal with Ripper. However, Nolan does not think that Bianca is ready for that. In the end he stands up to Banks and makes it clear that they will not be using Bianca.

Harper mentions to Nolan that it seemed that Bianca was more upset about disappointing Nolan than being arrested and it make it clear to him that maybe he let her develop thoughts about their relationship that he doesn’t feel. He makes it clear to her that there is nothing between them when he lets her go which upsets her.

With her out of the picture the next best person to contact Ripper is Crystal, but since her MO is that she is a tweaker, Ripper is not likely to take her seriously. This means that John is going to have to resume his role as her old man. Together they go into Ripper’s new set up and offer the deal. The story is that it is going to John’s cousin for 1 million and they will split the profit. Ripper says he has some checking to do but the deal seems to be good.

Ripper later calls to confirm the deal and the meeting. However, the team decides to sit on the house in case he decides to sell it out from under them. Other than some sexual tension from Banks and Harper, everything is chill until Bianca shows up to tip off Ripper that the cops are on to him. This really sets some chaos in motion. They know that Bianca is in danger because they are going to know that it was her that snitched. They also know that Ripper is going to be working to get the stash to a safe place.

A few moments later a vehicle leaves the house which they think is a decoy. They head inside but only find a couple guys. This means that Ripper left in the decoy car with Bianca. Luckily, they had Tim and Lucy follow the truck. That luck only lasts a few moments though because Ripper has another guy ram Lucy and Tim which knocks them out of the chase and sends Ripper out in the wind.

It is not long though before they are able to track Ripper’s burner phone, luckily, he left behind the packaging. They get there in time to save Bianca, although she ends up in jail. They also take down Ripper and secure the drugs.

For Nolan, this situation earns him a beer from Grey and for Nyla she gets a job offer to work with the DEA again. Even though it does not involve going under cover she turns down the job because she is happy where she is now. She will take dinner though.

Dating Advice

For Lucy, this episode she is confronted with the fact that he may have become a third wheel to Jackson his boyfriend. However, she does come across someone that is into her when her and Tim end up chasing a cookie thief. When he ends up headfirst in a windshield, they call in paramedics and Lucy catches the eye of EMT Emmett. He knows Tim well but Tim is not willing to interfere in anyway with Lucy’s love life. So, when Emmett asks Lucy out, she tells him that she cannot. Later when on the stake out, Tim confesses to Lucy that he feels responsible for what happened to her because he pushed her today, however, she tells him that it was not his fault and that she still trusts him. He ends the conversation by letting her know that she is too good for Emmett… sure Tim, that is it.

When they are involved in their accident, Emmett is again on scene. Lucy confesses to him that she lied but that things are complicated for her. He lets her know that when things are not complicated anymore, he will still be interested.

A Good Word

Angela this episode finds herself under the spotlight of a detective but it is not a good thing at first. Angela and Jackson are called to a woman that has been murdered and the detective, Rita Calderon, is eager to close it blaming the husband. Angela feels like some of the eyewitnesses that spotted a blue sedan were onto something but the detective tells her to drop it. Of course, Angela does not drop it and finds a few other homicides with the same MO, a recent large bank withdraws and a blue sedan. The detective learns about Angela’s side investigation and confronts her and even has the nerve to act like she is playing the other side of the law since she is with Wesley. Angela though, has the evidence to back herself up which ends up leading to an arrest of a bank teller. The Detective ends up apologizing to Angela and even going as far to recommend her for a detective position. This is something that Angela wanted earlier and tested high for but lost due to some issues earlier this season.

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