The Rookie Season 2, Episodes 14-15 Breakdown!

Goat yoga, Cujo, Black Ops, Identity Theft, Flat Tire, and Tim getting tested by Rachel’s dad all in just two episodes. Luckily there won’t be any effect of COVID-19 shutdowns for the Rookie as all 20 episodes for season 2 were already filmed. However, I have seen some shows even if filmed delayed for different scheduling so, we will see if that happens. I think we should see the program air without too much delay.

Managing Stress

The opening of episode 14 with the gender reveal bombs was hilarious. These openings have become a real highlight of the show even if they typically don’t have an impact on the episode itself. Shortly into the episode Nolan and Grace are out jogging when he experiences some weird discomfort and Doctor Grace thinks that it could be related to his stressful job. So, to monitor just how much stress is affecting him he wears a smart watch this whole episode. This leads to a pretty funny encounter with Grey and some equally funny stress management advice from the other officers. Goat Yoga…seriously.

As for Lucy, she has decided to get a new dog to manage her anxiety after being kidnapped by a serial killer earlier this season. However, Jackson isn’t too keen on the idea and think that she should have asked… although he didn’t tell her that for fear that she is still fragile… plus it’s her place and not his. Tim also thinks that Lucy isn’t ready for the type of commitment that a dog would need and that is proven when Lucy gets a call to come home only to find that the apartment is trashed, including Jackson’s varsity jacket.

By the end of the episode Lucy realizes that maybe Tim and Jackson are right and she gives Cujo to Tim to take care of. Seriously, Tim with a dog is adorable.

Two Cases, One Bullet

In the early part of this episode Lucy and Tim are called out on a peeping tom case where a woman is being spied on by a drone when she is out in the yard tanning. On top of that, her husband is super jealous. Meanwhile, Jackson and Lucy come across a guy that seems to be drunk and wondering out in the street. When talking to him though they realize that he is bleeding from his scalp being he has been shot in his head. They rush him to the hospital with Grace checking him out.

Later Grey gets a man that is super angry that his son’s drone was shot out of the sky. Turns out that the jealous husband shot the drone out of the sky when it came back to spy on his wife and the stray bullet hit the man in the head. Not only did Grey solve both cases but it turned out that the man that was shot had a tumor that wouldn’t have been found without the shooting. Weird.

Black Ops

The big case of the episode starts with Nolan and Harper chasing a random suspect that leads them to a dead homeless man. Upon initial look they know that this is a homicide because the man’s neck was snapped in what looked like a professional kill. When canvasing the scene Nolan comes across a security man fixing a camera. Nolan hopes that he would be able to get footage from the camera but the man tells him that it has been broken for a week so we have a dead end here.

With Armstrong as the detective on the case he and Harper find the hotel key card and a soup kitchen voucher which doesn’t fit with the new clothing. They head to the hotel to check things out and find a bunch of recent purchases and money. However, it looks like there were two people staying in the room.

Just then another man enters the room, sees the cops, and then takes off. He is chased down and turns out to be a former soldier under Tim’s command in Afghanistan. Tim explains to Lucy later that his name is Mitch and he lost his leg in combat because of Tim. Even though we later learn that’s not exactly true. Tim just cut some slack and blames himself. While in custody, Mitch explains to them that his friend Joe is also former military and happened across a warehouse that had large pallets of money. Joe snuck in and took some even though Mitch told him not to. The money went quickly with both making purchases so Mitch thinks that Joe must have gone back and got caught. He gives them the location of the warehouse as they also discover that the money Joe had was counterfeit.

The warehouse has been cleaned out with virtually nothing left behind but a small torn piece of paper that Nolan finds but the logo on the paper rings a bell. It is the same logo that was on the man that was fixing the camera outside the earlier crime scene. He looks back at this body cam footage and gets a face for facial recognition. However, while still at the warehouse they get a call from Grey telling them to pack it up and get back to the station immediately.

Grey informs them that someone from higher up the chain has halted their investigation and they are no longer allowed to investigate the money and will need to find another way to solve the murder. Of course, none of them like that option but agree with Grey that they will regroup in the morning…. Or they can disobey orders and investigate it further. Tim calls LA Clear, something we learned about earlier in the episode. It is a place they can call to get information about other ops in order to ensure that investigations don’t get crossed. The information Tim gets is that this is a National Security issue.

With the heavy of a case they all decide that maybe Grey was right and they should regroup in the morning. That evening Nolan goes home and investigates goat yoga when he gets a visit from his friend the security guard. They pegged Nolan as the weak link and are threatening him to drop the case after the call to LA Clear. Of course, the others must have suspected that would happen since they were all there to witness it. They then track to guy to the docks and decide together that they are going to go forward with this even if it could be career suicide.

Tim makes the first move in with Nolan, Lucy, and Harper waiting back but before he can get to the money he is stopped and then finds out that the others have been caught as well. Luckily, they roped Lopez into this who has a bird’s eye view of what is going on. This levels the playing field enough to get a deal. In exchange for walking away from the money operation they will give up who killed Joe. The guy in charge makes the deal and they all leave. Grey of course doesn’t by their story that they were all just walking along the docks when they happened upon the killed, but what can he do about it?

One Last Secret

With Armstong back this episode after taking some time off after the Dyer case, Nolan confront him about something Rosalind said to him the last time he saw her. She said that she still had one more secret about Armstrong. When Nolan first asks Armstrong about it, he denies that there are anymore secrets but after finding out about the off the book’s ops Armstrong admits that he broke the rules to get a warrant on Rosalind. This could have led to her going free but luckily, they had other stuff on her. This opens for Armstrong to warn Nolan that going off the book is not a good direction to find yourself in.

