Prodigal Son Season 1, Episodes 16-18 Breakdown!

FINALLY! Real answers about the girl in the box, well, almost. Of course, there was a catch! But these three episodes take us future into Martin’s past and his crimes. Unfortunately, they may take us to someone even worse than Martin himself.

As for the schedule, Prodigal Son is a show that is affected by COVID-19 production halts and at this time only one more episode is scheduled for April 20th. The rest of the season has yet to be filmed and they have not announced if or when the remaining episodes will be filmed. They could decide to show them later this year or cancel them all together. As soon and they make an announcement I will be sure to make a post about it.

The Job

Episode 16, The Job, was named after this week’s case where a young crew is raiding jewelry stores on motorcycles. They smash, they grab, they confuse, and they kill. Well, at least someone is killing, but the murder doesn’t match the type of MO that you would see from these types of thefts. Malcolm thinks that the killer is most likely someone from the crew but is separating himself in order to fill his adrenaline addiction.

The case gets interesting when one of Malcolm’s old boarding school friends, Vijay Chandasara, enter the scene. He works for the insurance company and his job is to locate the high-end stolen merch so they don’t have to pay the claim. Not only is he working this case with Malcolm, he is in a way working against them as well since his goal is to get the stolen goods and not catch the killer. It also brings up some trust issues in Malcolm that become a theme these few episodes. Apparently, they were close in school because they both had messed up fathers. However, Malcolm feels that when Vijay’s father got out of jail Vijay ghosted him.

However, Vijay does give them a way to catch the killer. There are only certain people that buy this high dollar merchandise and that is going to be there way in. Of course, they must figure out who to get in with first. This comes later after another robbery and murder has been committed. Okay, so there wasn’t a murder, but the killer tries really hard. He put a bullet in her head but she lived and is now in surgery. She also strikes a heavy resemblance to the first victim.

Malcolm blackmails himself into the operating room with the help of Martin who used to be the Head of Surgery at this hospital. The victim can’t confirm what the man’s face looked like because of the damage from the bullet, but she does remember that they were alone, the name coop, and that he had a peacock tattoo on his arm. With some digging, Vijay and Malcolm determine that the killer and the robbers must belong to a Chinese gang that all have a Phoenix tattoo, their leader is also Cooper Wu. That doesn’t mean that Cooper is the killer, just someone in his crew is likely their guy.

This is really when the trust issues with Malcolm and Vijay come into play because Malcolm thinks that he is going to set up a buy with Cooper to get the watches which will foil their murder investigation. Malcolm brings up the stuff from their past but Vijay says that it was Malcolm who stopped showing up to things and not the other way around. Malcolm still has him tailed.

Later when Vijay slips the tail, they know that he is most likely going to meet with Cooper. Malcolm remember his friend finds him at the meeting spot and even though Vijay doesn’t want him there, Malcolm slips into the deal by pretending to be an appraiser. During the deal Malcolm not only appraises the watches but the crew as well. He takes his time talking to each one while Vijay secures payment with Cooper. However, it gets a little sideways when Grant recognizes by Malcolm’s behavior that he must be a cop. Malcolm does admit that he works with police, but that he is only there to catch a killer which throws some of them since they didn’t know about the murders. Cooper knew though and has been working to figure out which one of his crew it could be.

Cooper sends Vijay and his family member Alex away with the watches to get the rest of the money but Malcolm stays behind. At first Vijay wasn’t going to leave his friend behind but Malcolm chews him out about his dad as incentive to leave him behind. Once alone with the crew Malcolm calls out Sheila on having curly hair and matching the description of the victims. He then says that it must be Pete because he was in love with her. Grant is immediately upset because Pete has made all of them an accessory to murder. However, Cooper doesn’t want Grant to kill him. Basically, they are all pointing their guns at one another and Malcolm tips them over the breaking point to where they all shoot.

He does have a quick vision on his father calling himself a murder for talking them all into killing each other, but it turns out they aren’t all dead. Sheila and Pete survived. Pete admits that he had saves his cut on the money so him and Shelia could leave together and when she wouldn’t he snapped. Just as he is about to shoot them Vijay returns and runs him over. Gil, Dani and TJ aren’t far behind because they saw VJ knock out Alex and head back to Malcolm. Case Solved.

