The Flash Season 6, Episodes 14-15 Breakdown!

It’s like a family reunion with everyone returning to the Flash over these two episodes. Wally makes an appearance in episode 14 along with the return of Cisco with his complete Pokedex and Eobard Thawne slipping in as well! I also want to add that because filming as halted due to Corona Virus, we won’t see episode 16 air until April 7th. Stay Safe out there!

Welcome Home!

So, the entire opening of the episode is dedicated to Wally with him moving in to stop a helicopter from crashing. This was no ordinary attack but we’ll talk about that in a moment. With Wally’s return we see a new version of Kid Flash with some Zen like powers. These are uses of the speed force we have yet to see on the show, but that we do see in Post-Crisis Wally West era comics. They have really been building Wally in this direction since his last appearance on the Flash and short stint over on Legends. However, he isn’t back in town just to visit with family.

Cisco comes home as well after spending time trotting the globe making an index of new or changes metas on Earth Prime. He even has then in order in his little binder just like Pokémon cards. His most recent travels have taken him to Atlantis confirming that there is some Aquaman action happening on this Earth. I don’t expect to see that in the CW-Verse anytime soon.

What happened to the Speed Force?

After things die down with the welcome home party Wally approached Barry and wants to know what is wrong with the speed force. He admits to having little hiccups in his power like we see in this episode, along with when he was with Diggle a few episodes ago, plus his slower than normal healing time. Other than that, he says that everything is fine and there isn’t anything to worry about.

However, Wally isn’t taking this answer and returns later forcing Barry’s mind into the speed force. This is also different than how Barry normally interacts with the speed force. With Barry the Speed Force has always come to him in the form of his mother to talk with him physically, for Wally, he can interact in his mind hearing the speed force that way.

The Speed Force even now takes on the image of Joe’s house and they find Barry’s Speed Force mom in his old room dying with green lightning all around them. Barry admits now that earlier this year he did have a fight with the Speed Force during all the Ramsey/Bloodwork stuff, but surely it didn’t do this. Upset, Wally take him out of the Speed Force upset that Barry never said anything. That this was not just Barry’s fight, that they are not only connected but the future was also connected through the lightning. Apparently, the Speed Force has been telling Wally about the future, remember the Speed Force existed even outside of time. This means that Nora, and any other kids for Barry or Wally will not possess the Speed Force. Barry wants to go back in, but Wally refuses.

Barry is then left to look elsewhere for help getting in the Speed Force. He goes into Gideon’s chamber and uses Reverse Flash’s old Tachyon Enhancer. This gets him physically into the speed force where he sits there with his mother as she again dies in his arms. However, he also learns that it was him that destroyed the Speed Force but not with his fight with Bloodwork. Instead it was during Crisis. Barry had to enter the Speed Force and asked Oliver/Specter for an energy boost. It was then the Specter’s energy that destroyed the Speed Force. (Explains the green Lightning)

While Barry was with the dying Speed Force, Wally gets one of those famous Joe West talks and is reminded that the death of the Speed Force is going to be hard for Barry as well, plus he will already be beating himself up about it. Wally realizes that maybe he didn’t handle his anger well and seeks Barry out in the Time Chamber. There they have a heart to heart with Wally being sure that this is an obstacle that they can overcome.

Turtle 2.0

On top of the Speed Force dying there is another force the team is fighting with, the Still Force. At least that is what it is called in the comics. It seems that this is something they are going to be playing with the remainder of the season, which I am excited about. The idea is that there is this Source Wall that has been pierces allowing for access to these forces. Justice League #2 introduces two of the hidden forces with the most tangible being the Invisible Emotional Spectrum, think Lantern Corp and their connects to emotions specifically the Ultraviolet Corp. (Don’t we have a character this season named Ultraviolet) It seems that this unlocks the darkest aspects of a person’s personality, turning them selfish, cruel and violent, as it makes John Stewart attack his fellow Justice Leaguers in his first appearance as an Ultraviolet Lantern.

In the same issue we see the introduction of the Still Force which is also what we see in this episode with Turtle 2.0. We have seen a similar character obviously named Turtle. The concept is that they don’t just slow time down, they make everything absolutely still. Then she sucks out the energy. Turtle 2.0 used this power to bring down the helicopter in the opening. However, this was a payback killing so she hunts down Maria Volkova and literally sucks the life out of her by aging her 100 years in seconds. Not only does Wally recognize that this woman from the helicopter, but Cisco recognizes these powers. Turtle 2.0 is Frida Novikov previously deported for operating a drug ring in Central City.

Cisco’s plan is to make a serum from Velocity X that will counteract Frida’s powers by speeding her up. He becomes so consumed with this assignment that he blows off Nash when he asks for help with his ‘seeing other Wells’ problems. He writes the possibility off because we have seen other doppelganger, like over on Batwoman, that have suffered Neurological Degeneration because doppelgangers shouldn’t exist anymore.  Nash leaves, heads to his office where he then runs right into Eobard Thawne, or the tachyon particles that make up his existence. Nash is then taken over by Eobard.

This makes things interesting after Cisco talks with Caitlyn and gets him on track. She takes over with the bioengineering since she is in fact a bioengineer while Cisco goes to apologize to Nash. But Nash is now Thawne. Luckily, he doesn’t have his connection to the Negative Speed Force in Nash’s body yet, but he does still almost kill Cisco. It is Cecile whose office is across the hall that saves Cisco from Thawne.

