DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season , Episodes 6-7 Breakdown!

The departure of Ray Palmer really takes place in these two episodes. I was surprised to hear that he was leaving the show at the end of 2019, and then all the rumors about a Kingdom Come Superman series taking flight was exciting during Crisis. However, with nothing confirmed for that and then Brandon Routh coming out and saying he thought that Atom’s exit wasn’t done well, I am not sure we are going to be seeing him in the CW-verse again. His departure also takes Nora Darhk with him with a visit from Damien to tie it all off with a bow.


Back in season 3, the season ended with a face-off between Beebo and the demon Mallus. It also resulted in the death of Damien Dahrk. Which is where he reappears as an encore thanks to Astra. He then ties up Gary on the train tracks where he is later saved by Ava and Sara.

Meanwhile, over at Constantine’s house, Ray is working on proposing to Nora with the help of Nate and Behrad. However, with Damien’s return this isn’t going to go as smoothly as he had hoped. For starters, Gary flickers out of existence until he is saved by Ava and Sara on the train tracks. Then Gary hides in the closet because he fears Damien and his return.

Daddy’s Home

When Damien shows at John’s looking for Nora (He tracked her with her Palmer Tech watch) things really begin to get out of hand. Nora sends away Pippa, the child she is caring for right now, with Ray. Of course, Nora knows that he is an encore and probably back for some evil reason, but she really wants to have the night to spend with her dad. She even convinces Sara and Ava to go along with her as her henchmen all to keep up appearances with Damien. Basically, she doesn’t want to admit the truth, that she is a fairy godmother and in love with Ray Palmer.


John is still pretty set on getting the loom of fate to fix Astra’s life and Charlie is still set on not telling him where it is or putting it back together. She even goes as far as disguising herself as Nate and feeding him information about a piece being in Antarctica. This sends John on a wild goose chance which isn’t happy about when he finds out it was all a lie.

We’re together

After his trip to the south pole, John returns home to get to work on finding the parts of the loom on his own. There he finds Damien Dahrk which leads to a face off immediately. Nora breaks up the fight and to explain what is going on she tells her father that this is John’s house AND her because they are together. This is escalating quickly.

With a short meeting in the kitchen, Nora has the idea to strip her father of his powers so that he won’t be able to hurt anyone. This has Gary back to making the dinner Ray had planned with an added spell for dessert. Then John, Ava, Sara and Nora spend the rest of dinner hanging out with Damien.

Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac

While all of that is going on with Damien, Ray takes care of Pippa by watching Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac which is a spoof of Mr. Rogers. At first, she thinks that show is dumb and convinces Ray that Nora is hiding him away because she is ashamed of him. They call Nora back to her and while she admits to hiding Ray from Damien, she says that it is to protect him.

However, Ray remembers the ring is still in the pudding and arrives at John’s to see Ava find the ring in the pudding. Damien then pressure’s John into proposing. Nora is so moved that Ray was going to propose to her that she calls the whole rouse off and admits to Damien that not only is she not with John, but she is a fairy god mother and with Ray. Oh, and she was going to poison him.

Damien loses his mind not only because of the lies, but he feels that Ray ruined his daughter. Sara moves into kill him with the sword that he previously wrote off as just a Mongolian relic. Now he realizes that this is a hell sword and he want it for himself.

About this time Nate, Charlie and Behrad head to John’s seeing the alert on Gideon that something is going on there. Once there they end up in the fight just in time for Pippa to get upset and wish for them all to be in Mr. Parker’s Cul-De-Sac.

In true Mr. Roger’s fashion this is where all the conflict gets worked out. Gary puts to rest his fear of trains, John and Charlie work out a deal with the loom that will not only help Astra, but also get rid of the loom after once and for all. Ava and Sara had been arguing all episode about a job she was considering without telling Ava. Here they agree that they are both happy on the ship and it is put to rest. As for Nora and Damien, he finally accepts that she is happy in her new life and wants to marry Ray. He also realizes that he has been selfish in what he thought her life should be.

The Wedding

After everything is settled with Damien, Nora and Ray decide that they are ready to get married now. So, they have the ceremony at John’s and are officially shacked up. After the wedding Damien and Ray have a chance to talk and it is Damien who plants the seed that the legends ship isn’t the right place for Nora.

After his talk with Ray he does a goodbye dance with Nora. He slips out of the party and it is Sara that catches him before he leaves. He admits to her that he is supposed to be out creating chaos but only really came back to check on Nora. He knows that eventually Astra is going to be recalling him back to hell. They then part ways without a handshake. Seconds later Sara realizes that the hell sword is gone, she steps outside just in time to see Damien using the sword to kill himself once and for all.

