Manifest Season 2 Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! It has been a minute since I have posted, but with all our loves being flipped upside down due to this pandemic, I have been struggling to find a good working schedule between my main job, school work with kids and blogging. Of course, blogging took the back seat. However, I think I have it figured out so I can watch and write about my favorite shows along with fitting in sleep.

Anyway, back to why you clicked on this post, Manifest has concluded with their season 2 as scheduled. Other shows have had production halted, but because Manifest had already filmed their 13 episodes they went on uninterrupted. This breakdown is going to be for those last three episodes, if you want to read about the other episodes they are linked in the bottom.

Basically, we have the conclusion of Zeke’s death date storyline and Cal’s shadows calling, plus a huge cliffhanger at the end. Of course, we all want to know how that is going to play out but there is not an announcement either way about a season 3 of Manifest.

Meth Bust

What really kicks off the ending of these two main storylines is this scene with Mick. She is minding her own business when she witnesses a kid running from a crime scene. When she gets a calling to let the kid go, she does, but later finds out that he took more than a candy bar. He took medication commonly used in the making meth and this has not been the only hit. Concerned that by listening to the calling she let go of a lead into a large meth ring she talks with Jared.

Jared agrees to help Mick investigate the ring and this is the first time they have worked together since the undercover stuff with the Xers. They begin their investigation with the bus that the kid boarded and talk with the driver that claims to know nothing. They get bus footage and locate the kid from the theft. He tells them that the bus is the drop off location which means that the driver knew more than he led them to believe. They also learn that the other thefts correlate with the bus line. The money is the traced to a Tri3 delivery company.

Jared and Mick not only stake out the house associated with Tri3 delivery company, but Jared makes it clear that his kindness to Mick is not to win her back but to establish a friendship. Later they see the driver make a stop at the house and they head in after him. Inside Mick and Jared find three men and the meth operation, but this time when the callings tell her to let the men go, she does not listen. In the ending of episode 10 we see that the shadows that Cal has been seeing is these three men that are now in jail. Plus, the house explodes and if Mick would have listened then they would have been in the house and not a problem for them.


As for Zeke, he is really struggling with his sobriety and the death date. To add to this, it is the anniversary of his sister’s death. However, with the help of his counselor he sees this more as a time to find closure. This opportunity comes in an unexpected way when TJ has a calling that leads him and Ben to a phoenix mosaic in the subway. There they stop a man from killing himself and take him to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Grace is there with Eden for her checkup. Zeke also ends up being there for his treatment with Saanvi. He overhears Grace singing a tune to Eden that his own father made up and was a family thing. She says that she got the tune from Cal. Then Ben makes the connection with the man that he and Travis saved because he had a little matchbook music bx that played the same song. Putting all of this together, this man that tried to kill himself is Zeke’s father. Zeke holds a lot of angry for his father because he left him and his mother after his sister’s death. However, it is also clear that dad is not doing so well since he just tried to become a subway pancake. Zeke does go see him and they are able to talk through thinks and make amends.

Oh, I should probably also mention that Zeke and Mick get engaged and plan to get married before his upcoming death date a few days away.


While the majority of episode 12 revolves around the wedding of Mick and Zeke, we still have these three meth guys to deal with. Mick and Jared spend time talking to them but do not get far and they are transferred to jail. Of course, the three of them overpower the guards and make a break for it with main guy set on getting revenge on Mick.

Ben’s Calling

Also, during the wedding planning Ben gets a calling about the plane exploding. The plane did explode back in season 1 so this is a weird calling to have now. However, Ben goes to check it out. This takes him to the hanger where he runs into another passenger, the plane inspector. He feels guilt about the flight going wrong and thinks that everything must be his fault. However, Ben assures him with the research he has done that there was not anything wrong with the plane. End of calling. Well, not really. He keeps seeing this calling. At first this leads him to a thrift shop where he finds his mother’s veil after their father got rid of everything. Now the calling is over… except he has it again in episode 13 with no other explanation until the big cliffhanger we will talk about later.

The Wedding

The preparation for the wedding as a lot of sweet moments from Zeke’s bachelor party with Cal consisting of Monopoly to Zeke’s mom giving her a broach. Of course, the big moment was Ben returning with their mother’s veil which to Mick is a sign that this is what is supposed to be happening.

Jared takes the news about as good as could be expected. He does show up at first but when seeing Mick in her dress he leaves, but in a respectful and peaceful way. The rest of the wedding goes as planned with vows, dancing, drinking, and some frostbite. It is after the wedding where all goes to hell.


After the wedding, Cal is taken by the three men. They call Mick and tell her and in exchange for Cal they want their stash back. She decides to do this off book and on her own. Obviously, everyone is upset which Zeke having additional callings about his upcoming death. Mick heads to the precinct to get the Meth but because she is listed as being on vacation and Jared was the lead officer, she has to call in Jared. Even though she is reluctant to tell him what is going on at first, he gets the meth and offers his help.

They set up the initial meeting with the kidnappers but of course that goes sideways which brings in the Captain who wants to do things by the book. Mick obviously spends a lot of time blaming herself since she ignored the calling but two things help them find Cal.

One of the kidnappers has a soft spot for Cal and lets him use his phone to get a coded message to Oliver. This gives them a general location of where to find Cal. The Zeke has the calling where he is dying but now, he sees Cal as well along with three power lines that match the area and give them a better indicator of the location where Cal is being held. Mick and Ben along with Zeke head to the area they think he is being held while the others stay behind to gloss things over with the captain.

As they close in on the cabin, Zeke stays behind in the SUV. When he has the calling again, he heads out by himself following the calling. Meanwhile, Mick and Ben are spotted close to the cabin which spooks the kidnappers. The one kidnapper helps Cal escape but then the others chase after him. This leads to a showdown on the ice. To add to the mix, we have some mysterious lightning that cracks the ice. The kidnappers and Cal fall into the ice-cold water and Zeke goes in after them. He does get Cal out but is then grabbed and pulled under by one of the men. After a short time, Ben pulls him out but he is not alive. However, a miracle happens complete with a glowing light and he magically comes back to life probably because of his faithfulness to the callings.

Obviously, there is a lot of celebrating but with the bodies of the kidnappers missing there is some concern as well.

The Major

One thing I have not mentioned was the return on the Major. In the end of episode 10 Saanvi’s lab is shut down and her license is revoked. The only information that she gets is that someone in the government had something to do with it. This has her reaching out to Vance and going to great length to find him. While at the wedding she gets the text that tells her of her meeting with Vance.

Vance tells her that they must have had a breakthrough with the research which is why the Major shut down Saanvi, she was no longer needed and a loose end. Vance has been tracking the Major and shows Saanvi where they have been able to find her. Of course, Saanvi goes off the rails and confronts her with the hope that the Major would bring her on board so she can save Zeke. The Major has no interest.

Later Saanvi again meets with her but this time is armed with something that causes the major to have breathing trouble. In exchange for the injection to stop the poisoning, Saanvi wants to know how to save Zeke. There is a struggle for the vial but it ends up breaking and with her dying breath the Major tells Saanvi that there is not a cure, the government has learned to weaponize the callings.

Saanvi is pretty upset after because the intention was not to kill the Major and I think we will really see her fall off the deep end into madness next season.

The Cliffhanger

So, I have mentioned this several time already but wanted to talk about it last and separate. Ben has been having these callings of the plane exploding but that already happened. The plane safely landed and then a short time later there was the explosions. The real question now is, how is a fishing boat pulling up one of the wings out of the ocean? Yes, the plane was not only in New York but also in the ocean?! We need a season 3.

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