Walking Dead Season 10, Episodes 12-14 Breakdown!

Three big episodes with three drastically different storylines. We pick up in episode 12, “Walk with Us” after the burning of Hilltop to concludes a big part of the Whisperer’s storyline. We have been building to all season and it was a nice payoff. Typically, they save these moments for the season finale so I am excited to see what could be even bigger. Episode 13, “What We Become” focuses on Michonne and her last episode on the series. She left a few episodes ago with Virgil to find weapons against the Whisperers and finds something completely different. Then in episode 14, “Look at the Flowers”, we begin to look to the future now not only for the remainder of this season but the series.

A quick update about the scheduling of the show, due to production being halted for COVID-19. Some shows have decided to wrap their seasons up where they finished. For the Walking Dead, they are ending the season at 15 episodes for now and then plan to show the 16th episode at some undermined date later this year. Of course, that all depends on when production can resume. This also delays the new Walking Dead spin-off, “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” as well. I imagine that it will pick up on the same night as the 16th episode.

Where Are the Kids?

One of the big plot points in episode 12 is what happened to the kids that were at Hilltop. Initially they attempted to move them out last episode but with the roads blocked up Negan-Style, that wasn’t an option. This meant that they were at the Hilltop when it went up in flames with an agreement between Daryl and Ezekiel that one of them would get the kids to safety should things turn for the worse. In the few moments of the battle we see here Ezekiel does get to the kids but Judith is missing. Then we see that she is intercepted by Earl while she is out fighting.

Well, the worse happened and the Hilltoppers fled and met at predetermined rendezvous points. Daryl, Rosita, Jerry, Nabila and others headed to meet with Ezekiel to get the kids but when arriving at the house where they are supposed to be, the kids are not there.

Daryl and the others head back to Hilltop to see not that the dust has settled what they can find. There they find Ezekiel buried under some rubble but alive. He tells them that it was Earl that got the kids out. This tells them a location where they hope to find them. However, things are not great over with Earl and the kids.

Earl did manage to get the kids to safety and plans to wait there in this house until the others come. The catch is that in the process of getting out of Hilltop Earl was bitten by a walker and will be turning soon, he is already feeling weak. Once he has the kids resting and drinking water, he goes in the other room with the intention to off himself. Judith comes in and sees what he is doing and tries to talk him out of it. When she cannot she offers to stay, but he tells her to go in the other room so he can handle this. He then does the deed, but not well enough. He did kill himself but the nail didn’t penetrate his forehead. When Judith comes back later to check on him, he wakes as a walker.

The scene then cuts to the others outside of their building. The kids are happy to see Daryl and their parents. Daryl’s main objective is to find Judith. When he does, she is with a twice dead Earl. He sits there with her as she processes what just happened.


Meanwhile, Alden, Mary, and Kelly all ended up together with Mary’s nephew. She still wants to hold the baby since being reunited when she arrived at Hilltop. However, Alden isn’t keen on the idea. When the baby just won’t settle down, he has no choice but to let her calm the baby down and she manages to do that in moments.

Later when they are taking a break they become surrounded by walkers and must quickly flee. They find a van and after several nerve-wracking moments Kelly gets the door open. Mary pushes the others in and lures the walkers away. In the process she walks right into Beta. He basically gutses her but not before she takes some of his mask with her. Enough so one of the other Whisperers recognize him and then puts in place where he has heard his voice before, which will make more sense in episode 14. He then waits for her to turn into a walker, however, the minute she rises Alden puts an arrow in her.

Go to Your Meeting

During the battle at Hilltop in the opening scene there are several things that occur for Carol, Eugene, and Yumiko who all end up together. For Carol, she is basically stunned on the wall watching unfold the actions that she has put in motion. Even without knowing the ending, she was the one that broke the rules that led us here. Eugene is upset watching the building burn knowing that his radio equipment that he uses to talk to Stephanie is also burning. For Yumiko, she sees in the crowd of walkers Magna alive.

Later once out of Hilltop and on the move, Magna explains that her and Connie were separated and she never saw her again. This doesn’t mean that she is dead, I think that she is very much alive. However, they grieve her as if she is gone. Of course, being with Carol is a reminder that she is the reason they were stuck in the cave. This ends in Yumiko giving Carol a nice smack across the face.

After the altercation, Eugene checks on Carol and confesses that he has a scheduled meeting without the details. Carol encourages him to take this time to go to his meeting if it is something that important to him.

I’ll Give You What You Want

The Whisperers take the time to assess the damage after the battle and while they manage to hurt their enemy, Alpha doesn’t have what she wants the most. Lydia is not among the dead which means that she is out there somewhere. Beta then sends Negan out to work on rounding up Walkers and in the process, he sees Lydia running off. Before he gets to her he has a brief run in with Aaron who tries to kill him but with the walkers closing in Aaron is forced to let him go and save himself.

