Supergirl Season 5, Episode 15-16 Breakdown!

Two episodes of Supergirl with not a lot of Supergirl, well, not Kara’s Supergirl. Both episodes focus on other personal arc with episode 15 taking time to focus on Nia and then episode 16 focusing on Alex. We also get further into the Obsidian arc that has slowly been building all season since we are in the late part of the season. Speaking of that, Supergirl is one of the tv shows that have been affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns. At the time that production was halted Supergirl had filmed 20 of the 22-episode season and as of today, CW has not announced if they will be cutting the season short or delaying the remainder of the season. As soon as CW announces plans for all the shows affected, I will make sure to post it.

Attack on My Community

Like I mentioned, episode 15 really focuses on Nia. Supergirl decides that she is taking the night off to finally have this date with William and it is nice for her to have someone like Nia to pick up while she is out of the office. However, Nia runs into Brainy which puts her in a ‘pint of ice cream’ kind of mood. Her roommate Yvette is not having this and makes her go out with her. Yvette is planning to meet a guy that she has been communicating with over Upswipz, Arrowverse’s Tinder that we have seen over on other shows. Yvette is excited about her dating since she has been taking to him for some time.

At the club Nia gets a dream which has her going off to the bathroom to giver her space to interpret it. Meanwhile, Yvette’s guy shows up and has her come outside but this guy instead attacks her for being a trans woman. She is also given a message to pass to Dreamer because Yvette had mentioned on her profile that she was friends with her. It says that until Dreamer stops being a hero the attacks will continue.

Nia is obviously upset about the attack and that she is being bullied into stepping down. However, her fury seems to be next level. Enough so that is concerns Kara. Nia tells Kara that she has a couple hours to solve this or she is taking it in her own hands which won’t end with the attacker in prison. Worried, Kara reaches out to Brainy and asks for him to investigate it with the DEO recourses and he agrees.

Brainy does find several anti-trans hate groups on the internet and the dating profile that Nia makes to use herself as bait for the attacker. It isn’t long before Nia gets a hit from the attacker and she set up the meeting. The man obviously says a lot of hateful things like she isn’t their kind of hero and that she makes him sick. All this pushes Nia over the edge and she begins choking him with her dream lasso. It isn’t until Supergirl shows and talks with her that she lets him loose from the lasso so he can be turned into authorities. Brainy also takes the time to turn over evidence against the attacker and other like him.

As for Nia, her and Kara talk and she is just at a breaking point between these attacks on the trans community on top of her unexplained break up with Brainy. Kara comforts her the best she can since she isn’t able to solve any of these issues. As for Yvette, she is ready to delete all her presence on social media until Nia stops her because when people try and stop you, you shine brighter.

Escape Palace

While all of that is going on, Kelly, Alex and J’onn investigate a missing persons case that involves Obsidian North. The opening of the episode showed Richard Bates in the Obsidian VR that had trouble getting out, this means that when he said,” End Simulation” nothing happened and his fail-safe button didn’t work. Kelly promises him that she is going to investigate this and then he is taken off by Margot, a woman we have previously seen with the Leviathan.

Later a man named Al Crane comes to J’onn and tells him about his missing brother. He has reported him missing but the police found and invitation to some type of VR party a week prior and so they wrote it off. However, Al feels like this isn’t normal behavior for his brother Trevor. Because of the connection with Obsidian Alex calls over to Kelly looking for information. She gives Alex a pair of lenses for she can go into Obsidian to find Trevor in the party. According To the invitation he should be in Virtual Vegas at a place called Escape Palace. I know most of you saw all the Easter eggs in the obsidian menu. We have Mother Alex, something she has always wanted to be. Doctor Alex, someone she could have been if she didn’t join the DEO, plus that also gives us Lexi Grey’s Anatomy vibes. Plus, the Super Alex option which I will talk about in a minute because that plays out in episode 16.

Inside of Virtual Vegas Alex learns a couple things. People with three lines on their necks are NPC (Not real people) and that players can also add content to the game. For example, Escape Palace is a place add on. The house on a hill and the ‘Mr. Bates’ are all Easter Eggs for the movie Psycho. I mean the house is scary right?

Meanwhile, outside of the VR, J’onn is hunting down leads at Trevor’s and learns that there were two other players also invited to the VR party. He also asks for something of emotional value so maybe he could link psychically. Al gives J’onn and old watch that was gifted to him but that he doesn’t wear anymore because he now has a smart watch. J’onn uses the GPS on the smart watch to track Trevor.

At this point Alex is now in the Escape Palace and learns that this is some serious freaky stuff. The idea is that this is an escape room but the players can’t end the simulation and the failsafe isn’t working so, they are all stuck in this glass water box where they are drowning. Alex uses her Hand of the Soldier that J’onn gave her to break them out of the box. This is something she hasn’t been able to do in the real world but in the fake world it seems to work fine. These two tell Alex that it was Richard that lured them here and he took Trevor somewhere else.