Baby Snatching

Episode 17 has an interesting case where a man is killed at a baby party. Like a baby shower for mommy bloggers. The victim and his wife are high profile bloggers with a brand. Ezra, the victim, was stabbed in the neck with a champagne bottle from the scene telling them that this was not a planned murder. His wife, Alessa and the Nanny, Christine, find the body but seem to be innocent at first glance. This has them looking into Ezra himself for potential motive.

They decide to investigate their friends and the other nannies in the same circle and a possible affair between Ezra and Christine comes to light. They investigate Christine and find out that not only is her identity fake, but Ezra recently made a 30,000 withdraw behind Alessa’s back. Malcolm and Dani head to see her that night and notice that her previous wound she claimed to have received days prior is now bleeding. They talk with her about this supposed affair and the money but Alessa denies that any of it is possible. While talking they begin to hear noise upstairs, which would be Christine who is headed in the direction of the Nursery. On the baby monitor they see her pick up the baby and they think that she is trying to take the baby. They run upstairs to find that the baby is there but Christine is gone.

They do think that Christine will make another attempt for the baby and have Alessa monitored. In the meantime, they find Christine’s husband, Lucas from Canada that has been looking for her since she disappeared months prior.  He tells them that she had a troubled past but that he thought she was in a good place until she disappeared. The working theory is not that Christine killed Ezra because he caught her trying to steal the baby.

However, things head in another direction when they find out that Alissa may not be the mother of baby Nina at all when she is caught throwing out her pregnancy suit. She admits that she was not pregnant, but that her and her husband had tried several times. She is a type 1 diabetic and had complications. This caused a rift in their marriage that they were about to solve by finding a surrogate, Christine. This was all handled under the table because they were a higher profile couple with their brand.

The plot thickens even further once they get a call that Christine has been found. She has been beaten after being found by her husband. As it turns out she left him because he was violent, but he has since found her. She says that the 30,000 dollars was pay off money to Lucas but he refused the money and killed Ezra instead. So, she didn’t try to steal the baby, she left to protect it because she was not a surrogate. The baby belongs to her and Lucas and now he wants the baby.

This obviously puts Alessa and baby Nina in danger so Malcolm heads there to stop Lucas. This leads to an interesting show down with Alessa, Malcolm and Lucas with the result of Alessa beating the crap out of Lucas with a crystal ball. In the end Christine signs over custody to Alessa and everyone moves on happy with Lucas in jail. Even Malcolm discovers that TJ is about to be a father which he promises to keep quiet for now.

Ballet Homicide

The case in episode 18 ends up connected to the girl in the box arc because it brings in an old friend of Jessica’s, however, the case on its own is separate. The opening of the episode is at the house of this old friend, Nicholas Endicott, the owner of a Ballet company who is putting on a fundraiser for the company. Jessica expects Malcolm to show as her plus one and of course he doesn’t. However, the conversation with Nicholas and Jessica is interesting. We know that after Martin was accused of being the Surgeon and sent away that Jessica’s popularity took a hit but it seems that through it all Nicholas was willing to remain friends which meant a lot to her.

As the evening moves forward there is a dance to help raise funds. Unfortunately, during the dance, the male dancer begins spraying blood and falls over dead…. Probably not the ending they were looking for, but enough to bring Malcolm to the party. Of course, this brings Gil to the party as well creating some awkward tension with Jessica, Nicholas, and Gil.

The victim is Javier, a recent Cuban defector. His defection was bank rolled by Nicholas himself. During the autopsy they discover that he was poisoned through the cortisone injections in his knee. Idrisa says that this should have been very painful but dancers are trained to ignore this type of pain. The first suspect is the man that Javier replaced when coming to the company, Joseph. He is removed as a suspect though after learning that even with Javier’s death Joseph couldn’t dance with his dislocated shoulder. While they are there things do take an interesting turn when another dance is attacked, this time with pepper spray in her contacts case. During a line up of the dancers one of the girls admits that she did it but at the request of someone else, someone higher up that she cannot name. Malcolm narrows this down to the principle dancer, Fiona. Fiona admits that she told Suzie to hurt the other girl but not that bad, however, she wouldn’t hurt Javier because she loved dancing with him. She does tell them that Javier recently wanted to leave the company though, which has them looking at Nicholas who paid for him to come here and would be upset if he left.

