Batwoman Season 1, Episodes 15-16 Breakdown!

Hands down my two favorite episodes of the series thus far. It could be because we didn’t have any Kate/Sophie forced love story, but it could be there that was also a lot of backstory on Alice and the addition of this storyline Lucius Fox’s Death.

Some quick news before we just in, these are the last two episodes for the time being. When production was halted for COVID-19, Batwoman had filmed 19 of their 22-episode season and they have yet to announce if they are going to wait to film those remaining episodes. We could just be looking at a shorter season like we have seen other shows do.  As soon as something is announced I will be sure to post it to my twitter so make sure you go follow me over there.

Red is for….

Episode 15 was really one of those episodes that made you feel all the feel, just like Kate and Beth’s mom said, “Red is for Love, Passion, and War” in the opening of the episode. She was specifically talking about the red stone in the necklaces she gifted Kate and Beth that matched her earring. However, those earrings play a part later.

Ask About Mommy Dearest

In episode 14, Alice finally got her hands on the man that kidnapped and tortured her for years and instead of keeping him to herself, she shared him with the group. She left him next to the bat signal for Kate to find with a note to ask about mommy dearest. Whose mom? And that is the question we spend the episode trying to figure out.

Kate and Jacob interrogate Cartwright together. This is when Jacob learns that Alice is not as dead as he thought. Obviously neither one of them are fans of Cartwright but what they need to know is where Alice is now. Cartwright explains to them that he has had Mouse on Scarecrow’s fear toxin and that Alice is out looking for him. In exchange for Mouse’s location he wants his freedom. Jacob gets upset because that isn’t really an option, and it is Kate that pulls him back from killing August.

Jacob leaves to go out looking for Alice, but things get messy for Kate here. When getting August water, because that is the hero thing to do, August uses the glass to cut himself forcing Kate to save his life with the help of Mary over the phone. If August would have died then they would never learn of Alice’s location. He predicted by this point that Mouse has tricked Alice and she was under the toxin which is what happened. After the brush with death Kate agrees to the deal with August and calls Jacob with the address to get Alice. When Kate asks about Mommy dearest at this point, he writes if off as his own mother that tortured Beth.

The Queen of Hearts

Meanwhile, like I said, Mouse attacked Alice while on the fear toxin after realizing that his biggest fear is Alice. Now she has spent time on the fear toxin remembering the woman that tortured her for years. The Queen of Hearts is Mable Cartwright. August had described Mable as the woman that snuffed out all the good in Alice and we see that played out in Alice’s memories while on the toxin. These even drove her to the point of almost killing herself after getting lose from the chair. Jacob showed just in time to stop her from cutting her own throat in the same way that August did. When Jacob saves her, she asked him if Cartwright told them about mommy dearest and based on Jacob’s answer, she knows that he did not.

Off with Her Head

While all of that is going on Luke and Mary are working on Beth’s case and trying to learn who killed her. This leads them to a junkyard, thanks to Mary’s lead, where they find a car belonging to Mable Cartwright. Inside was the gun that killed Beth leading them back to August. Kate doesn’t handle this news well but the real kicker comes when she thinks about why Cartwright would want to kill Beth. Well, that comes back to the necklaces. At one point in the past Alice sees that Mabel is wearing earring identical to her necklace and this makes her remember her mother. However, she also remembers that there is a locked refrigerator in the garage that she was forbidden from opening. When looking inside she find the head of her and Kate’s mother. This leads Beth to then kill Mabel. August explains to Kate that Mabel wanted him to use Kate’s mother’s face to make her look younger.

And this is the breaking point for Kate. Not only did he kill the good Beth but he also defiled their mother. In a rage she chokes August to death. Once she realizes what she has done she trying to give him CPR but it is no good.

Both of Your Daughters are Killers

Of course, this is where Jacob and Alice find Kate. This also means that there needs to be a family body dump. Alice uses this as an opportunity to leave since she has something on them, plus she got her hands-on Jacob’s gun. She is looking for Mouse who has been out and about in the world doped up on fear toxin.

When getting back out on the street as Batwoman, Kate struggles with doing her job and has a panic attack. She feels that because she doesn’t feel guilty about killing August that she is becoming like Alice. Over with Alice, her time away from her family is short lives when she returns to her warehouse to find that her entire group of henchmen have been killed. A note was left from a Coryana, apparently Alice has made enemies. This prompts Alice’s return to Kate with a deal, help her find Mouse and she will leave Gotham for good. Coryana must be scary. In the comics Coryana is a place, specially an island that was once a haven for pirates and smugglers who were loosely banded together in peace by a woman named Safiyah. So, I am interested in seeing how this plays out on the show. With the halt in production I think that this is a story that we likely won’t see until next season.

Rescuing Mouse

After finding the wonderland gang dead, Alice goes back to Kate looking for that help to get Mouse. Alice’s thought is that he will be looking for someone that can give him more fear toxin, I guess its addictive and something that was used on him as therapy in the past. This takes them to the house of a former Nurse. They get in by telling her that Mouse may be coming there and say to keep a look out. Mouse does eventually show but they don’t get to him before the Crow’s pull up and arrest him. The nurse called the Crows thinking that Kate and Alice were suspicious. Even though they get away, they now must break Mouse out of Arkham.

Kate agrees to breaking into Arkham on the condition that Alice leaves and no one gets killed. Alice agrees to these conditions and promises that Kate can trust her, even though she isn’t exactly known for telling the truth. The problem is that Mouse is in a heavily guarded area because he is a former escapee. This means that they need a key from both Dr. Butler and the head of security.

Inside they spit up with Kate looking for the head of security while Alice goes after Butler. She almost breaks her promise to Kate but decides not to kill the doctor. However, made she should have because he then rings the alarm making it harder. Eventually they get to Mouse but instead of an escape, Kate locks Alice in with Mouse. She was working with Jacob the whole time to lock Alice away once and for all.

Now guys, I know that Alice is a bad gal, but come on, this made me sad.

A Retrial and a Cover Up

Alice and Mouse weren’t the only story this episode. The last couple episodes they have been building up this story about Lucius Fox’s death and that Reggie Harris may not be the killer. After some investigation Jacob has learned that there was a payment made to the owner of the shop where Fox was killed from the Crows that coincides with missing video footage. He has Sophie investigate this because she is his most trusted agent even if she loves Batwoman.

Sophie’s first stop is to talk to the wife of the owner of the shop; however, Sophie finds her dead. She then almost finds herself dead. Luckily, Julia Pennyworth jumps in the way and saves her from getting shot. Not so lucky was Julia taking the bullet although ended up not being so bad. They head to Mary’s clinic for help and it is Mary that points out that they are both Kate’s ex. Awkward. But that doesn’t stop Julia from finding Sophie some place to lay low while there is a hit out on Sophie.

Meanwhile, Luke attends Reggie’s hearing where he is granted a retrial and let out of prison. Luke later goes to see Reggie and comes to the understanding that it wasn’t Reggie that killed Lucius. Reggie says that he was in the shop at the same time, Lucius was announcing Luke getting into MIT and then the next minute Reggie was waking up with a gun in his hand and blood all over him. To really hit the point home, Reggie is then shot in the chest by a sniper.

Sophie and Julia see this on the news and put together that it probably isn’t a coincidence that both Tammy and Reggie were killed on top of a hot on Sophie. She then calls Jacob to let him know what is going on right as he is almost shot. He takes out his shooter but doesn’t get any information about who hired him before the gunman dies.

At the end of the episode Julia hears about Reggie being release and goes to comfort Luke, they were close seeing as Lucius was Julia’s Godfather, Instead she ends up making out with Kate…

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