J’onn has also tracked the watch to Richard’s house and talks with his wife. She confesses to J’onn that her and Trevor were having a virtual relationship and her husband, the computer programmer that has experienced the fail-safe glitch, is upset about it. This gives Alex the information she needs in the simulation. She gets through the door by focusing on it but once past loses communication with Kelly on the outside. Going in further she finds Trevor who continuously and painfully keeps exploding as programed by Richard. Alex fights Richard in the VR world while J’onn finds him in the real world and while Alex defeats him and saves Trevor, Richard never wakes up and his eyes are now this gross red color. We then later see him carted off with Margot to this warehouse of others still stuck in Obsidian Platinum.

 Dad is Dead

At the end of episode 15 we learn about the death of Jeremiah. This is Alex’s biological father and Kara’s adopted father. We have seen him on the show several times before played by Dean Cane. The last time we say him he was tricked into working with CADMUS and has since been on the run and off the radar. Both Danvers sister’s grief the loss of Jeremiah but in different ways. Kara is sad about the death of their father but for Alex this is really the loss of hope that they would ever reconnect and right wrongs that she feels. She feels that he was unfair to her because of what he put on her to protect Kara and now that he is gone these feelings cannot be resolved. Therefore, she refuses to go to the funeral and fights with both Kara and Kelly. I liked that her and Kara fought, it made them more realistic.

Super Alex

Kelly heads to work to give Alex the space that she asked to have. Alex then finds the brochure about Obsidian being used to help with grief and pain and decides to just take a stroll through Obsidian. She selects the Supergirl persona and plans to spend her day punching things. At first this is probably very therapeutic for her and not so bad. However, as she starts meeting others, we notice that other people has lost the memory that this is a VR world and all of them are also people that have recently lost of loved one or has one sick. This is played out mostly with the character Bonnie. She goes but the name Treasure Hunter Tilly in game and talks with Alex when she first enters the VR. They later run into each other again after Alex saves National City. This time Tilly has forgotten that she is Bonnie and that the real world exist. Alex thinks this is off but is quickly distracted by an emergency at the DEO. In the real world we see that Bonnie is then picked up by Margo and taken to that warehouse facility.

Alex then heads to the VR DEO that is more reminiscent of the DEO from season 1 with J’onn in charge. Probably Alex’s dream DEO and she works to bring in Hank Hanshaw a storyline very similar to the one that involved Jeremiah. As this scenario plays out Alex sinks deeper into this reality even forgetting later at the bar that she is in a VR world even when confronted with another Supergirl. The NPCs can explain everything away and make her feel secure in this reality. When she again feels like something is not right the NPCs tell her that there has been another attack at the hands of Psi.

Detective Kelly and William

While Alex is dealing with her grief, we have the unlikely team up of William and Kelly. He comes to her with information on some satellites that have been launched, these were part of the deal he made with Gemma but Kelly isn’t able to find any connection with them and Obsidian. She confides in him about the fail safe glitch and he thinks that this also has to have something to do with Lex even though at this point neither one of them know about Lex’s connection with Obsidian, but like Kelly says, you never know with Lex.

Kelly does take her concern about the fail safe to Andrea and Andrea basically blows it off even thought Kelly has requested for this to be fixed two months prior. With only Richard being the only complaint, she doesn’t think it is an issue large enough to tell the consumers about. While Kelly was talking with Andrea, William discovered that Lex is a new member on Obsidian’s board which gives him a connection to all of this.

Kelly has a list of 500 users that have been logged into the server for over 48 hours and she is concerned that some of them may be stuck like Richard. So, her and William begin calling around and at the 100 mark have yet to find anyone that was stuck in Obsidian. After all this work Kelly hasn’t been able to get a hold of Alex and confides into William that she is worried. He tells her to go be with Alex while he calls a contact with the NSA.

William’s NSA Contact does get him where he needs to be after learning that 80 of the 500 Obsidian users that have been logged in over 48 hours are all in the same location. William heads there to investigates and comes face to face with Margot and the user stuck in the VR world. However, he cannot see them due to some type of clocking tech.

Confronting the Truth

Alex has still been running around VR world as Supergirl and with this Psi attack she has been convinced that doubting the reality is what Psi’s attack caused. When Kelly arrives him and finds her in the VR world, she uses her EPI Pen to attempt to wake her from the simulation. The Epi Pen doesn’t work so she then decides to go into the VR with her and talk sense into her. Once inside the simulation convinces Alex that Kelly must be under the influence of Psi’s attack and they escort her to the med bay while she goes off to save the world as Supergirl again.

Kelly exits the simulation and calls Andrea for help with Alex. She tells Kelly that she needs to confront Alex in the simulation that is both undeniable and shocking. Kelly decides to send in an NPC teenage Alex to talk sense into Alex and it works. She sees that the simulation is pulling her in by making her confront her grief over her father and the loss of hope that she feels. Once outside of the VR it takes her a minute to believe that she is out but Kelly reminds her of their fight that morning. This is obviously something that needs dealt with inside Obsidian, especially when Alex tells Kelly about Bonnie and Derek. However, first things first, Alex needs to get to Midvale for Jeremiah’s funeral.

Andrea seems to be confronting of some truths too when she calls over to Gemma about the fail-safe glitch. When Gemma doesn’t answer she asks someone to investigate the fail-safe glitch and orders that a patch is put in place. Unfortunately, the person she asks is Eve Tesmaucher. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

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