They head to Nicholas’s and happen to find Jessica there as well. He tells them that he rescues Javier from a Cuban ballet company that was under scandal after the owner poisoned several dancers when they learned he was embezzling money. The owner, Ivan has since been killed however, the similarities can’t be ignored and has them wondering what could be happening. Later they talk to Fiona again and learn that Javier has been having issues since coming to rehearsals at the theater which makes Malcolm realize that something here must have spooked him. He puts the clues together and realizes that his former company owner must have made it out of Cuba alive and was working at the theater, seeing him would have certainly spooked Javier and to keep him quiet Ivan poisoned him as well.

They then lock down the theater, find him in the process of taking Fiona hostage but in the end bring him in.

The Girl in the Box

So, while all of that was happening, we were also getting closer in these three episodes to learning what happened to this girl. As most of us predicted, it has something to do with Eve. She comes back into the picture thanks to a call from Jessica trying to patch things over with her and Malcolm after his night terror incident when he almost killed. This also happens around the same time that Malcolm agrees to see Martin twice every ten days. He agrees to this so Martin will make the police statement that it was Jessica that stabbed him underdress from another serial killer. So, basically Malcolm has a lot going on.

On Malcolm’s dinner date with Eve he admits that he has been having dreams about a girl that he remembers that he believes was one of his father’s victims. She comforts him here reminding him that he was only 10 years old and none of it was his fault. She later seeks out Jessica which was a rouse to find this box that Malcolm was talking about and in a weird twist of events she gets in the box? Yes, weird.

Over the next couple weeks in the storyline her and Malcolm become close and she stays with him even having the title of boyfriend/girlfriend. However, Malcolm can’t help but shake the feeling that Eve is hiding something. This even manifests in his dreams. He talks with Ainsley about it first and they both agree to investigate her more. Malcolm asks Dani to run a background check on her but she denies saying that if he wants to ruin his own relationship, he is going to have to do it alone. She must tell TJ because he later gives the advice that he needs to either trust her or be honest with her.

Before Malcolm has the chance to talk with Eve, Ainsley digs up some dirt. This comes out when Eve is meeting Jessica specifically about the girl in the box. Eve says that she thinks that this could be a girl names Sophie, but Ainsley accuses her of having a personal connection with Sophie because they are from the same area. Eve denies it and leaves, but Ainsley and Jessica take this to Malcolm.

At Malcolm’s they tell him that Eve weaseled her way into the family to get information about Sophie. Something she admits to when she walks in on the conversation. She says that Sophie is her sister, but then leaves. Later her and Malcolm can talk one on one and she apologizes. She never meant to hurt him but she wanted answers, something Malcolm can relate to. He pushes her to show him what she has and when he sees the picture of Sophie, he knows that this was the girl from the box.

Together they agree to work on this to get answers about where she was buried, however, Malcolm knows that in order to get the answers they are going to have to talk with Martin. Martin though has a way of not being very forthcoming so they need to manipulate him into giving the truth. Eve goes with Malcolm to talk with Martin. Not only does she smack Martin in the face to rile him up but then they cut him off from communication leaving him to fester knowing this will push the truth out of him. When Malcolm leaves Martin you can see that in a way Martin is worried about Malcolm and the rabbit hole they are about to enter.

Since he is not able to talk with Malcolm, Martin turns to talking to Jessica. By this point we are in episode 18 and she has been hanging out with Nicholas. She points this and their picture out in the newspaper to stab at Martin. This really seems to affect Martin but the reasoning isn’t super apparent at first. I do think that this is what really pushes Martin to tell Malcolm and Eve the truth though. When Malcolm doesn’t answer his calls, he reaches out to Eve to set up a meeting.

This time he tells them about Sophie and the trip to the cabin. This was after the incident Malcolm and the Junkyard Killer where Malcolm stabbed him. However, Martin had his hands full and needed to hurry up and finish off Sophie. When he gives her the moment to say her last words this is where things get interesting. She doesn’t know that she has been taken by a serial killer, she thinks that someone has put a hit out on her because she learned about something she wasn’t supposed to. So, she buys herself an hour in order to explain everything to Martin. When her story is over, which we don’t get to hear, Martin lets her go. What they do tell use is that the real monster in Sophie’s tale isn’t Martin, but Nicholas Endicott! Yes, the man that Jessica is hanging out with. He doesn’t reveal that to Malcolm but he gives him enough to know that this is a dangerous situation.

Back at Malcolm’s he tells Eve that he believes that Malcolm is telling the truth which makes this not a Malcolm issue anymore even though he wants to help. Eve leaves him to strike out on her own to figure out what happened to her sister.

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