You’re the Father

Damien isn’t the only daddy issues this episode. Mick is in a rage because Rebecca Silver has a new online troll. Zari attempts to help him deal with the troll but when her initial plan doesn’t work, she hacks the chat to get a location on their troll. Once at the house Mick meets Lita. Turns out that Lita’s mother is Ally making Mick Lita’s dad. His reaction was the best! Just straight passing out there on the step.

Mick does go inside and get the explanation. Apparently, she tried to find Mick before but he was in jail at the time. Later when Mick announced he was Rebecca Silver she told Lita that Mick was her father and since Lita has been Rebecca’s number one troll. Mick isn’t sure how to handle this so instead of dealing with it he minds wipes them.  He later explains to Zari that parenting is not something that his family does well and really wants no part of it.  We’ll see about that.

My Last Mission

Into episode 7, Ray has made his decision to leave the team. He first lets Nora know obviously. Telling the rest of the team happens in line to get into the bathroom. One bathroom on the ship has been a hilarious long-standing joke on the show and I love that they finally made it a thing on the show. The only person not in attendance was Nate, who Ray struggles the most with telling. The other, including Gideon, keep opening the topic but Ray just can’t bring him to tell Nate that he is leaving the team.

This episode also takes a break for encores to follow down a piece of the loom that Charlie remembers giving away. This takes Charlie, Ray, Nate, Behrad, Constantine, and Mick to London 1594 to retrieve the piece that is now disguised as a ring. Charlie gifted the ring to the one and only William Shakespeare who then traded it to keep his place at the theater while he is dealing with a case of writer’s block. Apparently writing Romeo and Juliet was not a not a piece of cake.

Missing Encores

Speaking of cake, before I get too far, there was a brief mention that Marie Antoinette and Rasputin have both disappeared. Sara writes this off as being called back by Astra like Damien mentioned may happen to him. Typically, we see the villains throughout the season make a return in the finale so I expect to see Rasputin. With Brandon and Cortney’s departure I am not sure if we will see Marie in the finale though.

London 1594

In London Ray still dodges telling Nate about this being his last mission but he does get a little sad when the idea that getting this ring will be easy. He wants to go out on one of those crazy legend’s moments. This gives them the idea to turn this into a crazy bachelor party which only results in them sitting around talking about their feelings. Mick confesses to be a father right when Constantine feels that there is a presence around them.

That presence is Astra watching him from Hell under the guidance of the coin maker. She wanted to get information on how John was planning on getting her family back. Well, she did overhear about the loom of fate and now it looks like John is going to have competition in finding the pieces.

In John’s attempt to get rid of Astra he accidentally provoked a fight with Hanslow who now has this ring/loom piece. In the fight the do get that legends action that Ray was looking for as well as the rung, however, in the process they mess up Shakespeare’s history with Romeo and Juliet being a superhero play instead of a romantic tragedy.

Book Club

With this being Nora’s last night on the ship as well, Mona joins them for her last book club. Book club is not book club but all the woman on the ship working through their problems with wine. Zari makes her first appearance to book club which then turns into a bachelorette party for Nora. I love that they party with a stripper while the guy’s party was all chill. However, their party comes to an end when they see that Romeo and Juliet has drastically changed.

Endings are Necessary

Ray volunteers to fix the mission since it is his last. He goes and has a chat with Shakespeare who admits that he really liked Romeo and Juliet and didn’t want to write the ending that he knows the characters must have. Ray tells him something that is relating to his own struggle right now, that some endings are necessary. Of course, Nate overhears this and learns that he is leaving the crew and not just for his honeymoon.

Nate is obviously upset with Ray with being blindsided by this and it leads to an argument between the two. Nate tells Ray that he should just leave now and the team will handle the rest of the mission since Ray’s talk with Will didn’t change history. I think he was mostly bummed that he didn’t get the chance to make this a great last mission together.

The team then heads back to London to reboot Shakespeare’s career by performing Romeo and Juliet as it should be. I loved this part and thought it was hilarious. My favorite part was Nate playing Juliet and realizing that while he was upset with Ray, he also needs the proper goodbye. Zari takes over the part with her and Constantine performing together as Romeo and Juliet as Nate runs back to the WaveRider to say goodbye to Ray.

With Ray now gone, Mick is still worried about this ‘having a daughter’ thing which Mona of all people helps him with. On top of that the team prepares for the rest of this loom mission and have a group drink to Ray.

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