Negan does catch up to Lydia and takes her hostage but doesn’t bring her right to Alpha. Instead he ties her. He then meets with Alpha to tell her that he found what she wants the most. He then led Alpha there and the whole time tries to talk her out of killing Lydia. He even talks about his wife from before the apocalypse, but Alpha spins it to say that it is Lydia’s destiny to die and lead the walkers.

As they close in on the house, we see Lydia frantically trying to get out of her bindings and when she opens the door, she is not at the same building that Negan has led Alpha too. Instead Negan has led Alpha here to kill her. He then slits her throat. I think most of us assumed that it was going to be Negan that killed Alpha in the long run. I think that surprising bit was when he presented the head to Carol as they agreed upon.

You Have to Go

Episode 13 then focuses on Michonne before we get to the answers about this deal with Negan and Carol. For Michonne, her and Virgil make it to the island that his family was living on but neglected to tell her that his family was already dead. What is wants is for her to help him get his family out of one of the buildings so he can bury them. She does help him but clearing a building full of Walkers. His family was in one of the back rooms where they all hanged themselves.

Now that she has fulfilled her promise to him, even if it was not what she was expecting, it is time for Virgil to make good on these weapons. However, he wants to push that off until the next day. She agrees but that night decides to look around. She then hears a noise that sounds like other people, when but Virgil finds her and locks her in a room. He says that she ruined everything and then leaves her there.

The noise she heard earlier does end up being people that Virgil has locked up. They explain to her that there was some fight on the island after some new people came. This led Virgil to locking in the bad people in the building not knowing that his family was also in the building. Because of this Virgil snapped and locked up these other people as well. When Virgil provides her with food, they tell her to eat it that it is probably okay. Well, it isn’t. He has dosed her with what he calls ‘tea’ which then causes her to hallucinate.

In these hallucinations we see Michonne’s life how it could have been if she didn’t save Andrea all those years ago. Instead of ending up with Rick and the others she then ends up alone. She travels for some time until Negan finds her and saves her making her a Savior. I think that the only flaw here is that the prison was in Georgia while they are now in Virginia, but hey, it’s a hallucination. This has her becoming Negan’s right hand and in some trippy version of events she kills herself way back at the line up that killed Glenn and Abraham. She is then killed by Daryl and Rick during another one of the fights with the Saviors. She then comes to and this was really to kind of serves to remember the events that shaped her as a character.

When she comes down from her trip, she is sick. Virgil is there with her which allows for her to attack him to flee and in the process, she saves the others. However, when going to leave the island they see that Virgil set fire to the boat. When they find Virgil Michonne almost kills him but remembers the lessons that she has learned throughout her time with Rick and instead shows mercy. Virgil then takes her to her sword and other belongings. In the storage room she seems a very familiar pair of warn cowboy boots, Rick’s Cowboy boots. She is at first upset with Virgil thinking that he did something to Rick but he tells her that the boots washed up on shore from a boat.

Virgil then shows Michonne the Navy type boat that washed up and has since been abandoned. When going on board she finds another clue that Rick was here. On a cell phone he scratched both Michonne and Judith along with his name and other symbols. These are all definite clues that he is alive and out there somewhere.

The people that she recued then work on getting the boat back up and running to get off the island. They offer take Virgil with them but decides to stay behind. On the boat Michonne finally gets a hold of Judith. She skims over the details of their fight with the Whisperers only telling her that Alpha was dead. Probably the burning of Hilltop was an important detail too…. Anyway, Michonne does tell Judith that she found something that make her think that the ‘Brave man’ was there. This is Rick in her stories to Judith and RJ. Judith urges her to go find him instead of returning home. So, she does.

The final moments with Michonne show her taking two new walkers to walk with her. She must have separated from the others on the island but no mention of where they headed.  She later comes across a couple. The man is obviously injured and they are worried about making it to this large gathering of people before they leave them behind. There wasn’t an explanation of who this group was but I expect that the answers to that won’t come until the movie is released.

The Deal

In episode 14 we get back to this deal between Carol and Negan. This was back earlier this season. Carol comes to Negan and offers to set him free in exchange for Alpha’s head. What she promises is that once he kills Alpha, she will make sure that the people of Alexandria know what he has done and then they would forget everything he has done in the past. It’s at least a step in the right direction. However, she wanted this done fast.

In current time she remarks that it took so long, but he claims that he needed it to take this long if he was going to love through it. Carol then placed Alpha’s head on a spike, like how she found Henry, and leaves. Negan gets upset because she is not holding up her end, no one is going to believe he killed Alpha or about their deal unless she tells them. However, she just wants time alone right now and will get to it later.