Identity Theft

Into episode 15 we have a Whedon-verse reunion with Seth Green playing the part of the man that steals Nolan’s identity. Nolan finds out about it after learning that Henry’s college tuition payment didn’t go through and his credit score was reported to Grey. Harper and Nolan investigate it together with Detective Summerland played by Jeremy Davies. Fun Fact, Jeremey Davies and Nathan Fillion both played in Saving Private Ryan together. His initial news for Nolan is depressing. Since the draining of Henry’s college find was more than 60 days ago it is likely that the bank will not reimburse the money. One top of that the thief has also opened six credit cards in John’s name and maxed them all out making extravagant purchases. However, it is one of those purchases that leads Nolan and Harper right to the thief. The watch her purchased has GPS location which takes Nolan to the house of Jordan Neil.

When getting there Jordan takes off but since he is wearing the watch, he doesn’t stay hidden for long. The take him in to custody as West catalogs the house. Summerland tells John that with the amount of stuff cataloged and the amount he owns to the 40 people he has stolen identities from he isn’t like to see much in restitution. However, Summerland thinks that there are likely offshore accounts but that information is in the encrypted laptop or on some other back up drive. Nolan thinks that Jordan will likely make a b-line right for the drive once he makes bail so he heads back to the house with him.

At the house, Jordan grabs his meds and then must use the bathroom but after that has to leave because the house is still technically a crime scene. Nolan sets up his body cam in the bathroom and watches as Jordan goes right for the drive in the toilet paper holder. Nolan snags the drive and then escorts Jordan out of the house. On the way though, they notice and ominous looking SUV sitting outside and a shift in Jordan’s mood. Harper then gets the plate number while John takes him out the back door.

With the drive in hand, Summerland informs John that he will likely get back about 40 cents per dollar in 15 months or so which is not the news that john was hoping to get. He is worried about paying for Henry’s college.

While that is not good news, Harper gets some even worse news. The SUV belongs to a man named Daxton, a high-level trafficker whose identity Jordan also stole. They find the SUV and it just so happens they also have Jordan. Of course, the SUV flees, but Nolan can track it with the GPS until they find the SUV abandoned and Jordon’s severed hand inside.

Harper and Nolan then split up in a nearby shipyard. Harper takes out some men with the help of the airship while Nolan goes for Jordan and Daxton. Nolan can take out Daxton with pepper spray and get Jordan to the hospital. As a thank you to Nolan he tells Nolan about a hidden comic collection that he bought with henry’s comic collection. He says that he will testify in court to that which means Nolan will receive his money back on the sell of the comics.

Cataloging and Solving

With Grey and Lopez out of town to testify in a parole hearing, that leave Jackson with a list from Grey. This is to bring the precinct up to code but ends up being the comedic relief of the episode with the other Officers just not taking him seriously. I just love Smitty even if he is lazy.

While moving a filing cabinet West discovers a file that must have fallen and has not been investigated at all. West puts the list on hold to investigate it and ends up solving a homicide. Apparently, some guy spray painted another mans garage, but then the painter ended up dead the next day not far from the house. While in the interrogation room the man confesses.

West is proud of himself but Grey acts at first like he is more concerned about the incomplete list. Although he then makes sure to congratulate West too.

A Ride with Dad

For Tim and Lucy, Tim has a dinner date to meet Rachel’s parents. Lucy and Rachel have been friends going back so she tries to help Tim prepare for meeting her dad, a retired Sheriff. His first impression of LA is his suitcase getting stolen but Lucy insures him that her and Tim will find the bag. Tim thinks that is crazy because the likelihood of finding the crook is slim. However, they take dad on the ride with them so he can help locate the bag. The entire time Tim tries to let him down easy but telling him the likelihood of finding the bag, but that comes back to bit him when Rachel’s dad sees the man at a local taco truck. Of course, the man runs but with the help of Rachel’s dad’s arm bar he is quickly caught and his suitcase is returned.

Tim and Rachel’s dad then have a talk where he makes it clear to Tim that while he thinks he is a good man; he is not for Rachel. His dad doesn’t want this for her and he thinks that Tim should respect that. However, later Tim tells him that he isn’t interested in breaking things off with Rachel and that her father should respect that. This is when he drops the bomb that Rachel’s family carries a rare but incurable and deadly genetic illness called Huntington’s disease. Several people in Rachel’s family have had the disease and died from it. Rachel refuses to get tested because she doesn’t want the results hanging over her head and her father thinks that Tim just won’t have the time or desire to leave the job to take care of her.

Rachel gets upset when finding out that her father told Tim and Lucy. However, when her and Tim talk about it later, he tells her that he is willing to stick by her no matter what.

Parole Hearing

Grey and Angela are headed out of town this episode for a parole hearing. The man that killed Grey’s former partner is up for parole after 10 years. Angela is going as well because she was a witness as an officer and held him as he was dying. This also happened to be her first day on the job. Both are nervous and a little out of sorts on the way up there. When they get a flat tire and Grey gets frustrated it opens a conversation about his former partner.

Apparently, his former partner had an alcohol problem and had just come back from getting help. He is upset because her feels that this was his second chance to get it right and then his life was taken. However, Angela lets him know after all this time that he had alcohol on his breath that night.

When they get to the hearing and Grey sees the man that killed his partner with his son and how much he has changed he ends up taking mercy on him. Sure, he is still upset but he hopes that maybe someday he will get a second chance and this time will really change and make amends. While he ends up not getting released on parole, I think there was a lot of healing for all parties involved.

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