Later at CCPD Joe realizes that Maria was an informant that ratted on Frida and that there are others she will be going after as well. Joe is about to head out when Frida arrives at CCPD to take him out. Caitlin has made the serum that will speed her up and stop her and Barry and Wally have limited use of the Speed Force now, basically they have some stored in them but once it is gone it is gone. They use their power to fight Frida, but Wally does end up in one of her bubbles. Joe then comes from behind with the serum that was given to him by the Flash to take her out.

After she is taken into custody Wally heads out working to build a life where he doesn’t use the Speed Force anymore. However, he does point out to Joe that there is something up with Iris. Barry still struggles with the idea of no longer having speed, but mirror Iris thinks that this is a blessing in disguise and that they can finally settle down and start their family. Barry finds this unbelievable, but still isn’t questioning this version of Iris too much.

Barry is then called to the pipeline where he learns about the return of Eobard and his plan to kill the Flash, his family and his friends… you know, after he gets his powers back.


On top of the Speed Force dying and the return of Wells, we still have all this Mirror Dimension stuff going on as well. For episode 14 there are only a few scenes which include Kamilla taking a picture of this mirror Iris which leads her to finding out that there is something going on with her. This then results in her getting hit with the mirror gun Iris got from the Starcive a few episodes ago. This sends Kamilla to the mirror dimension, I think, we never saw her there. However, we did see her mirror copy controlled by Eva in the real world. She is now part of the team and Eva new quest to find a part called the prismatic refractor.

The prismatic refractor is going to be used in this Arcane device that Eva is making to get out of the Mirror Dimension. She created a replica but it didn’t work and she thinks that she needs the original which Joe Carver sold to Mercury labs. This has Iris and Kamilla in going to Mercury labs to get the part. It seems that Black Hole has other plans because they send their newest light-based assassin, Sunshine, to get the part as well. She is later called a heliopathic, which means that she can manipulate light, disguise herself with light powers and travel through light.

Iris calls the Flash knowing that he has limited power but it is Frost who answers the call ordering Barry to stay behind. She is handling the situation until Barry takes Velocity X, which she told him not to do, shows up at the scene. He has a glitch in his powers, which Caitlin anticipated, which resulted in Frost getting hurt. On the bright side, Sunshine didn’t get the prismatic refractor.

Since Black Hole wants their hands on the refractor Joe thinks that this will be best in the hands of ARGUS. In this scene I think we see that Iris’s concern over the refractor and not over Barry’s well being is a sign to Joe that Wally was right, Iris is being weird. Eventually Barry and Iris do have a hear to heart where she reminds him that it is only metas that have limits. Barry can figure this out without powers.

During the move of the refractor, Sunshine shows up as expected. It is Barry that steps in and runs the part to his lab at normal people pace. Once there they block out all the light which stops Sunshine from using her powers. She is then taken into custody. Somewhere in all that Iris was able to switch out the refractor for the replica and get the real one to Eva.

The Exorcism of Nash Wells

Now the only thing to deal with is getting Eobard out of Nash. Oh, and the fact that Barry wants to build his own speed force. This is something that the team thinks over but is having trouble coming up with a solution since Eobard is the only person to do something like that and he isn’t about to tell them how. For now, Caitlin has made a device that will monitor Barry’s use of the Speed Force, the goal is to use very little.

As for Nash, he is locked in the pipeline being overpowered by Eobard. Eobard does trick the team into thinking that he is Nash for a few moments. Long enough to trick them into uses the neurosplicer (Yes, he said he used it on a psychic starfish. Starro reference!) with his gauntlets which causes an energy burst that frees Thawne. He isn’t able to use his own powers to go back in time but there is the pod that will transport him, luckily Barry stops him in time but he does use a significant amount of Speed Force with his anger consuming the force as well. The only other place that Eobard went to was the Starchives, but they never say what he took.

While Barry is out with Frost on the Sunshine stuff, Cecile helps Cisco deal with Nash. They were able to determine the reason he was seeing the other Harrison Wells, it is like all of them are now housed in Nash. He has the council in his mind! But with Eobard in there, they are all suffering. Nash specifically is remembering Mya, Allegra’s doppelganger that Nash treated like a daughter. At first, we see how they met and how she began working with him. These are such painful memories and Eobard is feasting on that energy to connect himself back with the negative Speed Force. Eobard even surfaces and threaten to take out Cisco until Cecile knocks him over the head with the Ouija board and Cisco cuffs him.

The only way now to get Eobard out is if Nash pushes him out. This has Cecile, Cisco and Barry going in Nash’s mind with the devices they used with the Thinker. Inside Barry holds off Eobard while Cisco works with Nash to overcome his grief by facing it. He then relives Mya’s death and that confrontation is enough to push out Eobard, for now.

With all this Eobard work and Eobard’s mention of Nora, Barry realizes that they do have information on how to build a speed force. Nora was a student of Eobard’s and wrote everything she knew in her journal which is written in a language that protected it from being erased. Barry says that instead of building their Speed Force in hate like Eobard, they are going to build theirs with love. He is the Paragon of Love after all.

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