Negan then heads to the house to free Lydia, but as we know, she is no longer there. Instead he meets the end of Daryl’s crossbow. Negan tries to explain that Carol let him out but as predicted Daryl doesn’t believe him.  He shows proof that he killed Alpha by presenting her mask, but for Daryl that isn’t enough. So, he takes him to the spikes where he left that head but that has been taken (More on that in a moment) However, at the spikes things turn in Negan’s favor when other Whisperers show up. They call Negan their new Alpha because he killed the previous Alpha and begin to do his bidding. They tie Daryl up and just when you think Negan is going to kill Daryl, he takes shots at the Whisperers. Of course, there was only one bullet, but between he and Daryl they clear them.

Together they wait for Carol to resurface and Negan admits that he did like being with Alpha in the sense that he felt like he mattered again instead of being locked in a cage. However, to him, Alpha takes things too far. He doesn’t like the idea of killing kids or innocent. (Tell that to Glenn)

Left Alone

Carol’s time isn’t exactly what she had in mind as she is haunted by Alpha. She has been telling herself that she just wants to be alone but this manifestation of Alpha is telling her otherwise. I think this all plays back to Carol’s death in the comics where she killed herself and wanted to die, but Carol on the show is different. She is haunted by those that she has failed and lost sure, but she proves that she doesn’t want to die after she is trapped and then fights her way out to survive. By the end of the episode Alpha disappears and she returns to Alexandria.

2 eyes, 1 truth

So Alpha is gone, the other Whisperers were willing to follow Negan, but what happened to Beta? Well, he found Alpha’s head on the spike along with two other Whisperers but didn’t take kindly to being called the new Alpha. Remember, like Alpha, he truly believes that the dead are people and important too. For God’s sake, she can still hear them! To prove his point, he shoves one of the Whisperers into Alpha’s faces causing him to be bitten and for the other one to take off. These two then head into town, but as the other one starts to turn, he draws attention so Beta uses him to feed another walker.

Then Beta heads into an old bar where we find out his identity. Sure, you had to read the context clues but the man on the poster and on the album here, that’s Beta. Which makes episode 12’s moment makes more sense when the one Whisperer recognized his face and voice. We see a concert poster announcing “Half Moon … the legend himself for one night only”; and Beta carrying a Half Moon vinyl wherever he goes. He tears off more of his mask, and we see Half Moon’s face on the album cover, which matches Beta’s face quite identically. He then uses this album to draw in a large gathering of Walkers. I am sure that this mass gathering is going to head to either Alexandria or Oceanside. Before he leaves, he makes sure that he embodies this note, 2 eyes, 1 truth. He then puts a knife in Alpha’s head and takes half of her face to make up for the part of his mask that is now missing.

Foolish Mission for the Future

Over with the people recouping from the devastating attack on Hilltop. Eugene works on Rosita who was injured in the fight and she urges him to tell their people about his recent communications and upcoming meeting. She knows because he happened upon their conversation and then they talked about it after Eugene got upset. Eugene then and there announces that he has been in communication with someone and has a meeting set up. Of course, everyone is shocked and worried but Ezekiel stands up for Eugene knowing that he would not take a risk that would endanger them. Eugene says that this may be foolish but he is hoping to build a friendship that with help them in the future. With the recent loss of Kingdom and then Hilltop, they desperately need friends.

After a conversation between Yumiko and Magna, Yumiko decides that she is going to go with Eugene. Magna is typically the adventurer but after he time in the cave she is looking for something a little more routine. Ezekiel also decides that he is going to go with Eugene. I guess he thinks that if worse comes to worse he is going to die either way. Jerry makes it clear that he doesn’t think that this is a good idea but doesn’t stop him from leaving. They do, however, share and emotional goodbye.

On the road they quickly come across some walkers in cages. They know that this isn’t alpha’s work, it just doesn’t follow her MO, but they don’t find any other explanation for this either because there isn’t anyone around. After some time, they stop for the night and Ezekiel’s horse doesn’t make it through the night. This is emotional for Ezekiel because it makes him wonder if he is up for this trip as well. Yumiko promises him that if he can build a kingdom then surely, he can get them to their destination.

After some time, they head into a city which I imagine is Charleston, WV since that is there destination. In the comics they were supposed to be heading to somewhere in Ohio, but this scene we are about to see was in Pittsburgh. Location aside, this scene is pretty much straight form the comics. The head into the city which is very reminiscent of early Walking Dead days. They don’t except that the city is clear of Walkers or people but I don’t think that finding Walkers staged in everyday life was on the list of possibilities. It is so random and strange that Ezekiel begins to bust out laughing. The laughter rouses the creator of these scenes which gives us our introduction to Princess!! Princess is from the comics but in the interest of not spoiling the next episode I will wait to talk to her until then.

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